How can you change Password of MikroTik VPS by Console (CLI)or with Winbox

How can you change Password of MikroTik VPS by Console or with Winbox (CLI)

List of Issues you will Understand in this article:

  • 1. How to Change MikroTik password with Winbox? [How to change MikroTik username with Winbox]
  • 2. How to Change MikroTik password with Console

In demand to have unauthorized entrance, hackers require to have Simple data in order to penetrate a system. Including but not limited to the operating system, username, and different accesses to the system.

The operating system can severely be hidden from the point of sight of the cracker. But things Including username and ports, which by default have importance, can be changed, which causes entering MikroTik (or other systems) complicated.

By default, MikroTik manipulates the admin’s name, and this causes it easy for the cracker to Begin the brute emphasis password in the simplest case. So changing your username and password in MikroTik VPS Server will be one of the first things you can do to improve the security. We have heretofore published a tutorial to stop Microsoft from cracking brute force, now how to change the username and password in MikroTik. 

How to Change MikroTik VPS password with Winbox? [How to change MikroTik username with Winbox]

1. At the beginning, open your Winbox and connect to your router.

2. Move to the system and Users section from the left-hand menu.

3. In this area, you will see additional users built on your server by default. There will be only one user called admin.

4. Double-click the admin name for opening its settings.

5. Here, you will have the capability to change your username and password.

Tip: Utilize a password that is more than eight characters as well as complex. (How to choose a secure password)

So you understand how to change your username and password via Win Box. Below you will notice how to change your certificates using the MikroTik Console.


1. Connect to your MikroTik terminal.

2. Enter the following command to show all the users in your MikroTik Server.

/ user print

If you only have an admin, the output will be identical.

3. To change your login certifications, enter the following command rather than the word ‘Server.’ Enter your name.

/ user set 0 name = server

The admin name has now been changed to the new name. For sure, you can utilize the second step command.

4. After changing the username, enter the following command to change the password and enter the password instead of ‘my mystery.’

/ user set 0 password = “my secret”

You will also be able to change your password with the following command.

/ password

Yes! You changed your login credentials which is a step towards a more secure MikroTik experience.

Also, For How you can connect to your Mikrotik VPS by Console, we have provided a Useful Video about It. Please Consider it.