How to create an ftp account with the ftp accounts tool in C Panel

Ftp stands for file transfer protocol, one of the safest and fastest data transfer protocols on the Internet. Then install one of the FTP connection programs such as Filezilla or cuteftp on your windows computer and enter the specifications of the FTP account created inside your host in this software so that you can enter your site without having to enter the host control panel. , Through FTP software from your windows computer, upload files to your host or download files inside the host and fully manage the files inside your host.

But what are the benefits of using FTP?

As we said, FTP is the safest and fastest way to transfer files on the Internet, and if you manage the files inside your host via FTP, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. First, if your site host has a volume limit in uploading files, for example, it does not upload a file with a size of more than 200 MB on those hosts. If you use FTP to upload your files, there is no volume limit for uploading files. Does not exist.
  2. The second is that if you have ever been careful when you want to upload a folder from inside your computer to the host through the file manager C Panel, first you have to zip that folder or directory and then upload it to the host, which teaches how uploading files in C Panel, but if you are going to upload your files and directories to the host via FTP, you no longer need first to compress or zip that folder and then upload it to the host, by FTP Just like copying and pasting files into your Windows drives, you can upload your directories and directories, along with all the contents, into the host with just one click.
  3. The third is that if you upload your files to the host through the C-panel file manager, you usually do not notice the speed of uploading the file on those hosts, and you can not estimate exactly how long it will take that file to be fully uploaded to the host. But if you upload your files to the host using FTP software, you can always be informed about the speed of uploading the file on those hosts so that you can estimate how long it takes for that file to be fully uploaded on the host and easily manage the time to Upload your files.
  4. The fourth thing that is very important, and we may all have encountered it by now, is that when you are uploading a file through the control panel in the file manager if your internet connection is interrupted for a moment or your internet IP is changed, the file upload is prompt. It stops, and you have to upload the file again from the beginning. If your file is large, for example, 3 GB, well, there is a high probability that small network outages within your Internet will happen again, and the file upload process will stop again. Ftp software Try to upload your files to the host. No matter how disconnected your internet connection is, FTP will automatically start after reconnecting the Internet and continue uploading that file, which is a great advantage for us. Encourages the use of FTP.

To create an FTP account in C-Panel, log in to your site’s C-Panel host by learning how to log in to C-Panel, and then click on FTP Accounts in the Files section to enter this page. How to create an ftp account with the ftp accounts tool in C Panel

Before creating a new FTP account, there is a very important point that you should pay attention to. It has original hosts, which can not be deleted and edited. And as you can see, the original FTP account is in the Special FTP Accounts section, and you can see the main FTP accounts here, but in this tutorial, our goal is to have an FTP account. Please create a new one for our other employees or another administrator of our site so they can easily manage the content inside our hosts. Enter our opinion for the FTP account that we are going to create in this section, we write the test here, and as you can see, the end of this field is written @ after me, and the name of our main domain is written, which is mizbanfatv. ir, so after creating the account FTP username This account can be and inside the pas fields sword and password again we have to enter a custom password, because we do not know a secure password, so we click on the password generator button so that the C panel will create a secure password for us, How to create an ftp account with the ftp accounts toolIn this window, in this part, we copy the password that C-Panel offered us and put it in a note pad file so that we do not forget it, because this is supposed to be the password of our ftp account, and then from this section, I have copied this option. Check the password in a safe place and then click on the use password button. How to create an ftp account in C PanelAnd as you can see, C-Panel automatically enters the password into the password and password again fields. Here you will see the Directory section, which is one of the most important parts of creating an ftp account. In this field, you can set which of your site’s ftp paths this user has access to with this account, which is now Automatically enter the path public_html / / test, which means that this user from ftp can only access the contents of the test folder from the public_html path and only inside this folder can upload and download files and other Important directories and main files of the site are not accessible, of course, C Panel automatically creates the test folder with the exact same name as the ftp username, but if you decide that this user can access all the contents of your main site from ftp, like us, you can now Delete these letters so that only public_html remains in this field, and now that we have decided that this user can access all the root settings from ftp, we just leave a / in this field, a character / in this field to This means that this user is able to access all the contents of the host Although we usually do not recommend giving such access to anyone, routing within the directory field depends entirely on what content this user is supposed to access and manage from ftp.

As you can see, Quota is written here and it means that this user can occupy the same amount of space from ftp, that is, the same space of the hosts, and to what extent he can upload files inside the hosts. In this field, you can increase your desired volume to MB Enter, but because we do not want to consider a volume limit for this user, then we select the unlimited option so that our user can upload the file to the host indefinitely by this ftp account, and now to finalize the creation of the ftp account on the blue button Click create ftp account. How to create an ftp account in cpanelAnd according to the image, we see the green message account created. How to create an ftp account with the ftp accounts tool in C PanelThis message means that our FTP account is well created and we can give the username and password of this FTP account to the person who is going to use i