How To Get A Blue Tick In TickTock?

In Ticktock, Unlike Other Social Networks, Users Can Not Request To Have Their Account Verified, So The Whole Process Will Be Done By The Admins Of This Social Network.

TickTock Account Verification Indicators

According to Rachel Pederson, a social media strategist and ticketing expert, the following indicators are influential in getting a blue tick on this platform:

  1.  The daily increase of followers: Accounts that attract about 500 to 2000 new followers per day will be considered for approval.
  2.  Increasing viewing time: A constant increase in the number of views and content viewing times can be effective in this regard.
  3. Create popular videos: These are accounts that publish viral and popular videos regularly.
  4.  PR and Media Coverage: The TikTok Creator Launch team focuses on accounts that operate on large media platforms such as TVs and magazines.
  5.  Accounts that have been verified on other social networks: For example, if your account has a blue tick on Instagram and other social networks, then your chances will increase on TickTock as well.

Naturally, celebrities and influencers will not have much trouble with these indicators. This is more difficult for people who are not very famous and will probably take their minds to the next headline.

Is it possible to buy a blue tick ticket with money?

Good. Eligible accounts will be approved by TickTock for free. So such a claim by third parties is a scam. It is also possible that third parties who make such claims may seize your account and misuse it. So do not be fooled by their professions.

How to increase your chances of getting a blue tick on the tick?

1. Produce quality and engaging content

Creating quality videos also increases the chances of them going viral. So try your best. The use of quality equipment, the use of popular music, attention to detail, and also the verticality of the videos (due to the ease of viewing by the user) are important points in this regard.

2. Post regularly and consistently

If you post a few quality videos at irregular intervals, then you will not have much chance. It is better to have a specific schedule for this and you can even use your ticketing planner in this regard. The reason for this recommendation is to keep users interacting with your account and also increase the chances of videos going viral.

3. Try to get media coverage

Try to get media attention by doing interesting things and projects, and also try to make the most of your communication with the media.

4. Interact and collaborate with other users

At TickTock, not only is user interaction with your account important, but you should not forget to interact with other people’s accounts. You can do this through things like participating in duets, liking and commenting on other people’s videos. Interacting and collaborating with other users not only make you more visible but also shows the TickTock algorithm that you are active on this platform.

5. Try to get a blue tick on other social networks

If you can verify your account on networks like Instagram and then link that account to your TickTock profile, then your chances of verifying your account in the latter will also increase.

6. Participate in trends and challenges

Participating in various trends and challenges not only shows the algorithm that you are active but also increases the chances of your videos going viral.

7. Use trending hashtags

Using popular hashtags will increase the chances of your videos being viewed on the TickTock homepage and thus increase the engagement rate with your account.

8. Collect as many followers as you can

There is no set number of followers to verify a TickTock account, but in any case, you can see that they have a lot of followers by looking at profiles with a blue tick.

9. Follow the ticketing rules

It is better to be aware of the rules of this social network and follow them because if you violate them, the chances of your account being verified will be significantly reduced.

10. Generate entertaining content

If it has the best location and equipment but your video is not entertaining at all, then your efforts will not be very successful. It is better to have a dynamic and live presence in the videos and also to interact and coordinate well with the environment and music. A featured page can be one of your sources of inspiration in this field.

Most users do not need to confirm their TickTock account, especially given the hassle and hassle of doing so. But if you want to get rid of the problems caused by counterfeit accounts or grow your brand through this network, then these efforts will be worth it.

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