good Vlog

How to make a good Vlog?

Hundreds of people try vlogging on YouTube daily, and everyone wants to make a good vlog, video content, or podcast. With so many vloggers, how do you get noticed? The truth is that most of these vlogs have been destroyed. They are poorly edited, overlong, and generally uninteresting, and nobody watches them.

Here are some tips that you can use to get more visibility and views of your vlogs and see how you can make a good vlog.

Do you have anything to say? Say it in front of the camera!

Most new vloggers have trouble coming up with something interesting to say on camera, but they want to record their work anyway and start talking, thinking they’ve made a good vlog. It is a surefire way to ensure you spend less time watching videos and visiting YouTube.

Before you even think about pressing the record button, you need to be able to answer the following questions to create a good vlog.

What is a good vlog generally about? Maybe you’ll share your best tips for getting fit on the first day of school. Maybe you are traveling to a new city, trying some interesting or unique food, and planning to make a good vlog.

Or maybe you’re browsing sci-fi in fancy dress. Whatever angle you decide on, stick with it. Focused topics and content are the keys to YouTube’s success.

When you have a general idea of ​​what you want to say, repeat it ahead of time. Write down and practice the points you like to discuss and explain your thoughts concisely and directly.

What does it take to make a good vlog?

Try to act using tangents and do not destroy special points. Say what you want to say and continue, and this will make a good vlog. It makes your content more powerful and the editing process much easier.

A good vlog needs a cut – cut easily!

Many new vloggers make very long videos. Fun for Louis may be talking for an average of 13 minutes for his vlogs, but he has a huge following who are invested in his story and character. You have none of these things as a new vlog, and you must do your best to make a good vlog. People are unlikely to stick around for a 10-minute vlog by some new YouTuber they’ve never heard of, even if the content is great and the vlog is good.

We use about 5% of the videos we record daily, meaning 95% of them are cut and cannot make a good vlog. If it doesn’t add entertainment value or help advance the story, we cut it, so all that’s left is the main story, which I hope is worth seeing.

In a vlog we did recently, we hiked for about 4 hours and shot a lot of footage to make a good vlog, but we cut this part down to just 4 minutes for the vlog. We ended up with pictures that were either necessary to convey the story or added some entertainment value. Since our vlog is focused on travel, we don’t talk as much as other bloggers and try our best to make a good vlog. If your vlog has a lot of dialogue, use jump cuts to modify it.

Be careful, though. Bounce reduction can easily be overused, inappropriate, and distracting for the user. It is recommended to use them only when necessary.

With proper editing, a 10-minute vlog can be reduced to 5 minutes and be much more powerful and spectacular. It means higher watch times which will make YouTube happy and your viewers.

Be confident in making a good vlog.

A great story and good editing can only take you so far. As a working vlogger, you must be comfortable talking to the camera.

Always stare into the lens.

Many vlogging cameras have special screens so you can watch yourself while you talk, which makes for a good vlog. It is a great feature, but many vloggers end up staring at the screen instead of the lens, so it looks like you’re staring into space. It makes it hard for users to connect with you.

Like talking to a real person, good eye contact is crucial to building rapport and making vlogging look good. Always make sure you are staring into the lens. Treat the person who is looking at you like a lens.

It may feel awkward initially, but it’s better to trust this method, as it will look much more natural when watching the movie.

Smile – don’t forget to smile!

When people see someone smile, it makes them smile themselves. The most important thing in making a good vlog is to smile at the audience. You want people to smile when they watch your video. It is something we’ve struggled with since we started vlogging. You may say to yourself that I am not a very smiling person. It does not seem natural to me. So before I turn the camera on myself, I try to put a smile on my face by thinking of something funny or just a random happy thought.

It makes a major difference in the final product. It is enough to try this method and see the result in the shortest possible time.

Speak out loud

You may have something powerful to say, but if it’s not said out loud, the effect is lost, and that’s not how you make a good vlog. Never speak softly to the camera. You want your audience to hear you, not make them have to turn up the volume to get your point.

We’re not saying you have to yell at the camera. Just make sure you use your most confident voice. If it helps, imagine you are talking to a close friend or relative. After all, they will probably watch your video.

Quality is the last thing the viewer sees!

To make a good vlog, quality is important, but not everything. Although the story is solid, having good audio and video quality can make your vlogs look and feel more solid. Nowadays, you can get great video quality from an inexpensive area, shoot through your camera, and present a good vlog to your audience. If you’re on a tight budget, start with a cheaper camera. You can always upgrade it later as your channel gets better. The worst thing you can do is invest in an expensive camera setup before starting a good vlog. Sound quality is also very important, maybe even more important than video quality, and sound quality can make a good vlog.

If your sound is echoey or very quiet, no matter how good your video quality is, people will get frustrated and close your video. Even an inexpensive microphone can go a long way. We hope these tips have given you some ideas to improve your vlogs and get more views. Remember, vlogging is a learning process. You can’t expect to create amazing content and get tons of views. It takes time to use your niche and learn what works and what doesn’t. Don’t get discouraged. Keep trying new things and always work on improving, and feedback will follow. Be sure to get a lot of visits in the shortest possible time.