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How To Change The Persian Font Of Samsung Phones?

 In This Article, We Will Get Acquainted With The Method Of Changing The Persian Font Of Samsung Phones Using Zfont 3 Software.

Zfont 3, we got acquainted with the change of Persian font of Xiaomi phones. Unlike Xiaomi phones, Samsung has not yet provided a straightforward way to change the font of its phones; Fortunately, the informal way to do this is not complicated.

Learn how to change the font of a Samsung phone

To get started, you need to download the zFont 3 app from Google Play. After downloading and running the program, you will be faced with the following environment.

If you have already downloaded the font you want, select Local from the bottom. ( Wazir font is  one of the top Persian fonts that is available for free)

Select the option (Aa) from the bottom of the application and then go to the path where the font was downloaded.

As you can see in the image above, our font is in the Telegram folder. Select the font and then OK.

A page like the one above will now be displayed for you. Choose oneUI #All from the options and then tap Done.

 A new page like the one above will be displayed for you, which has a total of eight sections:

  • First, select the Install font name option. Note that another option may be displayed instead of the Samsung Sans font. Install any font selected by the app itself.
  • The second part of Change the font to Font Name is exactly the application’s font.
  • Part 3 Your Samsung Account must be signed in. You must be logged in to your Samsung account. The reason is to use the Samsung account to make a backup of the settings section.
  • The fourth section is Backup Data (Only Settings) and after logging in to your Samsung account, select this section and back up only the settings section.
  • The fifth section is Unistall Font Name, in which you must delete the displayed font.

Now we enter the How to Change section:

  • The first option is to Install the font name by selecting which your desired font will be installed.
  • The second option is to change the font to Default, after which a new page will open for you. Select the Default option from this section.
  • The third option is Restore Data (Only Settings), and you need to restore the backup you got in the early stages. Note ‌ Restore only the Settings option. Finally, it asks you if you want to delete the backed up or not; it is better not to delete the backup.
The font of your Samsung phone or tablet can be easily changed to the desired font.