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Poll in Instagram

How to Put Poll in Instagram story

Are you looking for a way to connect more with your contacts on Instagram? Do you want your contacts and followers to contact you more directly? In this article, you will learn how to put a poll in an Instagram story and get the results.

Since it is possible to post a poll only through your Instagram story, it is necessary to refer to the story insertion section in your Instagram before starting.

To create a poll and put a poll in your Instagram story, follow the steps below.

1. Create a story.

If you want to increase the impact of the Poll on your Instagram story, your story should contain content related to the Poll. In this way, prepare the desired photo or text that fits the question’s title and consider an attractive background image for it.

Then apply filters, additional text, emojis, or stickers that you would like to have in your story. Be careful not to leave a space for the Poll in your story.

2- Add Poll to your story.

To add a Poll to your Instagram story, tap the sticker icon, a square smiley at the top of the screen. In this way, you will see the Poll among the stickers in this section. Select it.

It will display a Yes or No box with a place to write the poll title.

Type the question or title of the Poll in the text box. Try to use an interesting text or headline for this section.

Then click on each YES or NO field separately and type in the two answers that fit the Poll you want. In each of these two sections, yes or no, you can type the equivalent of 26 characters.

3- Put the Poll on the story

After completing the previous step, click on done or any options you see at the top right to confirm your Poll. This way, the Poll, or poll sticker, is located right in the middle of your story page. You can hold your finger on it and move it to move and be in the position you want.

You can use both your fingers on the image to make the size of the poll box bigger or smaller. Remember that the poll box should be placed somewhere on the page in dimensions that followers can easily read. Also, when you place your finger on the screen to select one of the two options, select the options and do not flip to the next or previous story. In this way, do not stick the poll box or the Poll too much to the edge of the image, because this way, when the audience clicks on its options, the options do not work, and instead, your story goes to the next or previous story.

4- Share a story comment containing a poll

When you are done, share this story the same way as all your other stories. All contacts and followers from whom your stories are not hidden and are not in the Hide section of your stories can see your story poll.

Also, if this is your first time using the poll feature in your Instagram story, a notification will most likely be sent to your contacts notifying them of your poll placement.

5. Monitor the results of your survey

After posting the Poll in your Instagram story, ensure that you do not close the notifications for responding to your stories. You can immediately see the replies or the same answers recorded in your direction through this Poll.

Creative ways to put a poll on your Instagram story

To persuade people to participate in your Poll and make the Poll more effective in your story, you can spice things up.

First of all, keep in mind that if there is a suitable topic for the Poll, use this possibility of Instagram in your stories and do not use it for any topic.

Then you can use videos and video stories instead of photos or wallpapers and text to encourage more people to participate in the Poll included in your story. You can create a short 15-second story of the topic you will poll on and put the Poll on it.

Or take a story from yourself, explain the subject, and then put the Poll on the video you took in the story. In general, posting a poll on your Instagram story or Poll is a quick and attractive way to get the comments of a page’s followers on a particular topic.

Poll applications in Instagram story

You can take the opportunity to post a poll on your Instagram story for any of the following topics or similar issues:

  • When you are producing a new product or have just produced a new product, you can use the Instagram poll feature to ask your audience their opinion about it.
  • You can get help from users’ opinions in producing your products. For example, survey their dimensions, gender, color, or design.
  • You can survey the topics you want to produce content on and see what content your audience is most likely to receive from you.
  • If you have already posted content and for some reason, you can not post new content, placing a poll in your Instagram story can keep your page active and show the current content to more contacts. You can poll the topic of that content, or the question is in that content.
  • If you are unsure about producing a new product or making a change in your business, you can use Instagram polls to get help from your audience.


With a little knowledge of your audience and creativity, you can find and use the most attractive ways to put polls in your Instagram story. Just be careful not to overuse the Poll, as this has the opposite effect and lowers productivity.