General Motors

GM Is Partnering With AT&T To Equip Its Products With 5G Technology

General Motors Plans To Equip Its Various Models With 5G Technology From 2024 In Cooperation With AT&T

In this regard, the major American automaker has promised to improve 5G expansion and benefit from it, road coverage, music playback and movie download, network stability and routing in production vehicles, and the products of this brand will have faster and more reliable performance.

Utilizing 5G technology is a critical step for General Motors, as providing remote software updates and adding new capabilities are among the company’s main goals in the future. In addition, General Motors plans to expand its largest fleet of 5G vehicles.

According to plans, the company wants to bring millions of cars to the streets in the next decade with the possibility of supporting the mobile network.

In addition to helping drivers download multimedia files faster, the 5G network will also improve the performance of the OnStar service. It is good to know that this multi-purpose shared service covers various areas such as communication, security, emergency services, hands-free driving, and remote troubleshooting.

“Santiago Chamorro, senior vice president of General Motors’ connected services department, said:

“In partnership with AT&T, we have provided unparalleled experiences in everyday travel, family travel, and everything in between. “The new partnership demonstrates our commitment to advancement through software-based services, and through faster connectivity, we will create a better customer experience for voice services, routing, and in-app use.”

AT&T currently has approximately 250 million users in the United States, and between 2016 and 2020, the company invested more than $ 110 billion in wireless and terrestrial communications.

Gregory Wieboldt, senior vice president of global trade and industry solutions at AT&T, described the new partnership with General Motors to improve the customer experience and prepare for a new wave of innovation, including self-driving.

He added that AT&T now has the most in-vehicle connectivity among all operators, and General Motors has played a key role in achieving this title. Mr. Weibolt was honored to work with General Motors and said it would begin a new season of connected driving.