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How to resize multiple images in Photoshop?

With the help of Photoshop you can easily resize multiple images together. In this tutorial, we will discuss the simplest way to resize multiple images in Photoshop.

Step 1- Select the Image Processor option


First you need to go to File> Scripts> Image Processor.

Step 2 – Select the images you want

In the window that opens, in the first part, you have to select the photos that you want to resize. To do this, click on the Select Folder option.


Step 3 – Determine the storage path of the images

In the same window, in the second part, you have to select the path where you want your photos to be saved.


Step 4 – Specify the format and size of the images

In the third part, you can specify the format and size of the photos. To upload images to websites, you must save them in JPEG format. You can set the quality of the photos between 0 and 12, where 12 indicates the highest quality and 0 indicates the lowest quality.

 To improve the color of the photos, you can check the Convert Profile to sRGB option, in which case you should also check the Include ICC Profile option at the bottom of the window.


Now check the Resize to Fit option and then specify the size of the length and height of the images to change the size of all selected images by the same amount.

Step 5 – Check the Run Action option

In the fourth part, you must check the Run Action option.


Step 6 – Apply the changes

Finally, click Run to resize all the images together. You can easily resize multiple images together using Photoshop.

Photoshop’s tools are meant to make your life easier. And if you need to resize multiple images at once, then we have the solution for you! Check out the answer in this quick tip.


Resizing one image in Photoshop is simple enough, but what happens when you need to resize 10, 50, or even 100 images? You could go through the bunch individually, but this would cost you precious time that could be otherwise spent on another creative task.

In this tutorial, learn how to resize multiple images at once by creating a custom Photoshop Action and using the Automate > Batch function.

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