How to create a download link for files in C Panel

In the previous tutorial video, you got acquainted with how to change the access level of files in the C Panel. By it, you were able to set the appropriate access level to increase the security of your site on the files inside the host. In this educational video, we have decided to acquaint you with how to create a download link for files in C-Panel, so that you can then create a download link for your files in C-Panel hosting and provide that link to your site users.

Note: This educational article was reviewed and edited on February 29, 2017.

Use to create direct download links for files inside the host.

You may have often decided to have a series of files on your site and provide their download link to your users so that they can easily download those files into their computers. The first way to do this is to upload the files to the media section or the file management system of our site’s content management system and create a download link directly from there, but if the size of the files for which we are going to create a download link is too large. It is impossible to upload them all into a site content management system such as WordPress or Joomla. Because this content management system usually has volume restrictions for uploading files, we recommend creating a series of directories inside your site host and regularly putting your files in it, then creating a link to download your files.

Guide to creating download links for files in Host C Panel

To create a download link for files inside the cpanel, please first log in to your site’s c-panel host by learning how to log in to c-panel, and from the files section, click on the file manager to log in here. How to create a download link for files in C PanelWell, now you are in the home section of your host file manager. This is where your host’s main and structural files are located. You should know that if there is a file in this path, you can not create a download link for it. The whole file The ones you decide to create a download link for must be in the public_html directory, so to enter Public_html, click on its icon here. Create download links for host files

Now inside public_html, we create a folder called download to put our file inside; By the way, if you do not know how to create a folder inside the host and you need more information in this regard, please watch the instructional video on how to create a new file and folder in C Panel. After creating the download folder, as you can see, this folder appears here. Now Double click on it and enter this folder. Create a direct download linkAnd as you can see, there is nothing in it, we want to upload our files here and create a direct download link for them, but we prefer to create some more regular categories here so that our files are put together more stable structure. For example, we create a folder named 1394, and then we create a folder named 1395 to put the files related to each year in a folder. Then, for example, we enter folder 1395. Now we will upload the file we want to create a download link for here. If you want more information about uploading files inside the host, please watch the instructional video on how to upload the file in C Panel. After uploading, The file is finished. By clicking on this section, we can easily return to the directory where that file is located. As you can see, the name of the file we uploaded inside the host and decided to create a download link for it is Create a download link for the file uploaded to the hostNow we have reached the main part of the tutorial, and we decided to tell you how to create a direct download link for this file.

Find the address or path of the files to create a download link in C Panel.

To create a direct download link for files inside the C-Panel host, you must first become a little familiar with the routing of files inside the Linux host. See public_html. It runs on the main domain address of your site. For example, if our domain name is mizbanfatv. Ir and we upload our file directly into the same public_html; our file name is The link to download our file will be, but Now if we come and create a folder in Public_html and upload our file in that folder, then our file download link will be the domain address, slash, the name of the folder where the uploaded file is, slash the name of the file, so if we test the file. Upload the zip into the download folder, and our domain name should be mizbanfatv. Ir, then our download link will be So now that we have created another folder inside the download folder named 2016 and uploaded our file there, the download address of our file becomes As you can see, when we enter this address in the browser, the file download page immediately opens for us, and we can easily download the file and provide the same link. Put other visitors to our site so that they can easily download that file from our site.

But you must pay attention to the fact that the extension or the same file format must be included in the download link to be downloadable. For example, if you have a video file, the download link can be The .mp4 extension is the same format or video file extension that must be included in the download link. And if our file is a zip file, its format or extension will be .zip, so the download link will also be If you do not know the extension of the file that you are going to create the download link, there is no problem after uploading. To make that file on your host, go to the path where that file is located and right-click on the file according to the image and click the rename button to open this window for you, now if you notice the end of the file name is a dot or—placed and the file format after the dot. This is exactly our file extension that you can use in the download link.

How to create a download link for full backup taken from Host C Panel

Well, now we are going to teach you how to create a download link for that full backup when you get a full backup of your site c panel hosting so that you can easily share all your site hosting information with someone else; This case is useful when you decide to change your site host and migrate to another hosting company, to do this you must make a full backup of your current site host and then create a direct download link for the backup and then Provide that download link to the new hosting company so that they can download all your information and put it in the new hosting of your site.

We will teach you how to backup the C-Panel host in another tutorial video, but the important point is that when you back up your host, C-Panel provides you with a backup file and is created to creates a download link for backup. In C-Panel, you must first enter your host file manager and then go to the home directory, which is the main directory of your important host files. C-Panel puts the backups of your data into your home file manager, which by clicking on this. In any of the directories you can move to your host’s home path, C-Panel automatically puts all the backups of your host information inside the home, that is, the same path we are in, C-Panel your backups to The default form is not in public_html because it is possible that if you put your backup in this path, hackers can find this backup through your website and then download it, but if you want to create a download link for this backup, you definitely need it. Move to your host’s public_html path, for example, this is a backup of the C-panel From the information on our site, really, if you want to get more information about copying and transferring files, please watch the video on how to copy and transfer files in C Panel, now according to our image, this backup file will be transferred to our public_html path. And click the move button to move the file to public_html.