How To Draw A Flowchart In Microsoft Word?

If You Use Microsoft Word A Lot, Then It Is Better To Know All Its Features. In This Article, We Are Going To Teach You How To Draw A Flowchart In Microsoft Word. 

How to draw a flowchart in Microsoft Word

In this regard, you only need the tools in the “Drawing Tools” section.

You can hide the ribbon menus by clicking the up arrow on the right or pressing “Ctrl + F1” to reveal only the tab names.

Click on the “View” tab and then “Gridlines”. Using gridlines, you can better adjust the size and alignment of your flowchart components.

You can also customize these lines by going to “Layout> Arrange> Align> Grid Settings”.

Use the Drawing Canvas. By entering any shape or drawing it automatically, a Drawing Canvas will be created. Change the size of the canvas depending on the size of your flowchart.

Using Page Background colors, you can create an attractive background for your flowchart.

Go to “Ribbon> Design> Page Background” and select a color.

Now it’s time to insert the shapes and connect them.

You can find all the shapes by going to “Insert> Shapes”. Click on the “Shapes” drop-down menu.

  1. The shapes we are looking for are in the “Flowchart” group.
  2. Select the shape you want.
  3. You can add it to your canvas by holding down the left click and drawing the shape or double-clicking on the desired shape. You will also be able to move and resize shapes.
  4. By clicking on the shape and typing in the text box inside it, you can write the text you want.
  5. With the help of arrows or connectors, you can connect shapes. Unlike arrows, connectors will still be attached to shapes, and their two basic types are elbow and curved.
Note: Connectors will only work if they are between two or more shapes.

For example, you can connect the connectors to any of the connection points and still be connected if the shapes move. Using a text box, you can put the words yes or no next to the connectors. You can also use the rotation knob to rotate the text you want.

Tips for aligning shapes

  • It is best to place the same shapes in the desired locations in the first place, using grid lines.
  • Click on the separate shapes and drag them to your location.
  • Select the shapes you want to align, click on the “Format” tab, and then select the “Align” drop-down menu. Select “Align Selected Objects” to automatically align shapes using the available tools.

Tips for aligning a flowchart

  • By selecting all the shapes and their connectors and then clicking on the “Format” tab and the “Group” drop-down menu and then selecting “Group”, you can group all the shapes and connectors.
  • Select the “Align to Margin” item from the “Align” drop-down menu. Then click on “Align Center” and/or “Align Middle”.
  • You can also resize the canvas by dragging the corners or edges.

Create a beautiful flowchart in Microsoft Word

Flowchart formatting in Word is also the last step and it is better to do this as a group rather than individually.

Below we explain the basic tools in the Format tab.

You can open the side panel by right-clicking on one of the shapes and selecting “Format Shape”. 

Here you will have several options for designing shapes and connectors.

  • Shape Styles: A quick way to add normal colors or gradients to shapes.
  • Shape Fills Complete coloring of shapes using solid colors or gradients.
  • Shape Outlines: Using this option, you can change the visual properties of borderlines and also make the connectors flash thinner or thicker.
  • Effects: Add depth to shapes by making them three-dimensional, add shadows, and more.

Of course, you can also use ready-made flowchart templates and then apply your desired changes to them.

Above we taught you how to draw a flowchart in Microsoft Word. Finally, you can use flowcharts to better examine processes, share steps and steps with other people involved in processes, set aside extra and unnecessary steps, identify and fix potential problems, and ultimately improve processes…