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How To Connect A Playstation 5 Controller To A Personal Computer

Sony also introduced completely new controllers in the new generation of its console. DualSense is the name of the PlayStation 5 controller, which has a different design than before and comes with attractive features. 

Although most PC users prefer to use a mouse and keyboard to play on this platform, some users’ gaming experience with the controller is better for some users. Fortunately, connecting a PlayStation 5 controller to a PC is a relatively simple task. 

If you want to use DualSense to play your favorite games on PC, do not miss this article.

Sony has designed the DualSense controller to connect to the device both wirelessly and wirelessly. If your computer supports Bluetooth, you can also connect this controller wirelessly. 

Otherwise you will need a USB-C to USB-A cable to connect the controller wirelessly to your PC. Keep in mind that adaptive triggers, one of the most important features of the PlayStation 5 controller, will not work when connected to a PC, and feedback will also be disabled. However, some games display the PS5 controller icon correctly.

Steam has also released a small update that allows users to customize the LED light on the DualSense. The gamer can turn on the light of this light (full light), inactive or only on (low light). Note that the DualSense headphone jack does not currently support PC, so you must connect your headphones directly to your PC.

Connect the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller to the PC via Steam

Connect the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller to the PC via Steam

The most popular game publisher store for the PC platform is without a doubt Steam, which needs no introduction. Steam allows PC gamers to use the DualSense controller to run games. To do this, first run Steam and go to Steam> Settings> Controller> General Controller Settings in the upper left corner. Now connect the DualSense controller to the PC via wired or wireless (here’s how to connect via Bluetooth).

Once connected, the Steam detects the connected controller and may suggest its configuration. Otherwise click on the device and select Define Layout. Here you can program the buttons. The touchpad controller can be programmed as a button. But make sure that the triggers (buttons L2 and R2) are programmed as an analog input and not as a button. After configuration, save the settings and choose a name for the controller such as DualSense.

Be sure to choose a PS4 controller. In this case, you can have PlayStation buttons in supported games. Finally, enable Generic Gamepad Configuration Support and PlayStation Configuration Support from the controller settings menu. This is done by checking the box next to each option. The PlayStation 5 controller will now be available on your Steam games.

Connect the PlayStation 5 controller to the computer via USB

Connect the PlayStation 5 controller to the computer via USB

This method requires a USB-C to USB-A cable. The DualSense controller has a USB-C port and unlike the DualShock 4 does not have a micro USB port. Connecting with this method is very simple. Connect the controller to the PC via cable. Windows will automatically detect the controller. If your case has a separate USB-C port, you can also do this via a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Connect the PS5 controller to the computer via Bluetooth

Connect the PS5 controller to the computer via Bluetooth

Sony has also made it possible to connect DualSense to a PC wirelessly via Bluetooth. Users who want to get rid of the cable and their PC or laptop supports Bluetooth or has a Bluetooth dongle can do so. 

To do this, while the system has Bluetooth enabled, simply hold down the center PS button and the Creat button for three seconds until the controller light flashes.

 Now you need to open the Bluetooth settings on the PC and click on the Bluetooth section and then select the Wireless Controller option. If you are asked for a pairing code, type 0000. Now your PlayStation 5 controller is connected to the PC wirelessly via Bluetooth.