How to give digital currency as a gift?

How To Give Digital Currency As A Gift?

Increasing The Popularity Of Digital Currencies In The World And Accepting Them As A Way To Pay, Give Away Or Receive Cryptocurrencies Can Be A Creative, Surprising, And Exciting Choice.

Digital Currency, It is estimated that up to $ 3 billion a year is left unused on gift cards, and buying gifts such as perfume has become commonplace. Experience has shown that digital currencies store good values, and their price increases over time compared to other assets.

In addition, choosing a gift in digital currencies can be unique while being cost-effective. So it is not strange to hear that someone has given a bitcoin as a gift for his birthday or as a gift for Eid  Cardano.

December 2013, a restaurant courier was rewarded with a delivery of pizza to one of the bitcoin investors, 0.0069 bitcoin. At the time, one bitcoin was worth about $ 774, and the price of 0.0069 bitcoins was about $ 5, which was a familiar figure for paying a reward.

If this person keeps his reward to this day, he can earn $ 400 by cashing it. The publication of this story on social media made it very important to maintain digital currencies as capital. In this article, we will introduce the different options for donating digital currencies.


Paper wallets are one of the most straightforward and most accessible options for donating digital currencies. PaperCut paper Valthay the fact that the private key and the address of Walt on it printed. They are in the category of cold (offline) wallets and require a lot of care. This paper contains all the details needed, including the QR code required for the recipient to access the digital currency.

In recent years, QR codes have become very popular and are widely used in paper wallets. You can quickly scan the public key to receive digital currency and the private key to pay using these codes.

If you choose this option as a gift, be sure to emphasize to the lucky recipient that these wallets are a quick way to store digital currencies, and it is better to move their cryptocurrencies to a more secure environment as soon as possible; Because knowing the private key is enough for ownership, and if this wallet is lost or wet, the passwords in it will be lost.

Hardware states

Choosing hardware wallets for gifts is a little more expensive than paper ones, and these wallets alone can be considered a valuable gift.

When buying digital currencies with hardware wallets, in addition to your Crypto purchase cost, you will also have to pay to purchase these wallets. Still, if the person receiving the gift is interested in investing in digital currencies, the hardware state is the ideal gift.

Hardware states provide a lot of security for digital assets thanks to their support for offline storage. Some types of wallets support many digital currencies, and some have a small display of account balances. Using this type of wallet requires a bit of technical knowledge, and it is better to take the time to learn how to use them when giving them as a gift.

Create an account in exchange offices

Another option for giving as a gift in the world of digital currencies is to help your loved ones to set up a personal account in reputable digital currency exchanges. Of course, this method, unlike the previous two methods, will not be so surprising.

In this way, you can help the person you want to create an account in a reputable exchange and download a software wallet to save it, and then send him the amount of cryptography you want as a gift. Software wallets and digital currency exchanges have a convenient and simple user interface and do not require much training to work with them.

Digital Currency Gift Cards

Digital Currency Gift Cards are a simple and easy way to give away cryptocurrencies. These cards usually have a code to enter the company’s website and convert the digital currency into cash. When choosing this option, it is best to make sure that the gift card company is valid.

Coins with digital currency design

Although digital currencies are not physical, you can give physical coins with the design of popular digital currencies such as bitcoin made of the precious metal as a souvenir to someone you love. These coins are sometimes as valuable as a work of art on special occasions.

Helping charities

Giving digital currencies as a gift can be more than just for your loved ones; Because today, you can donate charities for people in the form of digital currencies. Donating cryptocurrencies to charities can have many benefits, such as tax exemptions for donors; Of course, this option does not yet exist for charities operating in Iran.

What do you, users, think about giving digital currencies to your loved ones? Will you consider cryptocurrencies as a gift option?