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How to Restore iPhone 13 Without Lightning Port?

It seems that the rumors have come true and the iPhone 13 will be developed and built without the Lightning port

This means that we will see a phone without port. 

From the day the news and rumors about the Lightning port surfaced, many users have been wondering how to recover this iPhone without the Lightning port if you need it without a cable connection.

An important report has been published in the last few days that shows that the removal of the port of Lighting from the iPhone has become a reality and Apple has been forced to make fundamental changes in its new phone and make changes in the way of recovering iPhones without port. 

The report says that in fact, Apple wants to implement the recovery mode using the Internet. That is, online recovery. This will allow users to reinstall iOS on their iPhone without having to connect their iPhone to PC or Mac.

Recover iPhones now, as you know; Using a cable, the connection of the Lightning port and another device is established and this operation is performed.

 As expected, if the iPhone 13 without a port is unveiled and this news becomes a reality, we should see various problems in the first days of iPhone recovery.

News close to Apple suggests that the company is looking for a way to reinstall iOS on the iPhone without having to connect it to another device. The news and rumors are published these days by Apple store, he continues that Apple will use a mode called Internet Recovery Experiment to solve this problem.

Apple’s software development team is said to be testing three ways to solve the problem of new iPhones. The first method tested is that the user enters the iPhone into recovery mode and then activates the internet recovery mode. This method will also use an available Mac or computer with an iTunes program that will show the user various information to guide the user during the recovery.

The second method of the Apple software development team is that the phone itself automatically enters the Internet recovery mode and shows the necessary information to guide the user when doing so. 

Regarding the third method, it seems that Bluetooth communication technology will be used to send the necessary signals and transmit information; 

Here are three ways Apple is expected to implement them.



It is said that Apple’s team is more interested in the first and second methods to recover portless iPhones, and they are still testing these trends. Studies show that using these methods to recover iPhone is very time consuming and these methods are not currently suitable for general use. As a result, we can say that more work needs to be done on these methods.

These days, we all see the news that Apple has focused all its efforts on developing wireless methods for iPhone recovery, but we must say that Apple has not completely abandoned the methods of physical connection. 

It should be noted that Apple’s hardware development team is considering various dimensions to be able to use Pogo pads to physically connect to the iPhone, and in this way it is not necessary to use a standard port for physical connection.

It seems that Apple intends to hide these special pads behind the SIM card slot on the iPhone and access this port using a special port that is the size of the SIM card slot.

You should know that this will not be the first time that Apple has used a hidden port in its products. We’ve already seen a hidden port on the back of the Apple TV as well as the Apple Watch. 

However, according to the published information, it is said that the team working on solving this problem is not allowed to make changes in these pads and these pads can be used either behind the screen or behind a door.

So far, the official release of the iPhone 13 is the use of an always-on display that can display content at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Other possible features of this iPhone include a quad-camera system with a LiDAR sensor, a smaller notch and the return of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and the use of this sensor under the display.

We have to wait and see what news will be published in the coming days, and the closer we get to the unveiling date, the more rumors there will be.