How To Make An Instagram Highlight Cover

How To Make An Instagram Highlight Cover

Do You Want To Make A Good First Impression On Your Instagram Page Visitors? In This Article, Learn How To Make Your Own Instagram Highlight Cover For Free.

An Instagram highlight cover makes an excellent first impression. Located just below your Instagram profile bio section, Stories can provide a beautiful look for your Instagram highlights and draw attention to your best Instagram story content with the help of a cover.

You don’t have to be an influencer to use Cover Highlight. Various organizations, from government institutions to different companies, use them to beautify the page, attract the audience, and influence them. In this article, you will learn how to make an Instagram highlight cover and the programs available to create it.

What is the use of Instagram highlights?

If you’re serious about managing your Instagram account, you know how important it is to categorize stories and have a memorable highlight cover. It will make it easier for your followers to recognize your content and ultimately help you gain more influence.

A great way to increase traffic to your Instagram page is to highlight your Instagram stories so followers can refer to them for information and entertainment. If you’ve read our comprehensive Instagram tutorial, you’ll know that cover highlights are a big part of a cohesive story theme and help create a consistent aesthetic on Instagram.

Covers are easily created while incorporating different colors and themes, making highlights more user-friendly.

The good news is that you can still easily create your page cover even if you don’t have access to a graphic design team. In the following, we will guide you through all the steps of creating a body for Instagram highlights.

How to make an Instagram highlight cover

Instagram highlight cover idea

Instagram allows you to use any image you like for your highlight cover. But it would be best if you did not forget that your page deserves the best. Pay attention to the following points when making the cover:

  • Get an idea

If you don’t have an idea for making a cover, you can search between different and famous Instagram pages to find the style you want. See enough to get a good result.

  • Stick to your brand

While creating new content can be fun, sticking to your brand colors and fonts in your cover design will make you look more professional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Follow a consistent pattern.

After arriving at a general idea and making the basic template for the cover, for each highlight, it is enough to edit the original template with different icons to match the highlighted background. In this way, you don’t start from scratch every time, and you maintain the identity of your page.

  • Beauty is in simplicity.

Keep in mind that highlight covers are tiny, So using too many graphics, elements or text will confuse your audience. A simple layout is always attractive to the viewer, saves you time in graphic design, and makes your profile look stylish.

Now that you are familiar with the basic principles and tips for making a cover, you should find a suitable tool for designing your covers. A great website for making Instagram highlight covers is Canva. Canva also has an app that isn’t as easy to use as the website, But it’s a great program. This site offers many free patterns and icons to use as cover highlights. You can also upload your photos to become a cover. The possibilities of the website are almost endless. Canva is an excellent opportunity to show your creativity and try your hand at graphic design.

1. Canva website

  • Go to
  • After entering the home page, search for Instagram Story.
  • Choose any template you want.
  • Delete any text or image you see on the template to personalize it with the trash can icon.

How to make an Instagram highlight cover with Canva

  • Add an icon, image, or text. Browse through the fonts to find one that matches your brand and aesthetic!
  • Click on the Duplicate page icon above the template to add another cover with the same settings. To create another surface with different backgrounds, click the Add page button.
  • Customize the icon and title of each cover with any different highlights you have in mind. Don’t be afraid to change the background color, either. Just make sure everything aligns with your Instagram branding and content.
  • Click on Download from the top of the page to download the covers as a png file.

Another suitable website for Instagram cover design is the Create website, which provides complete facilities.

2. Create a website

  • Go to the Create website.
  • To find customizable Instagram highlight templates in Create, click Templates, then scroll or type Instagram Story in the search bar. And click to customize.
  • If you want to start with a blank canvas, click File > Create new > Blank canvas. Find the Instagram Story canvas. Click on it to open the canvas.

Instagram cover design of Create website

  • Once you’ve opened your blank canvas or pre-made template, it’s time to customize. Once your canvas is open, click on one of the five icons in the upper left: Text, Images, Graphics, Shapes, or Drawing. Whichever option you choose, your subsequent design choices will remain the same.
  • In this tutorial, we select Graphics and select one of the high-quality iconographies in the section menu. (You can also add your graphics, like your photos or text, in the relevant sections.)
  • Once you’re on the graphics tab, you can browse the list of categories or type a keyword into the search bar to find it; For example, to see the icons related to the camera, we ranked the camera.
  • Once your graphic is selected, you can click on the image and drag its corners to resize or move it.

1- Instagram cover design of Create website

  • If you want to adjust the colors of your image to match your brand palette, click on your icon and select Change Colors from the menu on the left.
  • Your existing palette will appear, and you can change the colors of your image element by element. Select the circles at the top of the menu (under Change Colors and above Solid and Gradient) to isolate a part and change only its color.

2- Instagram cover design of Create website

  • Click on the canvas around your icon to change the background color. The background color picker will automatically activate and allow you to select an example from the list.
  • You can also choose Gradient to add a gradient background or click Transparent to make the background transparent. Remember that the cover should be neat, legible, and by the color and beauty of your brand.

When you’re happy with your colors, click Download in the top right corner of the page. Select your file type.

3- Instagram cover design of Create website

  • Click Download again to save the cover file to your desktop or upload it directly to Instagram.
  • Your cover is always automatically saved to Create’s cloud storage, so if you ever want to go back and edit it again, click File > Edit a copy to keep the original.

To upload covers in different highlights on Instagram, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Instagram app. Tap a highlight and pause.
  • Select the Edit Highlight option
  • Click on Edit cover at the top of the page, under the currentsurface.
  • From the gallery, select the cover you made and click Done.

Instagram highlight cover creation program for iPhone and Android

Using some Instagram highlight cover-making programs, you can be sure that your covers are intelligent and exciting. The best way to find the right tool is to try a few and see if you get the expected results. Also, using apps will be more straightforward if you want to continue your work with your smartphone. The following will teach you the best Instagram highlight cover creation program for iPhone and Android.

1. Canva app

Instagram highlight cover creation program-Canva

Whether you have advanced skills or know nothing about design, Canva is an app for visual editing that supports a wide range of mobile devices and PCs. With Canva, you can instantly realize any idea for a highlight cover, regardless of the topic or level of complexity. You can do wonders and strengthen your brand with little effort and knowledge.

The app’s many incredible built-in features allow you to combine different techniques and create unique covers that include images, text, and more. You can start from thousands of pre-designed patterns or stock photos and use effects, stickers, or GIFs. Start your creative design from a blank canvas if you want a unique item. In addition to creating covers, you can create amazing stories, logos, collages, ads, and anything you can imagine with this video software.

2. PicsArt application

Instagram-picsart highlight cover making program

Can you imagine more than 60 million free stickers and images in one app? Picsart is a fun playground for an unlimited design where you will enjoy making Instagram covers. You can create a professional body in minutes without any limitations or worries about technical complexity. You can experiment with filters, frames, and more than 200 text fonts to make your highlight. You can easily remove unwanted objects from the image or combine them into one photo. You can even change people’s hair color, fix all the flaws with makeup stickers, and make it look like the work of a professional hairdresser. With brushes and layers, Picsart turns any photo into a trendy and unique piece of art.

3. StoryLight application

Instagram_storylight highlight cover creation program

StoryLight is another excellent app made for Instagram and specifically for cover highlights. With this program, making a cover for Instagram is simple and enjoyable. You can use this app and release your creative spirit.

One way to start is to use existing templates that come in various forms and customize them to suit your idea. Of course, if you’re confident in creating stunning designs, open a new project to design your Instagram highlight cover with a vast collection of graphic tools.

If you’re a master of cooking Italian or French cuisine or want to post a recipe, Storylight has pre-designed food icons. Play with lovely backgrounds, stickers, and dozens of border types. With such a cover combined with the correct text, you can attract food lovers worldwide. Of course, Storylight allows you to design cover highlights from scratch and provides you with simple but powerful tools to work with. Many templates are free, and if you consider paid templates, you have a wider choice.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

What features should Instagram highlight cover have?

It is necessary to choose the correct file type and its dimensions. Making sure the size is right will help you avoid having to adjust and crop your cover image. The dimensions of Instagram covers are the same as stories. So 1080×1920 pixels with a 9:16 aspect ratio is suitable.

What file format is ideal for cover highlights?

It is essential to use the correct file type to make the cover. It is recommended to export highlight covers as JPG or PNG. PNG files are ideal because they preserve image quality. JPG is also a perfect choice as it is smaller and facilitates uploading.

Is it possible to update the highlight cover without posting it in the story?

Yes, adding a new cover without posting it to your Instagram story is possible. Because not long ago, you had to add an image to your account first, and you could only update the cover.