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How to Choose the Best video Conferencing Software?

The Internet has changed everything. 20 years ago, no one could have imagined that the form of human communication would be the same as today. At the beginning of 2023, video communication has become an inevitable part of many people’s daily activities. Various applications and video communication software have made this possible.

Video communication software is suitable for each specific user. While some cover daily needs and common communication, others have suitable facilities for training, holding conferences or business meetings. Choosing the best video communication software according to the type of application and its benefits can improve our user experience.

But how can you choose the best and most suitable software among this amount of software? This is the question that we will answer in this article. For this purpose, we introduce the best and most famous video communication software for each of the communication purposes. Join us and improve your daily, educational, or business video communication.

An overview of popular video communication software

Some types of video communication software are of general use. They are usually used for everyday communication, But in recent years, some companies and institutions have also organized their meetings, webinars, conferences and training programs using them. You may be familiar with or even have worked with the software we will review below, but many of us are not aware of their true capabilities. An issue that definitely limits our user experience of them.


Also, if you are looking for a free video communication software, the following options can meet your needs.



The name of Zoom application (Zoom) became popular more than ever with the spread of the coronavirus; this application is mostly used for holding business meetings, training, webinars and conferences and is less used for daily calls. Zoom software has iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and web versions. This software has an almost complete free version with limited features and number of participants and an attractive and easy-to-use environment. If your meetings are small and short (under an hour), Zoom can meet your needs.

Some of the features of Zoom include screen sharing, encryption of meetings and files, and chatting during the meeting. The cost of the non-free version of Zoom starts at $15 per month for holding meetings with up to 100 participants.




Skype is one of the oldest video communication software, and of course, it has always been developing its facilities and capacities. Today, the free version of this software can be used for its communication with up to 50 participants. Skype is well implemented on all devices, even Xbox and operating systems, and many consider it the best video communication software for small businesses, holding single-session webinars, and everyday use for normal communication.

One of the best features of Skype is that it also supports international calls. In fact, this video communication software can be considered one of the first messengers that rely on SIM cards and phone numbers. For this reason, this application is also suitable for making phone calls with friends and acquaintances in other countries.

Skype features are largely similar to Zoom; But one of its unique features is instant voice translation for some languages. To use more features of Skype and hold meetings with more than 50 participants, you must prepare the commercial version of this software, i.e. Skype Business.

Facetime software


Many believe that the best video communication software for iOS users is FaceTime. This software is designed by Apple company and only with Mac and iOS versions and it is on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices by default. Users of other operating systems, such as Windows and Android, have the possibility of limited access to this software only by using a web browser. They can participate in meetings as guests and not hosts.

The free version of FaceTime offers the possibility of video communication with up to 32 users. Its features include voice communication and watching audio and video content using the SharePlay feature. It is interesting to know that FaceTime was the first video communication software for mobile phones with relatively complete features.



Most of us know WhatsApp and use it for our text and voice calls. This software is also considered one of the best video communication software and provides the possibility of free attendance of 50 participants in a meeting. If you are looking for video communication software with a computer, you should know that WhatsApp video communication is available on Android and iOS operating systems, and using it on the desktop requires active communication on your mobile device at the same time.

Facebook, the new owner of WhatsApp, improved the video communication feature of this messenger, and today, even companies use it as their video communication solution for work and business purposes. A distinctive feature of WhatsApp is End-to-End encrypted calls.
Professional video communication software

Professional video communication software are generally designed for purposes such as online training, holding business and business meetings or holding webinars and online conferences in large dimensions with special facilities. For example, online and video training, which has become one of the main and modern educational methods today, requires special facilities in addition to video communication, such as holding a test or having a whiteboard are examples of them.

Holding business meetings or with business purposes, in addition to the usual facilities of video communication, requires marketing, analytical, branding and management features, which in some cases should be customized according to each organization.