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How To Be Alert At Work And Work More Focused?

It is easy to get lost in everyday life. It has happened to all of us that without focus, we have simply followed events and reacted to them without paying attention, without knowing exactly what we are doing. 

This is the state that makes us feel uncomfortable, confused and crowded. How can we deal with these situations?

 How can we be more alert and less focused while working? Read this article to find the answers to these questions.

What is the benefit of being more alert and focused while working?

Becoming more alert and focused while working, that is, when different events occur, take a step back and analyze them instead of reacting blindly. 

Awareness means not reacting quickly, but instead reflecting and acting on the situation.

  • One of the benefits of awareness is that we focus more when we work. This means that we pay less attention to distractions and more attention to what is important. This awareness and focus improves our job performance.
  • Another benefit of awareness is the analysis of events that take place around us. By doing this, we find out whether the event in question deserves our attention or not. In this way, we can avoid getting involved in issues that are of no use but wasting our time.

How can you be more alert at work? Here are eight simple ways to do it.

1. Have a daily schedule

The daily schedule increases alertness and concentration

One of the main reasons for distraction and loss of concentration is lack of daily routine . When such a plan does not work, we are easily overwhelmed by the flood of events.

 A prerequisite for alertness and concentration at work is having a daily plan and the will to achieve it. Even if for some reason you can not achieve all the goals of the program, as soon as you take the time to think about important and unimportant things, it means that you are more aware of others.

This program does not need to be detailed. As soon as you ask yourself at the end of the day, “What do I want to achieve tomorrow?” It suffices. The important thing is to write the answer to this question in a place that is in front of your eyes tomorrow and before you start working.

2. Start your day with the realization of your goals

Imagining achieving goals is a way to increase awareness and focus

Part of your mindfulness at work comes when you are aware of the effort you are making to achieve your goals and expend your energy on it. One way to achieve this awareness is to imagine achieving your daily goals . This will take no more than a few minutes. Go to a quiet environment. See your daily schedule.

 Close your eyes and imagine that you have reached those goals by the end of today. Imagine how you would feel doing them. This simple task will make you more alert and focused throughout the day.

3. Start your day with a regular routine

Follow a daily routine to increase alertness and concentration

There are many tips on how important it is to start and end your day on a regular basis. The reason is clear: when the start and end of your day are on schedule, you can better understand what did not happen as usual. Greater awareness when working out is achieved when you are aware of yourself and others. 

By having a daily routine to do things, you put yourself in a state of self-awareness . Understand what is happening inside and around you. Having a regular routine to start the day shows how you feel. This identifies unusual emotions such as fatigue and stress .

For example, you always start the morning with exercise . One day you realize that today you can not do the movements as you did in the previous days. 

Now you can ask yourself if you are tired, if you are stressed, if there is something that distracts you and interferes with your regular exercise like an internal nuisance. By asking such questions, you will know more about your physical and mental condition and you will be able to identify and solve the problem faster.

4. Do not do several things at the same time

Multitasking prevents alertness and concentration.

When we do several things at once, we do not really do them all at once; Rather, our brain quickly shifts its focus from one task to another. This method is extremely ineffective and quickly depletes energy and reduces our ability to concentrate for a long time, as well as our willpower.

In multitasking, we lose our understanding of the present. When we try to focus on a few things, we often forget the details of each thing and make a mistake.

 Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. For example, do not open several different pages on your computer. Just focus on what you are going to do. After finishing the first task, take a break or even move around and then start the next task.

Doing things back and forth instead of doing them all at the same time will gradually increase your alertness and concentration.

5. Eliminate distractions

Turning off message notifications is an important way to increase awareness and focus

If you want to be more alert and focused while working, you must eliminate or at least reduce the factors that cause you distraction and distraction. For example, you should turn off the alarms of your messages and emails while working and only go to them when you really want to check them.

You may be making excuses that you are missing out on essential messages. Well, you should know that when there is an urgent message, it will come to you in a way that you can not ignore. For example, if God forbid your house catches fire, no one will email you! But will contact you. If your co-worker has something very urgent , they will come to you instead of sending a message on social media . So emails and messages are not fast enough to keep track of.

6. Take an hour a day with you

Being alone increases self-awareness and concentration

Today’s world is a world of hustle and bustle. Even when you are not working, you are bombarded with all kinds of advertisements or news. They all have a purpose: to get your attention!

Despite all the hustle and bustle, finding a place and time for silence and tranquility is difficult but possible. You need such times if you want to stay alert and focused. Spend 15 to 20 minutes a day in a quiet environment.

 If this is a natural environment, how much better. This calms your mind and allows you to better understand the events around you and your feelings and improve your outlook on life.

7. Listen

Listening skills are a way to increase alertness and concentration

Many people talk, not to understand the other person, but to answer or judge. This is not in your interest or the interest of others. Stop doing this. When we say listen, we really mean listen.

When you stop judging , you soon gain the ability to understand the point of view of others. Maybe you do not agree with that view, there is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is going to agree or disagree with our view. 

You also have no obligation to accept all views. When you listen, you can better understand how the other person thinks. Now you can better communicate with him .

Although it is difficult to acquire this ability, when we acquire it, our awareness of ourselves and others will increase and we will make better decisions.

8. Meditate

Meditation is one of the ways to increase awareness and concentration

Spending time during the day on meditation exercises will make you more alert and focused. This is because of the nature of meditation. In fact, meditation is an exercise in calming the mind. These exercises are not going to take much time from you. Maybe with 10 minutes of daily practice you can reach enough consciousness.

 It depends on you what the type and timing of the exercises are. It is important to do so; To stop thinking differently for at least a few minutes and breathe calmly.


It is very difficult to concentrate in today’s busy and always active world. However, if you are looking to reduce stress and fatigue while working, following the methods presented in this article will make you more alert and focused to better perform your job tasks.

Do you know ways to deal with distractions and increase concentration? Share them with us in the comments section.