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How Much Money Does an Instagram and YouTube Visit Make?


Perhaps the most hopeful thing to say about today is that although the problems of modern life are skyrocketing, we are fortunate to be born in the age of technology and the power of the Internet, and one of the most important reasons for this is the existence of hundreds of thousands of ways. It is different from internet income. The purpose of this article is also to examine the issue of “How Much Money Does an Instagram and YouTube Visit Make?”

If your field of work is digital marketing or you want to earn extra money from the internet, follow us to the end of the article.

How Much Money Does an Insta and YouTube Visit Make?

In response to a very interesting question, “How much is the revenue from visiting Instagram and youtube?” It should be said that first, we check Instagram and then YouTube! Find an answer to this question.

Earnings from Instagram or Instagram visits can be huge, and it depends on how reputable you are, how well they know you, and how useful you can be on this social network!

But in general, if you expect Instagram to pay you to visit your posts, it should be said that such a thing is not possible. Instagram does not do that, but if you have a lot of video visitors on Instagram, you do not need to. Do not work with Instagram at all because you can save millions of Tomans for video ads, cooperation in sales, or sale of your services and products!

Now let’s take a look at some useful ways to increase the traffic to your Instagram posts:

1. Produce quality and good videos and posts for your target community; This is an important point and is the main thing to do on social networks like Instagram and YouTube.

2. Try to get acquainted with 6 to 8 hashtags; Continued use of hashtags will increase your Instagram search engine with these hashtags.

3. Location, tag! Tag different places in Iran in your posts so that your local audience will also hope for you.

4. Think about the needs of your audience.

5. Not bad Take a look at the Insights section of your Instagram account to see what hours your audience follows you the most and the best times to publish your posts.


These are just a few of how you can increase your Instagram traffic but do not underestimate the power of experience and educational books.

But in answer to the famous question of our article, “What is the income from visiting Instagram and YouTube?” It should be said that after trying the above ways and increasing the views of your posts and videos on Instagram, you can make good money in various ways, such as selling your products or advertising.

Earn money from visiting YouTube

We will go to the second part of the question, how much is the income from visiting Instagram and YouTube? Now let’s look at the revenue from YouTube and how to increase the views of the videos on this social network.

Unlike Instagram, which does not have to pay to watch your videos, YouTube (video sharing social network) pays you to watch your videos, and there are certain rules for making money from this social network.

For example, to start monetizing YouTube views, your account must have 1000 members. Your videos have been viewed for 4000 hours in the last 12 months.

Note: If you are curious why YouTube pays you to watch your videos, we must say that because one of the main incomes of Google is YouTube advertising, which is broadcast among the most viewed videos! So YouTube has to encourage people to make high-traffic videos.

How Much Money Does an Insta and YouTube Visit Make?

It depends on your creativity and some of the points mentioned below, the more members your account has and the more views you have on YouTube, the more you will earn. But in answer to the question, what is the income from visiting Instagram and YouTube? Let’s point out some important points that will come in handy, and you will get more views on YouTube.

  • Use descriptive titles and highly searched keywords; Most people search for the video they want on YouTube or Google. First of all, you need to understand the commonly used keywords and the needs of the people.
  • The description of your videos should be interesting and with keywords; Video descriptions are also very important and depend on Google and YouTube search results.
  • Use tags; For example, if your video is about animals, words like “animal,” “wildlife,” “animals,” “tiger,” etc., should be tagged.
  • Optimize the image of your videos; Many people decide by watching your video image whether it is worth watching or not! So be very careful in choosing a quality and smart image.
  • Subtitle your videos! Your subtitles can be suitable for deaf people, i.e., subtitles in English and other languages ​​for people who want to understand the meaning of your videos.
  • Use guest bloggers or YouTubers; The world will not always be around your desires and interests. Sometimes, you have to get help from other bloggers or YouTubers to generate content for your YouTube account or go in front of the camera. It is your YouTube account. Of course, in exchange for this cooperation, you must either pay a fee or compensate them (by appearing in their videos).


These are just a few tips for watching more videos on YouTube. Do not forget that you can learn thousands of other big and small tips to get the best results for you.