How To Connect My Laptop To My Samsung Smart TV?

How To Connect My Laptop To My Samsung Smart TV?

Although today mobile phones have become a necessary device in everyone’s life, the position of television is still reserved in terms of entertaining the audience. We can stream almost any movie on our smartphone, tablet, or laptop, but the joy of watching a movie on a big-screen TV is an experience that cannot be easily passed up. Therefore, learning how to connect a laptop to a TV is an essential skill for everyone. If you don’t know how to connect your laptop to a Samsung TV, don’t worry. In this article, we introduce two practical methods to do this without any problems.

Method 1: Connect the laptop to the Samsung Smart TV via HDMI

The first method to connect a laptop to a Samsung TV is an HDMI cable. This method is the most popular and easiest way to do this. You can easily connect any monitor screen, including Samsung TV, to a laptop with just one HDMI cable. If your display device has an HDMI output port, which is present in almost all Samsung smart TV models, you can easily connect the TV to your laptop in a few minutes using an HDMI cable.

The term HDMI stands for HD Multimedia Interface or High Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI is a dedicated audio/video interface to transmit uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data from an HDMI-compatible device, such as a display control board, to a compatible computer monitor, video projector, or television. Digital or digital audio device. HDMI can transfer video and audio data from your laptop to a Samsung Smart TV. Using this feature, you don’t need an additional audio cable to transmit the sound separately. You can transfer all streams from your laptop to your Samsung TV if you have a dedicated HDMI cable. Next, with a simple instruction, you can connect your laptop to the Samsung Smart TV using an HDMI cable.

Step 1: Get an HDMI cable. You can easily get these cables from a computer supply store. After getting the HDMI cable, connect one end to your laptop and the other to your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 2: After you connect the cable to your laptop and Samsung Smart TV, turn on your computer, right-click on the desktop and go to “Personalize.” In the “Personalize” window, click “Display” to see the screen settings. Then you will see an option to change the monitor screen. Since you have already connected your laptop to the Samsung TV, you should be able to set up the HDMI device, which is the Samsung TV here, with the display device, which is the laptop.

Step 3: If you have problems with your Samsung TV screen, you can simultaneously press the Windows logo key and P on your laptop and select the “Duplicate” mode in the “Project” panel. At this moment, you can see everything on your laptop monitor with the big screen of your Samsung Smart TV.

Second method: Connect the Samsung Smart TV to the laptop via Wi-Fi

In addition to using an HDMI cable, a Wi-Fi network is another way to connect a laptop to a Samsung Smart TV. Before you want to connect your laptop to Samsung Smart TV via Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that your Samsung TV has a DLNA receiver.

DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. DLNA was founded by a group of computer and consumer electronics companies in June 2003 to create, promote and develop guidelines for sharing digital media on multimedia devices supported by a certification standard. With DLNA support, you can easily share photos, music, and videos from your laptop or smartphone to your TV.

Fortunately, the Samsung brand, a leading manufacturer in the TV industry, has ensured that almost all of its smart TV models support DLNA. However, you need to ensure that your TV has a DLNA receiver so that you can connect your laptop to the TV via Wi-Fi.

With Windows 10, you can easily connect to external devices via Wi-Fi. Next, we will read how to connect a laptop to a smart Samsung TV via Wi-Fi under the Windows 10 operating system:

Step 1: Ensure your laptop and Samsung Smart TV are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: On your Windows 10 laptop, click Start, then go to Settings. In the settings panel, open the “Devices” window and select the “Connected devices” tab from the left menu.

Step 3: After entering the “Connected devices” page, click the “Add a device” button. A wizard will then add you to an external device. Make sure you add your Samsung Smart TV as a new device. After the wizard is finished, click on your TV and follow the configuration guide. Now your device is set.

Third method: Enjoy watching movies on your laptop through a Samsung TV screen

In the above section, we introduced two methods to connect a laptop to a Samsung Smart TV. Both methods provide a suitable solution for connecting a laptop to a smart TV. When you connect your laptop to the TV with either of these two methods, you can now play a movie on the laptop, sit comfortably in front of the TV, and enjoy watching it on a big screen. To ensure that the movie playback is of good quality on the big screen of Samsung TV, you can use a powerful media player like LeaWo Blu Ray Player to play movies on your laptop.

Leawo Blu-ray Player is a free audio-video software. This application has a great user interface, a simple software design, and a stable digital video with BLU RAY or DVD playback function. Leave Blu Ray Player includes all the media playback solutions you need to watch your entertainment, not only from a variety of BLU RAY items but also from DVD, CD, HD (4K), MPEG, WMV, and more than 180 formats. It also supports audio and video. With advanced audio and video processing technology, Leawo Blu Ray Player ensures that you can safely watch the best movies even on the big screen of your Samsung Smart TV.

The remarkable feature of the LeaWo Blu-Ray Player is that the player can play Blu-Ray and DVDs all over the region and even easily works with encrypted Blu-Ray or DVDs. With its other useful features, such as a virtual remote controller, power demand management, custom skin/language/background, taking screenshots, and Blu Ray to MKV conversion function in the paid version, Leave Blu Ray Player can It is one of your best options to enjoy watching a movie fully. Now let me show you how you can use LeaWo Blu Ray Player to play movies and customize movie playback.

Step 1: Download and install LeAwo Blu Ray Player on your laptop. Since Leave Blu Ray Player works with both Windows and Mac versions, you must first download the appropriate version of Leave Blu Ray Player according to your laptop operating system.

Step 2: Run LeaWo Blu Ray Player; click the green Open File button to import your movie file and play it. If you want to play a disc, insert your disc into the CD ROM and then click the button marked your CD ROM to load the movie. After importing, the file should play quickly.

Step 3: You can also open your media files directly by clicking on the video file after converting the video format to FLV with LeaWo Blu Ray Player. To change media format, press the F5 key to open the Leawo Blu Ray Player settings menu, then go to the “File Associations” tab. Ensure all common media formats are checked so you can open these files directly next time. It is also suggested that you change the default media player of your computer and set Leawo Blu-Ray Player as the default player program instead for your convenience.

Step 4: You can make any settings in the LeaWo Blu Ray Player program. While playing any media file, you can move your mouse to the upper left corner of the video to see the quick settings buttons. Using the corresponding button, you can freely change the settings to adjust the subtitles, video, audio, video files, and more functions. You can also press the F5 alert key to open the settings window so you can change more customization settings.


Today we have introduced you to a detailed guide on connecting a laptop to a Samsung Smart TV using two different methods, via HDMI and Wi-Fi. Both methods work easily and can create a secure connection.

After connecting your laptop and Samsung TV, it is recommended to use a free but powerful player program such as LeaWo Blu Ray Player to experience the pleasure of watching a good video on a large Samsung TV screen. With the powerful media playback capabilities of the LeaWo Blu Ray Player, I’m sure you’ll have a great time watching your movies and enjoying what you’re watching on your Samsung TV screen.