How to Download and Save Twitter Videos (4 methods for phone and Windows)

How to Download and Save Twitter Videos (4 methods for phone and Windows)

Film and video are among the most popular internet media, and anyone can communicate with them. Thanks to today’s smartphone cameras, anyone, even grandmothers, can now use this feature and take videos. Different businesses put videos on their virtual pages to give their company and brand a popular face. This emerging world is very reckless.

There are various methods for placing these videos in the virtual space. For example, you can use live streaming or easily upload video recorded with your smartphone camera to the Internet. Most of these videos will be quickly forgotten, but how can we keep them with us? We won’t have a problem saving the photos because we can save them with a right click, But to save videos, we have to go through more steps. This article shares all the methods of saving videos on Twitter.

Download Twitter videos without using software

If you search a little on the Internet, you will come across scam sellers suggesting you use expensive software to download Twitter videos. But you don’t need any software, and you don’t even need to pay a fee.

Let’s say I enjoy watching videos on the Burned Your Tweet page. In these videos, we encounter a robot that prints all of Donald Trump’s tweets and then burns them. Every time a new tweet from Donald Trump is published, the creator of this bot uploads a new video to Twitter.

Yes, what can be said? Sometimes we are interested in silly hobbies!

So, how can I download these videos to my computer and watch them offline? Simply:

Step 1: Click on the Twitter timestamp

You need to click on the tweet’s timestamp in the first step. The timestamp shows the publication date of each tweet.

This will open the desired tweet in its original URL and box.


Step 2: Switch Twitter from desktop mode to mobile mode

Now go to the address bar and type the word mobile or the letter m after //:https. This will change the target page to mobile mode.

Step 3: Play and download the video

At this point, you will not be able to download the video yet. First, you must play the video and watch a few seconds (about five seconds) of it. Although only five seconds of the video will be played, the rest will be loaded on the browser.

Now, right-click on the video and see the download video option. By clicking on this option, you will be presented with a message, and you can determine the place where the video will be downloaded. And over!


Two other ways to download videos on Twitter

1- When you right-click on the video, use the Open Video In New Tab option and right-click on the new page to download the video. Of course, this method is not much different from the first method.

2- By clicking on the down arrow located in the video’s lower right corner, a horizontal line is drawn below it. This is the flash link to download the video.

You can easily download a video from Twitter.

How to download Twitter videos on iPhone or iPad?

Unlike common browsers on computers, the process of downloading videos on iOS is a bit more complicated:

1- Download the Documents program.

2- Enter Twitter and select the desired video.

3- There are four icons under each video; Select the icon on the right.

4- Select the Copy link option.

5- Enter the Documents program.

6- Select the Browser option.

7- Enter the link in the search bar.

8- Then paste the video address.

9- Select the quality of the video, give it a name and select Done.

Your video has been downloaded! It was easier than you thought. Isn’t it?

How to download these videos with tablets or Android phones?

The steps to download these videos in the Android operating system are slightly different from iOS. Follow the steps below to download any video:

1- Download the Download Twitter Videos app.

2- Enter Twitter and find the desired video.

3- Select the Share option.

4- In the Share via section, select the Download Twitter videos app option

5- Choose the quality you want.

Your video has been successfully saved! Now go to the Downloads section and enjoy watching your video.

Two sites to download Twitter videos

Two other downloaders that perform very well and provide you with the video download link within a few seconds are the Twitter Video Downloader and DreDown sites.


Although various companies try to convince you that you have to pay to use everything you see on the Internet, you can use them for free. In this article, we have provided various methods for downloading and saving Twitter videos. We hope that our today’s article was useful for you.