How to filter spam email in Direct Admin

Receiving spam emails can be very annoying, especially when you own a domain and do not have the opportunity to deal with spam and inappropriate emails due to managing your internet business. Fortunately, filtering spam emails in different control panels such as Direct Admin is possible. You can easily host block a spam email sender on your article from Fa Host’s knowledge base. We decided to teach you how to filter spam emails in Direct Admin .

What is direct admin spam email?

Spam email, also known as junk email, refers to emails sent to the recipient without their consent. Normally, this category of emails is considered the dark side of email marketing. For this reason, many people try to avoid receiving spam emails by using existing techniques. As a popular control panel among people, Direct Admin has made it possible for its users to avoid receiving spam emails. In the following, we will teach you how to filter spam emails in Direct Admin.

Managing the spamming of direct admin emails

  1. First, you need to enter your Direct Admin user panel.
    Training to enter the direct admin
  2. Then select SPAM Filters from the Email Management menu.
    Email spam direct admin
  3. You can filter spam emails in Direct Admin on the page you see. In this section, you must complete the following fields:
    • Block a specific email address: If you enter a specific email address in this section’s field, you will instruct your direct admin to block the desired email. This way, you will no longer receive any messages from the specified email.
    • Block mail from an entire domain: By entering a specific domain name in this field, you determine that no mail from this domain will be received by your direct.
    • Block all emails containing the word: This section can be used to filter emails according to a specific word. To do this, enter the desired word in the field in front of it so that you will no longer receive any email with such a word.
      Note that words containing the filtered term will also be filtered. For example, if you filter the word hosting, it will also be blocked if an email contains the word hosting. If you want to avoid such an incident, it is better to put the desired word in quotation marks with a space like “Host.” In this way, you avoid filtering emails with words for the desired word.
    • Block all emails larger than : You can use this section to block emails that are larger than a certain size. For this, you must enter the desired size in kilobytes in the empty field. After that, you will no longer receive emails whose size exceeds the specified size.
    • Enable adult filter : The literal translation of this section is to enable the adult filter. If you change this field to enable, all emails containing words or addresses specified for adults will be filtered.
    • Action for filter matches : Finally, using this section, you must determine what will happen if an email that has the characteristics defined by you is sent. You will have two different modes in front of you:
      1. You will have the possibility to prevent these emails from entering your email box. For this, you must select the Drop Email mode.
      2. If you want them to enter your Spambox, you must select Send to Spambox so that they are saved in the spam section of your email box.
  4. After applying any of the direct admin spam email filters, you must click on the Block button placed in front of it to save the applied changes.
    Prevent email spamming in Direct Admin
  5. Keep in mind that any of the Direct Admin spam email filters will be visible in the Filter section of this page. As a result, you can make sure that the applied changes are correct.

Removing the spam email filter in Direct Admin

Fortunately, you will be able to remove any of the applied filters whenever you wish. To do this, just proceed as follows:

  1. As shown in the image below, select each of the filters applied to the spam email in Direct Admin by activating the tick.
  2. Then click the Delete Selected button to delete the selected filters.
    Why is my email spam?

Receiving spam emails can be very annoying. For this reason, you can act through your host’s control panel and filter spam emails according to the criteria you have in mind. In this article, from the Fa host knowledge base, we have tried to provide you with training on how to filter spam email in Direct Admin.

If you use Host Direct Admin, you should also familiarize yourself with other parts of this popular control panel. For ease of work.