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How To Free Up Phone Space? Remove These 5 Apps Now

Duplicate files, cache of various software, useless applications and the like that take up space on your smartphone. 

Although the storage memory of today’s phones is relatively large, but if you do not have management on this part, you will surely face the problem of lack of storage space. 

The question for many mobile users is how to free up phone space? Apps that are sometimes too large can easily take up a significant portion of your phone’s memory. 

However, you may never use some of them. So it is better to get rid of (Free Up) these programs as soon as possible. Here are 5 of these unnecessary software.

QR code scanners

If you’ve not used QR codes to date, you’ve probably heard of them. Especially after the Corona epidemic, the use of these codes to reduce users’ touch of various objects became much more. QR codes are a square with checkered black dots that can hold a variety of content, such as app download links or URLs. 

You do not need a separate program to scan this type of code. In iOS 11 and later and Android 8 onwards, this feature is inherent in the operating system. So you can delete any type of QR Code scanner application from your phone.

Scanner applications

One of the practical tasks with smartphones is to scan documents. You do not need third-party applications to do this. Use the following tutorial on iPhone:

  • Launch the Notes app. Make a new note by clicking on the square icon in which the automaton appears.
  • Touch the camera icon and select Scan Documents.
  • Hold the phone over the document you want to scan, then press the camera shutter button.
  • When done, click Save to save your file in PDF format.

On Android, you can do this with the Google Drive app installed on all Android phones:

Launch the Google Drive app. Click Add from the bottom right corner.

Select the Scan option and take a photo of the document and finally click Done.


This app has probably been installed on your phone for years and you can not imagine how much space it takes up on your phone. Temporary and cache files that are stored on the phone with some fun use of this software, occupy a significant part of the phone space. 

A simple solution to this problem is to remove the Facebook app from the phone and, if necessary, reinstall it from the App Store or Play Store. But the only way to prevent Facebook from taking up space is to permanently remove it from the phone.

Flashlight applications(Free Up)

Many of the applications that still exist were only used for relatively long years and older versions of mobile operating systems. Because over time, operating system developers have added features to the core of the operating system to eliminate the need for the user to use separate applications. 

Flashlight apps are one of those apps that used to be used, but you don’t need them anymore because both Android and iOS have this feature. In addition, many such third-party applications require non-virtual access such as user location and can be a malware to steal user information.

Unused pre-installed applications

There are several apps pre-installed on our smartphones, many of which are never used. For example, a compass app, or a music player that you may not use and move on to a more complete case. 

But in any case, pre-installed applications consume your phone space. Fortunately, most of these items can be removed and installed. If an app is installed on your phone by default and you do not need it, you can delete it to free up some of your phone memory.