How to delete files and empty trash in C Panel

First, we have to give you a description of the process of deleting files in C-Panel. In older versions of C-Panel, when you entered your site’s file manager and selected a file or folder to delete it, when You deleted that file, it was deleted forever and could not be reopened at all. The problem was that some new users, who were the first to provide hosting, mistakenly deleted an important file from their site and Well, that file was deleted forever and could not be reopened, and the user’s site was disrupted. And this was often a problem for users and hosting companies until a new feature called trash was unveiled in the new version of cpanel. The task of this tool is that when it deletes a file from the host, It keeps a copy of the deleted file inside so that if Yahoo noticed that you deleted the file incorrectly, you would be able to restore that file to its original path, this feature in addition to the risk of working with C Panel and delete Unintentionally reduces the information, there is a problem, and that is that it keeps all the deleted files inside itself and doing so causes it to be constantly added to your host waste and thus completes your host space. , And the interesting thing is that you do not normally realize where your hosts take up all the space, now we want to first teach you how to delete files in the C-Panel file manager, and then we want to teach you how you can Remove the garbage created in your host, or in other words, empty your host’s trash.

Learn how to delete files inside the C Panel file manager

To do this, please first log in to your site host by learning how to log in to C Panel and click on file manager in the files section. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-01To enter this section, the path you are in now is your home file manager, you should know that this is where the basic and structural files of your hosts are located, and in no case should any of the files in this section be located. Delete, you are only allowed to delete files that are in the public_html path, to do this please click on the public_html icon from this section. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-02To enter here, well, now inside you will see all the files and folders that we have decided to delete all of them, to do this by clicking on the select all tool from above, all the contents are in the state We make a choice and now there are two ways to remove them:

  1. The first way is to delete the tool from the toolbar above as shown in the image. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-03
  2. And the second way is to right-click on one of the files here and select the delete option from this section. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-04

Well, now, as you can see, the trash window opens for us, which is written here. Are you sure you want to move the following files to the trash? Does that mean you’re sure you want to move these files to your trash or trash? Then at the bottom of this sentence, it shows us a list of all the files that we have selected and we decide to delete them. This means that you do not keep these files in the trash or garbage folder and delete them completely from the host very immediately, and by checking this section, all the files will be deleted from the host immediately, but because we are like that. We do not have a decision, so we do not check this option and finally click on confirm. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-05And wait for the files to be deleted.

How to empty C-Panel trash and delete host files permanently

Well, now we want to teach you how to completely delete the files that you have just deleted and moved to your host’s garbage folder. To do this, first log in to your site’s host manager file and then click on the option above click view trash. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-06To enter this section, now all the files that you have deleted from the host are in regular order, to delete these files and delete them permanently from the host C panel, you can click on the empty trash button. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-07And then from the empty trach window, click on the empty trash option. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-08your files forever delete .

How to restore and recover deleted files in C-Panel host

Now I want to tell you how you can recover deleted files in C Panel from the Recycle Bin and restore them to their original location. To do this, click on view trash again from the top bar of the C Panel file manager. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-06Now here we are able to see all the deleted files, the files and folders that we decide to restore from the trash and return to their original location, select one by one from here and then to restore, from it Click on restore above. delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-09And then from the restore window, click on restore files, delete-file-and-empty-trash-in-cpanel-010After doing this, the deleted files will be restored to their original path inside the host.

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