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How to create custom brushes in Photoshop? (Step by step)

Photoshop software has many ready-made brushes, each with different uses, but sometimes you may need a special brush that does not exist among Photoshop ready-made brushes. 

In such cases, we suggest you make your custom brushes.

What is a brush?

Brush is one of the tools in the Photoshop toolbar that you can use to create different shapes and do a lot of creative and artistic work. You can use the B shortcut key to use the brush.


In this tutorial you will learn how to make your own logo and signature brush.

How to make a signature brush and logo

Open the logo or signature file you want. Then use the Marquee tool to select the signature or logo all around.


Then go to Menu> Edit> Define Brush Preset. In the window that opens, select a name for the brush and then click OK.


You can easily create the signature or logo you want. To use this brush, you must first select the brush tool, then click on the brush in the top bar of the page, and then select the brush you want from all the available brushes. Another way is to find the brush you want from the Brush Preset panel.


Photoshop ready brushes

Photoshop allows you to change the color and even the distance of the finished brushes. With the help of ready-made Photoshop brushes, you can do a lot of creative things such as creating designs, watermakes and more.



How to make a new ready brush

First open a blank page in Photoshop and then draw the shape and design you want. You can also use other brushes to design a ready-made brush. For example, in designing a star brush, you can use four straight lines and a round brush.


Do not forget that the color of the brushes does not matter at this stage. After completing the brush design, you must follow the menu Menu> Edit> Define Brush Preset, and after selecting a name for the brush, click OK.


You made a brush just as easily.