How To Change App Icons On Iphone

In The New Versions Of Ios And Ipad OS, You Can Change The Icons Of The Apps And Even Change Their Names. All You Have To Do Is Log In To The Shortcuts App.

Newer versions of iOS and iPadOS allow users to change app icons to custom images. With this feature, users can even rename apps. This is done through the Shortcuts app.

With the Shortcuts app, you can change the icon of almost all apps on your iPhone or iPad. This app allows you to create new icons for apps that every time you touch the icon, the associated app will run. After creating a new icon for the app, you can hide its main icon from the App Library.

Change app icons on iPhone.

On the iPhone, enter the Shortcuts app and tap  in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then tap  Add Action.

Tap the search box at the top of the page and type Open App in it. Then tap  Open App 

Tap  Choose to bring up a list of apps you have installed on your phone. From this list, select the application whose icon you want to change.


In this example, we selected the DJI Fly app. Now the S·hnqth icon at the top right and the  Next there,  tap.

Choose a name for the shortcut, then tap Add to Home Screen.

You can now select the desired icon. Before selecting the icon, you must download the desired image and save it in the Photos folder. Tap the icon below the HOME SCREEN NAME AND ICON to select the image.

You can take a new image or use a pre-recorded image. Please select the desired image and bring it closer to the expected scale by changing the zoom. Note that you cannot use gif images in this case.

First tap  Add and then  Done. You can now name the shortcut for Siri and then tap Done to save the changes.

To hide the main icon of an app, touch it and pause. Then select the Remove App option and finally  Remove from Home Screen.

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