How to add a new domain or domain name to C-Panel host

The ability to connect other domains to the C-panel host and set up a different site from the main site by each of those domains, without having to buy several different hosts, is called an addon domain. , Which has an icon inside the C-Panel control panel and can be used to connect new domains to hosts other than the main domain. But before you want to go through the steps of this training, you must find out whether your host supports the domain or not? Because many hosting companies disable the possibility of creating domain names in their services. So before continuing the steps of this tutorial, make sure that you can create a domain name or add a new domain to your host.

Learn how to create an addon domain in C Panel

But there are three very important points that you must observe before creating a domain name inside the C-panel host, and for many people, when adding a new domain to the C-panel, it is always a problem:

  1. First, you must ensure that the domain you want to add to C Panel is fully registered, approved, and activated. For example, .ir national domains will not be approved and activated immediately after registration. It takes about 24 hours for Irnic to Confirm and activate the domain, so before continuing the training steps, ensure that the domain you want is active.
  2. The second point is that before adding a new domain to C-panel or the so-called domain, you must make sure that the DNS of the host you want to domain the domain method is set on your domain in your simplest language. It would help if you found the DNS of these hosts that you want to domain your domain and set this DNS on the domain you want, and then proceed to domain domaining.
  3. The third very important point is that before you want to proceed with the operation of Adan Domain, 6 hours must have passed since the change of the DNS of that domain, in simpler language, that is, when you want to have a domain on your web host Adan Domain Do and go and set their DNS according to the second point on the domain you want, you have to wait 6 hours until the new DNS is completely set on the domain, then proceed to the domain name and if you do this sooner. You are very likely to have a problem on How to add a new domain or domain name to C-Panel host .

Adding a new domain to C Panel, or creating a new domain within the hosts, is not a complicated task, but not following the three previous tips that we explained to your service always causes site administrators to the domain when editing. Their website will encounter strange problems. If you have complied with all these prerequisites described in your service within the desired domain, stay with us to continue this practical training. Otherwise, stop the training and follow the steps after observing the above three points. Keep doing this because domain editing is a sensitive task, and you must follow the order.

Learning to install a domain or domain name on a C-panel host

First, by learning how to enter C-Panel, we enter the C-Panel host of our website, then from the Domains section, we click on the addon domains icon to enter this page. Learn how to connect a new domain to C PanelHere, from the Create an Addon Domain section, we can add our new domain to the host, so in the New Domain Name field, we have to enter the name of the domain we want to domain. We also type and then click In this page, and as you can see, the Subdomain and Document Root fields are automatically filled in by the C panel, and these values ​​are entered inside. Learn how to connect a new domain to C PanelOur usual advice to the user is not to change these two values ​​and let C Panel fill in these values ​​by Default and automatically. Creates an FTP account inside our host that this FTP account can only manage the contents of the directory of this domain name or the same domain that we are creating, so we check this option, here is the username as Default is entered, and we have to enter the password of this FTP from the host as desired within these two fields. Since we do not want a specific password, we click on the password generator button from here so that the C panel can generate a strong password for us. This is our password window, and now we copy it and put it in a Notepad file. Then check the option I have copied this password in a safe place and click on the user password button. How to add a new domain or domain name to C-Panel host To put this password in the fields, before finalizing the creation of domain names about the FTP account of these domain names, note that the username or username of this domain Mizbanfa is not empty, but according to the image and its password. To use this FTP account, we recommend that you watch the instructional video on how to connect an FTP c-panel account in FileZilla software because this is a very specialized and time-consuming task—finalizing the creation of domain names. From the bottom, click on the blue add domain button. How to add a new domain or domain name to C-Panel host Yes, and as you can see, we see the green message. The addon domain “” has been created, and just seeing this message means that the domain name has been done well. And if you see red errors at this stage, share them with the hosting company. Learn how to connect a new domain to C Panel

From here, click on the go b button to return to the Admin Domains settings page, and see the message You are using your maximum allotment (1) of addon domains. If you want more, contact your service provider on this page is nothing to worry about, and this error says that you have fully used the maximum capacity of your domain, which is one domain, and if possible more domains. You need to be able to add more domains to your host. Contact the hosting company to allow more domains for you, so we have nothing to do with this message, and we can add domains on our host from the Addon Domains section. Let’s see, and this is exactly the domain we added to our host. To upload content to this domain, we have to click on this link from the bottom of the Document Root section.
As you can see, by clicking on this option, we were directed to the part of our host file manager that is related to this domain’s directory, and now every file or folder that we upload in this directory is executed exactly on this domain’s host’s. How to add a new domain or domain name to C-Panel host To get more acquainted with this section, we suggest you watch the video tutorial on working with all parts of the C-panel file manager. We hope that with this tutorial, you can add a new domain to your C-panel host in the easiest way possible.

In the next tutorial video, how to create a subdomain in C-Panel hosting so that you can add different subdomains to your web host in the easiest way possible and set up a special system inside each of them. So join us to see more tutorials about the C Panel, which is one of the most popular control panels of host management. Please visit or follow Maru via Twitter, and from all, Use our tutorials for free. Thank you for watching this tutorial video.