How to extract files from compressed mode in C Panel

In the previous tutorial video, you learned how to upload a file in C-Panel, and with that tutorial, you can learn how to upload your files from your personal computer to the C-Panel host. As you know, it is not normal to transfer all the files and folders from the computer to the host, so in the previous tutorial, we taught you how to compress all the files and folders you want and then zip it. Upload the zipped file to your site host, now, we have decided to compress the files we compressed in the previous step and upload them to the host, or so-called extract them.

Note: This educational article was reviewed and edited on February 14, 2017.

How to extract files in C Panel

Extracting means extracting compressed or compressed files so that we can use those files inside our site host.

Learn how to extract files in C Panel

To extract the files inside the host, please first log in to your site’s C-panel host through the tutorial on how to enter C-Panel, and from the files section, click on the file manager to enter the file management section of your site. How to extract files from compressed mode in C PanelWell, by default, after entering the C-Panel file manager, you enter the home path. The important point is that the home path is where the files and structural folders are located, and if there is a change in any of them, it is possible. Your whole site will be disrupted, so all you have to do to set up a site is first to enter the public_html path and extract your files, so click on the public_html icon as shown in the image. Move page. Extract files in the file managerNow inside, as you can see, there is a compressed file, the format of which is also zip, and now we have decided to decompress this file to access the contents. This can be done in two different ways:

  • The first way is to click on the file once to select it and then click on the Extract button from the top left. Extract files in C Panel
  • The second way is to right-click on that file and then click on extract. Extract files in C Panel

After clicking on the extract button, the file extraction window will be displayed for you and from the Files to extract section, you can see the path and name of the file that you decide to extract, a lower value is written Enter the path you wish to extract the files to and it means that the path where you want the file inside to be compressed into this box to extract the files in that path, note that to navigate to the Linux host, you must after the phrase Public_html / And then put the path you want to extract the files so that the selected file is compressed exactly in the path you want, for example, we put a slash here after public_html and write test until our file in this The path is decompressed, as you can see written here if you enter a directory that does not exist it will be created, and the archive extracted in the new directory and means that if the path to extract the files after / You put it in the file manager, you have not already created it and there is no call Well, the host automatically creates a path according to the name you entered and then extracts the files in that path, we click on the extract files button for the final extraction of the files, extract the file in cpanelBecause we did not create a folder called test before in the hosts, so of course this folder should be created automatically, now we are waiting for the extract archive window to do its job completely and the extraction results window will be displayed for you, you This window displays the results of the extracted files and folders as a list, now close the extraction results window to re-enter public_html, Extract files in file managerAs you can see, nothing is displayed here, this does not mean that the files are not extracted, to see the final result, you must click on the reload button at the top to refresh the page, Extracted files on Linux hostAs you can see, the test folder is created automatically and when we click on the method, the extracted files and folders are visible here. Extract files and folders in C Panel

In the next tutorial, you will learn how to compress files inside the C-Panel host, and then you will be able to. First, use the C-Panel compression tool if you have a series of files and folders inside your host and want to download them. Convert a file so that you can later download that zip file and transfer that file to another host, so join us and see more tutorials about the C Panel, which is one of the most popular host management control panels. Please or follow us on Twitter and use all our tutorials for free