How To Connect An Android Phone To A TV?

Your TV is one of the most important devices in your home because through it you can watch various content such as movies and games. 

 Connect An Android Phone, But sometimes this content is played through the screen of the phone, so how can these images be transferred from the phone to the TV? To do this, you need to learn how to connect the phone to the TV. but how?

Whether you connect your phone to a TV via a Chromecast or a USB cable, this is not a problem at all, and with a few simple steps you can reach your goal and view the content through a larger screen.

With this in mind, in this report we are going to teach you simple ways to connect a smartphone to a TV. One of these methods requires Chromecast and the other method is done using cable.

Connect your Android phone to the TV with a cable

In this method, you need a special cable. Of course, many phones today are equipped with a USB C port, and you can do this by purchasing a USB to HDMI converter cable. For this card, connect the USB port C to the phone and the HDMI port to the TV. Just as easily.

Also, some phones may use USB Mini, which is not a cause for concern, and by purchasing a USB Mini to HDMI conversion cable, they can connect to a TV.

After connecting, you will probably be asked to allow the phone to connect to the TV, which you can do by tapping Accept or Yes.

After these simple steps, your TV will play the content of your phone at the same time.

Connect the phone to a TV using the Chromecast ( Chromecast )

Chromecast is one of the most popular content streaming devices in the world and allows you to stream phone content wirelessly to your TV.

To do this you first need a Chromecast with the initial settings done. You also need to install the Google Home app on your smartphone to connect to your TV and Chromecast.


After launching Chromecast and connecting to the TV and phone, install the Google Home app. Of course, do not touch the device icon and instead touch the option at the bottom right of the screen. This option looks like a small face with a circle around it.

In the menu that opens, select the Additional option and then select the first option, Mirror Device. At the end a message will appear that you must select accept.

You will now be presented with a large blue option with “Cast screen / Audio” content that you must select. In this case, your device will start searching for surrounding devices, and in this case, Chromecast will be displayed in the search list. Select Chromecast and you will see your phone screen displayed on the TV.

Keep in mind that using a Chromecast consumes a significant amount of your battery in a short amount of time. For this reason, it is better to connect your phone to the charger or power bank while using this device and feature.