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How to Have a Safe Trip? If You Have to Travel, Read This Article

Travel is one of the most enjoyable experiences of human life. One of the most important benefits of this popular experience is the increase in awareness and familiarity with the climate and culture of different parts of the world. 

Travel can also make a big difference in the most beautiful and fun moments of life. In order to be a pleasant and enjoyable trip, in addition to paying attention to the amenities and entertainment, you should also know the tips of safe travel.

Safe travel requires a few simple yet simple tips, and in this article we will take a brief look at them.

Health and safety advice on safe travel

  • Be careful in preparing food and choosing restaurants, especially in the case of off-road restaurants;
  • Use non-perishable foods on long distances;
  • If you are not sure about the health of drinking water in any area, use mineral water bottles;
  • Carry a small container of detergent or disinfectant gel with you;
  • Do not forget to bring alcohol spray to disinfect surfaces;

Masked travelers - Safe travel requires health tips

  • After touching contaminated surfaces, wash your hands with soap and water or disinfect with alcohol;
  • Avoid local markets and busy thoroughfares as much as possible during the spread of viral infectious diseases;
  • When a viral infection spreads, be sure to wear a mask in a crowded place and stay as far away from others as possible for 2 meters;
  • If a contagious disease has spread to your destination, it is best to postpone your trip or, if you need to travel, pay attention to safety and health tips.

Important points while driving

Driving on green roads - Safe travel requires compliance with driving rules

  • Safe travel requires choosing the safest route to reach your destination;
  • Familiarize yourself with its main streets through router apps before you reach your destination;
  • For road trips, do not travel as much as possible on busy days;
  • Follow the rules when driving on the road;
  • Never drive while drowsy;
  • The driver’s ability to see at night is reduced, so it is best to postpone the time to day;
  • Move at a reasonable speed and forget about dangerous overtaking.


Important points about the destination

Friendly gathering in Saf - Safe travel requires knowledge of destination conditions

  • Before leaving, familiarize yourself with the important laws and culture of the destination town or village;
  • Respect the culture of the local people everywhere and do not forget that some of our normal behaviors may be abnormal in the culture of the people of another city or village;
  • If you are traveling abroad, learn the main and most common sentences in the language before you leave;
  • If you live in a local home, make sure the home is safe and seek professional help from a trusted professional;
  • And If you are planning to camp in nature, learn the photofan of camping accommodation from skilled tourists before you go;
  • Then If you want to spend the night in nature, never go without a guide. A professional guide will give you a safe travel experience;
  • On difficult and winding paths that threaten to lose you, you should be accompanied by a guide.

Important points when traveling by air

Aircraft on the runway - Safe travel requires safety precautions in air travel

Before the trip the things you can do:
– Record your fingertips few hours before travel bag must be put up at the moment of leaving the house, due to the stress caused by lack of time, do not forget them;
– a few hours before travel Be at the airport so you don’t fly late and get stressed. For international travel, it is better to arrive at the airport four hours before the official flight time, but for domestic travel, one hour is enough;
– Before traveling, check the flight ticket to be informed of the amount of cargo allowed on board;
  • Be sure to pay attention to the safety tips that the flight attendant says and the warnings he gives during the flight;
  • Make sure the seat belt is fastened at the time of takeoff and during the flight;
  • In the event of an accident, the use of an oxygen mask is essential, and be sure to use a life jacket under the seat in the event of an accident;
  • Turn off cell phones and other electronics;
  • The use of airplanes is not recommended during pregnancy and if you have a baby;
  • Be sure to wear a mask during the trip during the outbreak of viral infectious diseases;
  • Some viral illnesses, such as the coronavirus, may be transmitted through shared use of public health, so it is best not to use health on short air travel; But if you need to disinfect and wash your hands properly , disinfect the handles, do not use the paper towels in the bathroom and have a few sheets of personal paper towels with you, you can maintain your health;
  • Be sure to bring antiseptic gel with you.

Important points when traveling by rail

Passenger Watching the Green Rail - Highlights of Safe Train Travel

Do the following before the trip:
– During the peak travel days, prepare your ticket on time and buy from three weeks before the day of departure;
– Be sure to have the national card of all those in whose name the ticket is issuing;
– It is better to arrive at the station one to two hours before the train departure time;
– Travel by train is usually long and sometimes the end of the road becomes boring, so having a book and magazine with you will be an attractive opportunity to read and have fun during the trip;
  • Be sure to bring the accessories you need for comfort and well-being while traveling. Small or round pillows, travel blankets, flasks and… are examples of these personal and comfortable items;
  • If strangers are in your car, be sure to keep your valuables in a safe place and do not disclose your personal information to them;
  • Check the train map before departure to find the route and station you want to get off;
  • It is not recommending to use the toilet inside the stations because it is off the train, as the train may move and you may stay while using it;
  • The toilets inside the train are locked at stops at stations and you have to wait until they are ready to use;
  • Some viral illnesses, such as coronary heart disease, can be transmitted through shared use of the public health service, so be sure to follow the health tips when using the service. Disinfecting and washing hands thoroughly, disinfecting handles, not using paper towels in the bathroom, and having several sheets of personal paper towels with you are some of the behaviors that reduce the risk of getting through the public health service;
  • Having a disinfectant gel with you is one of the most important things in a safe travel experience;
  • Be sure to wear a mask during the trip during the outbreak of viral infectious diseases;
  • Ensure the health of your fellow travelers to avoid contracting viral diseases such as coronary heart disease.

Important points when cruising

Ship at sea - Important points in safe travel by ship

  • Never travel by sea in bad weather;
  • Just board authorized boats so that in addition to extra security, insurance will support you;
  • Arrive at the pier on time (15 minutes earlier is sufficient). Overcrowding while boarding, in addition to the dangers it poses, will prolong the process of new passengers arriving and departing old passengers;
  • Never rush while boarding or disembarking and wait for the ship to be fully moor so as not to endanger you;
  • Do not forget to wear a life jacket;
  • Never push each other on the deck and do not think of such dangerous jokes;
  • To prevent seasickness, it is best to consult a doctor before traveling. Also, settling in the center of the ship, not having anxiety , closing your eyes and covering your corners will greatly save you from seasickness. If necessary, you can use the seafood medicine that is inside the ship;
  • During the spread of viral infectious diseases such as corona, in case of crowds, stay on the deck for a short time and be sure to use a mask;
  • Some viral diseases, such as coronary heart disease, may be transmitted through shared use of public health services; So by disinfecting and washing your hands thoroughly, disinfecting the handles, not using paper towels in the bathroom, and having a few sheets of personal paper towels with you, you can greatly prevent getting this disease;
  • Having disinfectant gel is very effective in cases of viral infectious diseases.

Important points about environmental protection

  • Respect nature and collect your garbage;
  • Never throw rubbish or cigarette butts out of your car;
  • If you walk on pristine and rural roads, be patient to pass herds of domestic animals and do not disturb their peace.

What other points do you think we should pay attention to in order to have a safe and relaxing trip? Share your thoughts and experiences with us through the comments section.