How to recover a Twitter account if you lost access to the email

You may be a leading digital marketing company that manages multiple client accounts. Most of the time, your customers have more than one user account, and they give you the login password of one of their accounts so that you can manage it as an admin, make new posts and announce their company news to their audience.

Customers often have a Twitter account but have forgotten the username and password, no longer have access to their account, or do not know the email address they used when creating the account. This may happen for various reasons. One of the most common reasons for losing access to a Twitter account is that the company’s social media manager who managed the Twitter account has changed, or the company no longer cooperates with them.


There is also a possibility that the person who created the Twitter account forgot the user account password, and the Twitter account is out of reach, or you may not even know who created the account and what email was used to create it.

This article provides you with how to recover your Twitter account password.

Try possible passwords

As a first step, try to remember what your password was and try your guesses. Test all passwords you suspect might belong to the account. If the combination of username and password is incorrect, Twitter will tell you, “The username and password you entered do not match our records. Please check again and try again.”

You can start the standard password recovery process when you are absolutely sure that you have forgotten the user account password.
Recover your Twitter password using email, phone, or username

The first step to recover your Twitter password is to recover your password by entering your username, email address, or phone number. To do this, go to the Twitter password recovery page.

First, enter your username in the box you see. If your username is valid, Twitter will ask you to enter the email address associated with this account. If your email is correct and valid, Twitter will send a password reset link to the same email address. Instead of email, you can also use the phone number associated with your user account.

If the email you tried doesn’t work, try other emails associated with the account, such as the email of the person who managed your account. Try your luck with all emails.

If none of the emails work, the next option is to try possible phone numbers. This way, Twitter will send a code to your number that you can use to recover your account password.

The message “We found more than one account with that phone number.”

You may encounter such a message when performing the steps to recover your Twitter account password. The meaning of this message is: “We found more than one user account with this phone number.” Unfortunately, if you have used the same phone number to create multiple Twitter accounts, you cannot recover your password with that phone number. You should try the last method mentioned in this article in such a situation.

How to recover a Twitter account password when you don’t have access to the associated email and phone number

If you have an old Twitter account but do not have access to the email address or phone number used in the account, you cannot use the previous methods to recover your password. In this case, it becomes difficult. Your Twitter account may have been personalized years ago, and you no longer have access. But don’t worry; to recover your Twitter account password in such a situation, follow the steps below:

1- First, by referring to this page, see if you can find your account using your username. When you enter this page, you will see the following image:

If you enter a valid username in the box above, you will see the option to send a support request to Twitter. At this stage, you must enter your email and briefly explain your current situation. Use your official work email address if the account you want to recover the password for is related to your business. This makes the password recovery process easier.

As soon as you send the above request, an automatic email will be sent to you. Since the email address you provided does not match the email address with which the account was created, Twitter will send you a message similar to the following text:

“The email address used to file this request does not match the email on the account you mentioned.”

This email suggests you use the Twitter app on your phone to update your email address and recover your password. But if your Twitter account has not been configured with the special version of your Twitter phone, this method is not useful for you.

If your Twitter account belongs to a company or business, you can recover its password better. In this case, you can reply to the automated email sent by Twitter and state your situation.

However, note that you can only follow this path if your Twitter account represents a commercial company or business and you use a business email address to retrieve its password.

Also, remember that you must write a convincing answer in response to Twitter’s automated email. Below is an example of a response to a Twitter email:

After sending the email, wait for the Twitter email. Twitter will get back to you within a business day or two, and you’ll most likely be able to recover your password.

We hope that by using the methods we have mentioned in this article, you will recover your Twitter account password very easily and quickly. Good luck.