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How To Make Money Through Youtube? Take A Look At Ways To Make Money Through Youtube

For most people, YouTube is a place to watch various animal-related videos, review products, and gamer games. But for others, it’s a platform to make money.

At first glance, it may seem strange to become a professional YouTube user and make a lot of money from this platform, but the truth is that thousands of people around the world use YouTube and rely solely on the taste of their interest in making various video clips for They use to generate income.

Now, if you are also looking for a professional entry and presence in YouTube and you want to earn money through this, you should have information about how to work in this field, which we will refer to the methods of earning money from YouTube in the following.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

To make money directly from YouTube, you need to register or subscribe to this service. There are several ways you can get your money back. But to join this service, you must meet the necessary conditions, which include the following:

  • Your videos must be produced in accordance with YouTube advertising guidelines, and within 12 months, their public viewing rate must be more than 4000 hours
  • You must be a resident of certain countries and regions
  • Your number of subscribers must exceed 1000
  • You must be a member of the Google AdSense service

The more videos you publish, the easier it is to reach that number to watch your videos. High quality and entertaining videos can also attract more audiences. Therefore, you need to be more careful and creative in producing content.

But if you can meet the conditions set by YouTube, you will be able to earn money by visiting your profile and entering the Monetizing section. In fact, you will be a partner of YouTube and will receive money through ads, memberships and features such as SuperChat.

Connect to Google AdSense – Google AdSense

Once you are known as a partner, you should connect your YouTube channel to Google Adsense, the company’s advertising service. Advertisers use adsense to include ads in video content.

In fact, the user receives money based on the amount of feedback, or rather the “actions” of the audience towards the ads. This means that the more you see or click on the ad, the more money you will receive.

However, these ads are not always displayed during video playback, and it cannot be said that the number of views of each video is equal to the amount of views of that ad. Not to mention that YouTube will also deposit part of the revenue from these ads to its account.

According to the latest information, this money will be sent to the user after the total receipt reaches $ 100. So, if you have a small, limited content channel, it may take weeks or even months to get that $ 100.

Using YouTube Premium service

Adsense is not the only way for partners to make money through YouTube. Users can also earn money through the premium YouTube service, which is a paid service without ads. In fact, you will receive a portion of the revenue from users’ membership in the service, and the amount of revenue will depend on how much you watch your videos.

Use ads and attract sponsors

Many companies have a special interest in the audience of YouTube channels and may sponsor your videos. In fact, it is important for you to make a profit and to be able to place your ads in the videos.

There are several ways to monetize this, for example, to share in the sales of the advertised product, one of them. To take advantage of this, you can partner with some companies active in this field, such as ShareASale, ClickBank or CJ Affiliate.

Of course, do not forget that if you enter into cooperation with such companies, you should inform YouTube that this can be done by checking the Video contains paid promotion box.

Selling products or services to customers

You can advertise a product or service that you feel might be of interest to your audience in your videos and link to it in the video. For example, many professional YouTube users who produce content for children sell toys.

A variety of authorized goods and services can be advertised in this way and by introducing and inserting a secure payment system, users’ access to these products can be facilitated.

Meet fans in the real world

Most professional YouTube users arrange real-world meetings with their fans, and some sell their products this way. By doing so, they form an active and closer relationship with their followers.

Also, if you work in the field of drawing and painting, you can hold free design training sessions in parks and sell your artwork at the end of the session.


There are two ways to attract collective capital, the first is periodic and the other is project-base. On a periodic basis, participants agree to pay a certain amount at set intervals and on a regular basis, in exchange for benefits such as a two-person video chat, private classes, or exclusive receipt of goods.

In the latter case, however, you have an idea for launching a project and it needs financial support. This is where the project-based approach comes in. You can get help from websites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Patreon.