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How to Activate the iPhone’s secret button; Back Tap feature

With the release of iOS14, an interesting feature has been added to the iPhone called Back Tap, which turns the entire back panel of the phone into a hidden button.

But how to enable this feature?

We recently saw the release of a new version of iOS 14 called iOS 14.

With the release of this version, Apple has added an attractive feature to its iPhones that,

more than ever, has reduced the distance between hardware and software.

Thanks to this update, a hidden button has been added to the iPhone that many people probably still do not know about.

This button is not physical and is called the Back Tap feature,

which means that tapping on the back of the device will execute the user’s commands.

This hidden button is bigger than you think, and it’s interesting to know that Apple did not come to your house to add this button to the iPhone.

In fact, with the update of the new version of the iPhone operating system,

the entire back panel of the device has become a large touch button that responds to two or three taps, and with each type of tap, the device does a specific job.

For example, by setting these buttons, you can perform tasks such as opening various menus, running the desired program, accessing the control center, scrolling both in applications and on web pages, taking screenshots, activating Siri, and so on. Give.


How to activate Back Tap in iOS 14

Activating this feature is very simple and you just need to go through the following steps:

1- First, enter the settings section.

2. Tap Accessibility and then Touch .

3. Scroll down and find the Back Tap option . By tapping it, you will see two options , Double Tap and Triple Tap .

4. By tapping on either of these two options, you can select the command you want from the options you see below.

How to activate the Back Tap feature in iOS14 –

In the meantime,

some people are worried about making a mistake between unintentional blows and adjusted blows,

but it is said that this feature has a high accuracy and can well distinguish between intentional and unintentional blows.

It is interesting to know that a feature similar to Back Tap in Android 11 has been tested in a more limited way,

but it has not yet reached the stage of public release and use.