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How to make millions of applications installed in less than a month?

Creating an application is one of those tasks that requires a lot of effort and effort. To design and create an application, you need to put together a good team of developers (developers).

In order for things to go according to your wishes and the final application can attract customers, you must also think about creating a good user experience and retaining the customer after attracting him. Frequent announcements and promotional messages while using the app may drive your customers away.

If you are stuck in the mystery of how to advertise your application, you should know that advertising on Google using Google Ads service (Google AdWords) is a good way to increase the number of times you download your application.

In this article, you will learn how to use Google Ads to increase the number of times the app is downloaded.

Assume that your application has been built and the application is ready to be provided to the customer; The important part of the story starts from here. Now it’s time to market and advertise the app in an effective way.

You need to make sure that those who need this app can view, download and install it, and eventually the app will become a part of their daily lives.

More than 1,000 apps are offered daily in the App Store alone. Add to that the number of apps offered in other digital stores. Seeing your app in the midst of this growing volume of apps is like a miracle. Even free apps have little chance of being seen.

Using Google Ads for app ads can dramatically increase the number of app downloads. Google Ads is one of the web marketing giants.

With the help of this article, you will get acquainted with all the options of advertising the application with Google Ads and the best way to use each option. After reading this article, you will learn how to use Google Ads to get your application downloaded by people who need it.

Set conversion tracking

Before doing anything, you must enable Conversion tracking for the application. The meaning of conversion, user interaction with your ad.

By activating this option, Google Ads can later evaluate the appropriate price for your ads; This way, you can get the best results from your ads at a reasonable cost. On the other hand, installing a conversion tracker helps you monitor how your ads are performing.

To get started, after creating and charging a Google Ads account, log in to your Google Ads account and click on the “Tools” menu in the top bar. Then select the “Conversions” option.


Click the red “+ conversion” key.


Select “App”.


In this section, the following message is displayed. Here are some tips to help you get started:


The summary of the above message is as follows:

  • In the case of Google Play apps, you do not need to install code on the app to track app installation through advertising. Google automatically records the conversion when someone clicks on your ad and downloads the app from the Google Play Store.
  • In the case of AppStore apps, you will track the conversion when the customer installs the app on their mobile phone and runs it for the first time. This conversion is called the “first run”; This means that in the case of App Store apps, unlike Google Play apps, in order to track conversions, the app must be run at least once in addition to the installation.

So, if you want to track the installation of an Android application, select “Google Play” on the following page.


The following screen is displayed below.

On this page, you must fill in the required information in the appropriate boxes. In the “Value” field, enter the price of the application.

Don’t forget to check the “include in conversion” box at the end. By activating this, you can later use the “Target CPA” or “Target CPA” pricing features.

Click “save and continue” to save information and continue.

If you want to enable conversion tracking for AppStore apps, you have to go a different route. In this case, you need to have a series of code installed on the application to be able to track the conversions and see the growth of the number of times the program is installed. This is a bit complicated. Get help from team developers to install tracking codes, or if you do not have a developer, leave it to a reputable freelancer. Google’s new platform called “Firebase” will also give you good information about tracking applications.


However, after the conversion tracking code is installed, you must click on “first opens and in-app actions”.

Clicking on this option will bring up several other options. Select “iOS” and then “App installs (first-Open”).

Note that iOS conversion tracking only applies to the Google Ads display network.

The steps you need to take after this step are the same as before.

After the conversion tracking settings, it is time to apply the ad settings.

Different methods of advertising in Google Ads

To advertise on Google Ads, you have the following options:

  • Search Network;
  • YouTube (TrueView);
  • Namayesh Channel.

Each of these options gives you the power to direct iOS or Android users to the App Store or launch a global app campaign.

Join us to see how Google has simplified application marketing and taken into account all the details.


After creating app ads, Google displays ads anywhere on its network that is related to that ad.


Identifying the main form of advertising and providing some information about the target market (such as the language and location of the ad) is all you need to do. Leave the rest to Google. Google will make the best possible advertisement for you, given your budget for in-app advertising.

Campaign to increase application installation through the search network

By creating a Search Network ad, you expose your Android application to people who use Google search apps and the Google Play Store.

Follow the steps below to market your app on the search network.

Sign in to your Google AdWords account. In the “Campaign” dashboard, click on “+ campaign” and select “Search Network only”.

Define a name for your campaign and then select “Mobile app installs”.


In the “Mobile app” section, you can select your application.


By clicking on the “select app” button, you can specify the platform and the name of the application.


After specifying the name of the application, uncheck “Include search partners”. In the “Location” section, select the target country of the ad. You can also specify the language of the ad in the “Language” field.


The “bidding” stage is about determining the price and budget on your part. The price you set here depends on whether the platform of the application you want to advertise is Android or Appostor.

If you want to advertise an Android application, select the “Target CPA” option.

17_How_to_mill_mill_million_applications_of_applications in less than a month?

By selecting this item, you will determine how much you intend to pay for each installation so that Google can take over the rest of the story.

To make the problem easier, it is better not to manipulate other items after selecting this option. If you are not happy with the results of your advertising campaign in the future, you can increase your CPA targeting whenever you want.

If you want to advertise an Appostor app, it is better to select the “Maximize clicks” option.


In this case, it is better not to work with other settings.

Specify the maximum CPC you want and set your budget. You can start with a small budget and in the future, gradually increase your budget to achieve the desired result of advertising.

Note : Another option you can select is “Target search page location”.


By selecting this option, Google Ads will make your ad appear higher and before other search results. The choice of this option is at your discretion; But it is better to know that with this choice, you should loosen the top of the bag a little and pay more money. The budget depends on the amount of money you want to spend on advertising each day.

The amount of money you have to spend to advertise Android apps is different from the amount of money you need to advertise iOS apps.

To illustrate the budgeting issue, let’s take an example: If you want to have 10 installations per day by customers and the target CPA is $ 3, your daily budget should be $ 30.

The next step is to create an ad. The steps are similar to creating a search ad. In this article, we do not mention the technical details of making an ad and only mention this key point:

In creating app ads, you need to emphasize the capabilities of the app and its advantages over similar apps.


The next step is very important. In this step, you must specify the search network campaign keywords.

Choosing the right keywords is a specialty and requires awareness; So before choosing keywords for your ad, get help from an informed person or read at least a few related articles.

If you are new to Google Ads, be sure to put your keywords in Exact Match mode. To do this, write the keywords in parentheses: [Keyword].

This way, you can be sure that your ads will only be displayed if people have searched for the same keywords. This will help you to control your advertising costs when you start.

Once you have mastered Google Ads, you can use more professional options such as Broad match modifiers.

Finally, click “Save and Continue” and wait for Google Ads to confirm your ad.

Increase the number of times the application is installed using Display ads

Click “+ Campaign” in the Google Ads Campaign Dashboard. Select “Display Network only” this time.


Apply the rest of the settings as shown below and in the previous section.


What will be displayed in the next step depends on whether it is an Android application or an app store.

If the application you want to market for is Android, the following screen will be displayed.


If the app you want to market for is an Appostor app, the following screen will be displayed.


This may seem a bit complicated; But do not be confused and act on what you read below.

In both cases, select the latest version of the operating system that was recently offered. This version is not necessarily the latest version; For example, choose from version 3 of Android 4, 4.0.1 and 4.0.2, which have been released very recently. Also, the version you choose must be compatible with your application.

If you do not need to set the “Device Models” section, it is better not to change these settings.

In the “Operators and Wi-fi” section, you can also apply your desired settings.

If your app is large, you can set this section so that your ad is displayed only to people who are connected to the Internet via WiFi.


In the next step, you must specify the budget and location of the ad.

What you see in this section depends on the type of application you have.

For Android apps, if you are new, select the “Target CPA” option. See the previous section for more details.


If you want to promote an iOS app, your pricing strategy should be “manual CPC”.


The CPC represents the amount you intend to pay for each click on the app ad. Start with a small amount and gradually increase this amount to see the results of the application ads.

Enter the name of the campaign and click the “Save and Continue” button.


Now you need to determine the purpose of your ad.

Specify the maximum cost per click on the ad (Max. CPC bid).


Next, apply the ad targeting settings to your approaches and policies.


Keep the following points in mind when applying the settings in this section.

In the targeting section, you have three options:

Interests and remarketing: This option is for interests and remarketing. With this option, you can target people to your ads based on the category of apps they have already installed. In this case, you need to know which applications your ideal users may download.


You can also target people who are using a new mobile phone. This method helps to increase your interaction with users. For example, you can send a greeting message to the user’s new device.


With the “placements” option, you can specify where the ad is displayed. Your ad can be displayed in certain applications or in certain categories of applications. Knowing which apps you subscribe to can help make your ad more visible.


With the “Use a different targeting method” option, you can choose another way to target the application ads.

Now you need to design your ad.

In this section, there are three general formats for your ad:

33-How_to_mill_mill_million_applications_of_applications in less than a month?

App Install Ads : If you select this format, by clicking on the ad, the application will be downloaded for users.


Video Ads : By selecting this format, a promotional video of your application will be displayed. It is up to you to prepare the video.

Image Ads : If you choose this format, you must design your application ads in the form of an image.

If you are new, we suggest you choose the first option. If you choose this format, design the ad in a way that conveys the benefits of using your app to the audience.


Finally, click on “Review and Finish” and then on “Save ads”.


If you have not set up conversion tracking, you will probably encounter this message; In this case, set up conversion tracking according to the steps mentioned at the beginning of the article.


Wait for Google Ads to approve your ad. Ad approval takes about 1 to 3 business days.

Increase the number of installations with app ads on YouTube

In this section, we will teach you how to create YouTube ads or TrueView ads.

In the “Campaign” dashboard, click the “+ Campaign” button and select “Video” in the list that appears.


Specify the name of your campaign and select “Mobile app installs”.


Then select your application. As you saw in the previous cases, you can select the application from Google Play or Appostor.

If your app is Android, use Target CPA to set the price. After selecting this option, proceed to the next steps according to what was said earlier in this article.


Note : In the case of YouTube ads, it is also better to select the “Target CPA” option for iOS applications.

Next you need to specify the location and language.


You can select the devices on which you want the ad to be displayed. You can also enable or disable the display of ads for WiFi-connected devices.


After applying these settings, click “Save and Continue”.

Now you need to prepare your promotional video and apply the price adjustments for the ads.


In this step, you must specify the target audience of your ad.


If you are new to YouTube ads, select “Placements”. By selecting this option, you can select the videos in which you want your ad to be displayed. The condition for showing ads in these videos is that the ad license is active in them.

You can also select the “Topics” and “Keywords” options; But you should know that working with these options takes a bit of skill.

At the end of this section and before clicking on “Save Ad Group”, you will see the following image.


In this section, you must specify the format of your ad.

If you select the “In-Stream” format, your ad will be displayed at the beginning or in the middle of YouTube videos. By selecting “Video discovery ads” your ads will be displayed as text ads. When a viewer clicks on this ad, they are redirected to a YouTube video. This video does not have the limitations of regular promotional videos.

The image below shows examples of “Video discovery” ads.


The location of these ads is shown in the image below.


After selecting the video format, the following message is displayed if you have not already applied the conversion tracking settings. You can set up conversion tracking via this message according to the tutorials at the beginning of the article.


Now all you have to do is wait for Google Ads to approve your app ads.


Encouraging people to download your app is hard work. You can easily do this with the help of Google Ads. You can use Google Ads to get people who are searching on Google, watching YouTube videos, or using other apps to see ads for your app.

Proper advertising is difficult. With the help of advertising in Google Ads, you can create your ads as fast as possible, display them in the target market and enjoy the results of this marketing.

To create and charge a Google Ads account and start advertising the application, you can contact the experts of the Ads advertising agency .

Start now and be amazed at the results.

Share your comments and solutions about the marketing and advertising of the application in the comments section of this post.