Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing

In guerilla marketing, surprise techniques often play their role. Audiences enjoy the most low-cost guerrilla marketing. The real investment here is a person’s creativity and intelligence, and it doesn’t cost much to implement.

The first guerrilla marketing style is content rewriting, such as taking certain parts of an article (report) and expanding each to a new blog. In addition to investing money, it is also an investment of time.

Guerrilla marketing is easy to implement, and its financial cost is very low. However, it can significantly impact the audience and introduce the brand to the customer attractively and creatively. It is precise because of these features that this marketing method, until today, has brought many successes to small businesses worldwide. Of course, there is no doubt that the current conditions of the global economy also played an effective role in the popularity of guerrilla marketing.

The costs of technology are decreasing day by day, and its popularity is increasing day by day. Governments are also providing more facilities to small businesses to allow them to grow; on the other hand, they are imposing more rules on big businesses. The last point is that people’s awareness is growing and brand names than before fool them. The result of all these cases is that there will be an unprecedented opportunity for the development of small businesses, and we will see an exponential increase in their number.

The use of guerrilla marketing for large businesses is very risky. In some cases, their guerrilla advertising can fail and become a nightmare for the public relations of these companies. Smaller businesses can do this more safely because people forget about their advertising failure sooner.

Types of guerrilla marketing

Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing: Such as placing movable objects outdoors or temporarily placing artwork on sidewalks and streets.

Indoor Guerrilla Marketing: Like guerrilla marketing, it is outdoors, with the difference that it takes place in closed places such as subway stations, shops, and university buildings.

Types of guerrilla marketing

Mass Grave Guerrilla Marketing: Takes place by using the audience of an ongoing event. For example, a concert or a sports game is used for advertising a product or service, usually without the permission of the sponsors of the event.

The purpose of guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing does not require a lot of investment or cost. Still, it requires the creativity and thoughts of a person to create a form about their product and attract the audience’s opinion by placing it in public places.

Guerrilla marketing tries to help the person to achieve his goal and the person to achieve success. Like someone who wants to quit smoking or someone who wants to lose weight.

In guerrilla marketing, we look for new ways to change the mentality of customers and impress them with irregular and unconventional methods. A common technique used in guerilla marketing is to use objects or surroundings, objects or environments that the customer deals with every day. One of the goals of guerrilla marketing is to tie advertisements to the same environment that the customer deals with every day, this will make a psychological relationship between your advertisement and that environment or device be formed, and the next time when the customer passes by that environment, he will remember the product or serve you.

In fact, in guerrilla marketing, you do something that the customer unconsciously remembers by looking at the surrounding environment, and even when your ad no longer exists, due to the link between the environment and your ad, the customer remembers your ad. bring yourself.

Important points in guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing implements products and services unusually or unexpectedly in an ordinary, everyday place. The point of guerrilla marketing is to get your business name in front of a lot of people in an unexpected way. Guerrilla marketing is usually a low-cost form that, if executed correctly, can yield significant profits.

Because guerrilla marketing strategies are so different and usually more unpredictable than traditional marketing activities, they can be more memorable and have more impact. The main elements of successful guerrilla marketing campaigns are courage, determination, and luck.

Guerrilla marketing emphasizes that your major investment should be time, energy, initiative, and creativity, and finances and big advertising dollars may be the next options on the table. In traditional marketing, we emphasize the number of sales, but in guerrilla marketing, we focus more on profit. That is, it doesn’t matter how much you sell, but how much you profit from each sale!

The cost of attracting new customers is much higher than maintaining old customers, and guerrilla marketing also emphasizes the same principle. That is, the focus in guerrilla marketing is that if you find customers, try to make sales to them again and try to sell more. As a result, if your products and services are useful for customers and they are satisfied and enjoy your work process and purchase, they will do marketing for you for free and introduce your physical or internet business to others.

Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

You can convey a concept to the audience using the simplest tools such as a trash can and putting attractive creativity on it. The statistics show this will have a much better impact than other methods. Of course, this reason should be sought to some extent because this is completely different.

In this regard, keep in mind that people may not have any desire to see your ads. However, this method will attract eyes under any circumstances. Due to the rapid growth of this method, it is necessary to plan for it. However, the first step in realizing the value of this attractive advertising method is to get to know its advantages, some of which are:

  • You can easily implement your ideas.
  • It attracts the mind and heart of the audience.
  • It has made people aware, and some advertisements fool them.
  • It leads to bigger and more famous businesses.
  • Requires very low financial cost.
  • Audience and customer orientation.
  • More sales

last word

Guerrilla marketing has mostly helped small businesses, but big businesses have also used this marketing strategy. But if you decide to use this marketing method, don’t forget one thing, if you are willing to take risks. Guerrilla marketing is not suitable for your company. On the other hand, with a little creativity, you can have a distinctive advertising campaign at the lowest cost.