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How to grow our business by producing content?

Content Production and Content Marketing has become increasingly important in today’s business and marketing world, and it seems that in the coming years, it will become one of the main and essential pillars for the success of businesses .

Failure to ignore content marketing can mean the loss of a large portion of users and audiences that can only be accessed through the techniques used in this type of marketing.

In the following, join us for more details on content marketing, why it is so important, and how it affects business growth and development. In the final section, we will introduce you to one of the companies active in the field of content production and content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

The main goal of content marketing is to collect and share information or content that is relevant to your business and is considered valuable and useful to your target audience. There are several strategies that can be used for content marketing and content production .

With this newer marketing method, you can indirectly attract the interest and attention of your audience and customers to your business and brand; Unlike traditional marketing methods in which they promote products or services directly through advertising.

This is the most important and the main difference between content marketing and traditional marketing methods. Over the past decade or two, the advertising of traditional marketing methods has increased so much that people are unable to see them consistently on various websites and platforms, and most of them close it even without looking at the title or subject of the ad.

An example to better understand the difference between content marketing and traditional marketing methods

The difference between content marketing and traditional marketing methods

To better understand this distinction, we can give an example of how users use a video streaming platform such as YouTube:

You have a topic in mind that you really want to learn something new about; So you go to such a website and enter the desired topic in the search field.

What happens most of the time is that an ad is shown before the video you want to play; But as soon as the ad counts down to zero, you click “Reject Ad”.

The ad that appears before your video is played is an example of a traditional marketing method,

and on the other hand, the video you are looking for is a great example of content marketing.

The video you have searched to see contains valuable information for you and you intend to watch it.

The smart content marketer has prepared the video in question, thus adding you to the number of your video channel subscribers,

and ultimately persuading you to buy the product or service that is related to his video channel.

This method of persuading the customer and the audience is opposed to the traditional method of direct struggle to sell a product or service:

TipPinterest is a good place to check, too. Search a keyword like “makeup” and see what else pops up.

Optimize videos using Pinterest keywords

the same ad or ad that you are counting on to reject.

With a better understanding of the importance and benefits of content marketing,

you probably now have questions of the opposite sex: Where to start to use it and produce content?

How Does Content Marketing Make Your Business Successful? What is the content production tariff ? And other such questions. You will find the answers to these questions below.

How does content production and content marketing drive business growth and success?

Gain audience trust and increase credibility for your brand

Consumers choose a business to buy a product or service that they trust . Content marketing helps build that trust: You show your potential customers that you are committed to helping them find solutions to their problems.

If you can use content marketing strategies that ensure your success and are relevant to your business, not only domestically, but also internationally, you can have a lot to say.

Generating valuable, useful and useful content will play an important role in the success of your business; In addition, it boosts your potential customers and is an important factor in turning them into your real customers.

Content creation increases the credibility of your business in your area of ​​work. Your audience will gradually become convinced that you have complete control over what you do, and as a result, if they encounter a problem after purchasing your product or service, you will respond to it and solve it with your knowledge and expertise.

More visibility with content production

More visibility with content production

Content marketing makes your business name and brand visible to a large number of people. What sets content marketing apart is the better mindset and perspective it creates for your audience and users;

Contrary to the negative practice of traditional marketing methods (the same video you count to reject or close an ad you did not read).

The more your brand name and business are seen and promoted, the more followers you will have on social media .

Over time,

more and more people become curious and become familiar with your brand name by seeing the comments and activities of your followers on social media;

So a kind of incremental trend is formed and the number of your audience is increasing day by day.

Don’t forget that your website also plays an important role in making your brand and business name more visible and popular.

Useful and useful content that you put in the form of text or audio and video files on your website will keep users on the site for a longer period of time;

This will greatly enhance the ranking of your website.

During the updates of Google algorithm in the last few years, the main emphasis and importance has been on content, and day by day, this importance and its impact on content marketing is increasing.

Better and more cost-effective return on investment than traditional marketing methods

Content marketing and traditional marketing both lead to increased sales , which is vital for the business, except that content marketing costs much less.

Although producing useful and useful content requires effort and effort, but compared to traditional methods of advertising such as banner advertising or advertising on the main pages of search engines, it is less expensive and more cost-effective and at the same time has a better and more impact on customer and audience.

In addition, content creation does not have to be a personal effort (assuming you have more important priorities in your business that you want to spend your time on).

Institutions such as content production companies , content production websites and other such collections have been operating for a long time and provide opportunities for business owners to connect with those who are interested in content production or are making a living from it. You can entrust your work to such people.

Although you may need to set aside a fee to pay the content creator, this cost is still much lower and more cost-effective than what you spend on banner advertising and the like;

In addition, these types of ads are no longer as popular and effective as they used to be, while producing content will benefit your business.

Of course, in order for the rate of return on investment to produce content to be acceptable, you must define the criteria correctly and in principle, and allow enough time to analyze the data ; You should also avoid making some mistakes (mistakes that usually occur in the data analysis process): rushing, exposing activities to trial and error, or not replacing the strategy used with meticulous analysis.

The current importance of content marketing and the need to pay attention to it in the future business world

The Importance of Content Marketing

If you have not been successful in producing content and attracting customers using it, get help from Trends. No need to reinvent the wheel ! Now, let’s see how we can get help from trends.

Search engine optimization or SEOIt is very important.

SEO is a powerful tool that is used by almost all successful businesses to increase inbound traffic and lead generation (Lead, Client / Customer:

Those who are new to the brand) and this trend seems to continue in the coming years.

Slowly As explained earlier under the heading “More visibility with content production”,

in new updates to the Google algorithm, the role of useful and

useful content in raising the ranking of sites has become more important and key:

content that is generated from specific keywords and from it Used to increase inbound traffic.

In addition, these updates are more important for the time spent on the website by users.

This also plays an important role in raising the site ranking.

All of these reasons point to the growing importance of content marketing and its maximum use in today’s digital marketing world.

Banner advertising,

search engine advertising and other common methods of advertising are far ahead of digital marketing. Even assuming the use of these methods is somewhat effective;

But the businesses that take advantage of them, as the current world of business and marketing dictates,

do not spend time and energy on their marketing activities, and clearly will not reach the level of ideal success they envision.


if you are planning to grow your business and have not yet set a clear strategy for content marketing,

it is best to seize the opportunity and do so as soon as possible. Another good thing about content marketing is that even if you run your business with limited capital, you can use it to market.

On the one hand, this type of marketing will improve your business and, on the other hand,

give you a better vision of the future.

The importance of content sharing, whether in the form of text or in the form of infographics ,

videos or other items, is increasing day by day and is one of the important tools in marketing.

The brilliant era of internet advertising has passed for many years,

and this method of advertising is no longer usable today.

The status of these ads has deteriorated to the point that the number of clicks on their various formats is estimated to be less than one-tenth of one percent.


when it comes to search engine optimization, branding and business, and gaining trust and increasing the credibility of the business,

the use of content marketing and activity in it, will no longer be arbitrary,

and to achieve these success, you must think about working in it. Be.

How Does Content Marketing Help Your Business Grow?

Business growth and development

Aside from discussing the importance of content marketing in today’s business world and its benefits,

another important point that should not be overlooked is the fundamental role of content quality in production.

By defining the right content production strategy,

you need to convey a message to your audience and users that will affect them and stay in their minds.

Using a variety of formats to produce content is also important. By considering these tips, you can use content marketing to improve and grow your business.

Watch this video on how to rank high in YouTube’s organic search results.

Ways to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Since its introduction in 2005, the video-sharing platform has continued to grow in popularity and now boasts over 2 billion users.

This creates a massive opportunity for businesses both large and small to capitalize on the platform.

There is no question that YouTube’s immense reach makes it an indispensable marketing and advertising tool that marketers and businesses in every industry can use to promote their products and services.

Just take a look at these statistics:


YouTube viewers favorite - motioncue survey


By following the tips and recommendations in this article,

you can ensure the longevity and success of your business in the long run.

If you have more important priorities than content production,

you can use the services of well-known companies such as Iran Content. Producing quality content is the specialty of Iran Content Company.

The main goal of Iran Content Company is to reach the highest rank in search engines by providing quality content production. During the years of activity of Iran Content, many successful businesses have used the services of this company; For example, one of the works of Iran Content Company is Alibaba website.

Of course, the company’s services are not limited to content production and include other things. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • The most important services of Iran Content Company: content strategy, keyword research and search, content calendar setting, internal content production, comprehensive content production, social media content, formal and linguistic editing, content uploading, content production training and….

With these services,

you can spend more time on other priorities of your business and entrust marketing activities to experienced people.

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