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How To Increase The Amount Of RAM On Your Android Phone Using A Memory Card

The internal memory of Android phones is different and much more than the RAM of these devices. Of course, what really affects the speed and performance of your Android phone is the RAM. 

Naturally, in the meantime, cheaper devices also have less RAM. That’s why we decided to talk about increasing the phone’s RAM using a memory card. Be with the worshipers.

Why do you need more RAM?

Naturally, everyone is aware of the advantages of more RAM in their device. More internal storage allows you to have more video, audio and more files on your device. However, more RAM helps you to work better and faster with these files.

For example, when viewing online content, Internet speed is sometimes mistakenly blamed for file sharing problems. However, if the desired content is viewed with more RAM and the same internet speed, then you will see that this problem has also been resolved.

Naturally, there are tricks to increase available RAM. Such methods usually use tools to try to close running programs and services. In this article, we assume that you have used these solutions before and now you want to physically increase your phone’s RAM.

Increase the RAM of a rooted phone with a memory card

If your Android device is rooted, then you can use the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) app to increase your available RAM by $ 9.99, which is compatible with rooted Android phones and tablets.

It is true that this application is expensive, but in any case, if you are interested in this software and want to test its compatibility with your device, then you can use the swapfile checking application. Just install and run this software to see if the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander application (SWAP) can deliver the desired result to you or not?

Increase phone RAM with memory card

Touch “Start RAMEXPANDER Test Here” to display the results you need on the screen. Then you have to select your memory card and then touch the “Click for result” option. Once the message “Congratulations” is displayed on the screen, you can continue and install the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander application.

Install the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander application

If the previous steps were successful, you can now install the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander app on your rooted Android device. Next, you need to run the application, give it root access, and then select the desired language.

You can now view the page with an editable slider. Using this slider you can specify the amount of RAM allocated to the SWAP partition.

If you do not know how much to allocate, then by selecting the “Optimal Value” option you can let the app decide for you. Make sure the “Autorun” option is enabled at the top of the screen before continuing. Then you can touch the “Swap Activ” key.

Now that a new RAM partition has been created on your memory card, naturally your Android phone should also perform better. To test the improvement, try running your favorite game or opening multiple apps at once.

Other uses of the memory card

Above we tried to increase the phone’s RAM using a memory card. Another very obvious application of a memory card is to increase the storage capacity of the phone. This way you can save more files on your phone, and the same is true for rooted and non-rooted phones. Here, too, all you have to do is insert your memory card into your phone if it has a memory card slot.

Increase phone RAM with memory card

You can also get better speed and performance by paying more for a memory card. Naturally, the speed of memory cards is slower than the internal memory of the phone itself. Therefore, when buying, it is better that your memory card is at least Class 10. You should also be wary of counterfeit brands when shopping.

You can use this new memory to store various applications and files. This way you can have more interior space on your phone. Depending on the application and model of your phone, you can go to the settings menu and then applications, and there, transfer various games and software to your memory card. However, the memory card can increase the memory of your phone. Now this expanded memory is either storage memory or RAM memory.

Has your phone performance improved internal memory?

With this article, you were able to increase your phone’s storage and RAM. With more RAM, you will find that your device will be able to do things better. Your phone’s remaining memory can also hold various files. This will give you both better performance and more memory.