GTmetrix registration training + introduction of account types

The success of an internet website depends on many factors, one of the most important of which is site speed. You can hosting, and domain suitable to the hosting required for WordPress and easily set up a website But being able to perform well along the way and perform better in competition with your competitors is also a very decisive thing. There are various analytical tools that you can use to evaluate and improve your performance. One of these online tools is the GTMetrix website. You can access many features and improve the overall performance of your site by registering in GTmetrix and creating one of its accounts. In this article from the Fa host knowledge base, our effort is to be of better understanding of the types of GT Metrics accounts and registration in this analytical website with you, dear companions, So if you want to know more about this analytical website, stay with us until the end of this article.

The topics that will be discussed in this article are:

What is GT Metrics?

  • How to register in GT Matrix
  • GTMetrix account settings
  • Switch to the old Jiti Matrix
  • Purchase of GT Metrics premium account

How to create an account in GTmetrix

In order to be able to have more access on the GT Metrics site and to have the possibility of more detailed management and setting of various sections such as analysis features or email settings, it is necessary to register on this analytical website. In this regard, you must have a series of specific measures that we will discuss further.

  1. In the first step, you need to enter the GTMetrix website by entering the address in your browser.
  2. On the main page and on the right side, there is an option called Sign Up , if you want to register in GT Matrix, you must click on it.
    How to register in GT Matrix
  3. After clicking on the Sign Up option, you will be faced with a page like the image below, which will register you in GTMetrix by filling in the relevant fields. The fields that you must fill in with appropriate information are:
    • Name First
    • Name Last
    • address E-mail
    • Password _
    • repeat password (Confirm Password)

    by activating the I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy terms and policies of this website Create and Account button.
    Registration training in GT Matrix

    Keep in mind that if you want to receive the latest news, recommendations and offers via your email after registering in GTmetrix, you must Send me Gtmetrix news, tips and offers also activate
  4. After following the mentioned path, your account will be activated in Gtmetrix, but to complete the registration process in Gtmetrix, you must click on the link in the email sent to you for authentication.
  5. In this way, your registration in JMetrics will be completed successfully.

Jitimetrics account settings

After you set up your account in GTMetrics, you can use the features that are provided for free. You can also manage settings related to profile information, analysis features such as the default location of the test server and email settings and receive notifications .
On the above page, you can view and manage the following information:

  1. Basic
  2. API Usage
  3. Profile
  4. Analysis Options
  5. E-mail Setting

1. Basic section of GTMETRIX settings

This section includes two main options that you can use optimally to manage your performance after registering in GTmetrix:

  • On-Demand Tests : According to the type of account you have in GTMetrix, this possibility is provided to you so that you can use a certain number of On-Demand tests. In the free version of this online service, you can use 50 On-Demand tests per week. After analyzing each link, if you check this part, you will see that it has been added to the used figure.
  • Monitored Slots : The number of links that you can monitor according to the type of your GT Metrics account in a specified period of time is specified in this section. Definitely, if you use premium accounts, this number will increase.

2. API Usage section of GT Metrics account settings

If you plan to use the GTmetrix REST API or the GTmetrix WordPress plugin, you need to have an API key. In this regard, you must click on the Generate API Key button and go through the required steps