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Gisum Beach; A Blue Dream At The End Of The Green Of A Road

The freshness and lushness of the forest and the intoxicating aroma of rainy soil are a pleasant temptation to travel and travel on the northern roads of Iran. 

The emerald texture of these areas is an attractive land for travelers and this charm reaches its peak in spring. The green view and spring freshness of the Caspian littoral regions are reminiscent of the beauties of paradise.

 The nature of Gilan province and Talesh city, according to other green regions of Iran, has a colorful cover of freshness of the earth in spring. 

Gisum Negin forest and beach is the city of Talesh, whose beauty does not easily fit into words. Then join us to photograph some of this beauty for you.

The legendary forest of Gisum village is connected to the Caspian Sea by dreamy roads surrounded by towering trees. Walking on this road and breathing among the dewy trees gives peace and freshness to the soul. At the end of this green path, Gisum beach is waiting to complete the peace and enjoyment of nature travelers. In this enjoyable tour, we will travel with you to experience the companionship and enjoyment of this green path together.

Forestry and the sweet feeling of reaching Gisum beach

Tall trees in the forest along Gisom beach - Photo by Reza Arabi
Photo by Reza Arabi

Reaching the Caspian coast is not the only attraction of tourism; The lush forest of this region, with its tall trees and oxygenated air, makes a great contribution to the sweetness of the trip to Gisum beach. A hearty forest park awaits you to spend time and experience a different tour. Gisum forest is one of the tourist attractions of Talesh and many northern travelers are eager to go to this forest and unite it with the beach, on their way to this area from Gilan.

Memorable sightseeing in the green land of Gisum

Gisom beach trees - Photo by Reza Arabi
Photo by Reza Arabi

The lush atmosphere and freshness of the forest is an exhilarating feeling, and spend time with the happy tree medicine of Gisum conveys this vitality and vitality to a person. This forest, which is the village of the same name in its neighborhood, is a piece of paradise left on earth. Here you can hear the sound of nature, enjoy the mischief of the sunlight behind the fence of the branches and be intoxicated by the fresh scent of the earth. To go to the forest and the beach of Gisum, you can reach Rasht or Anzali and then head to this beautiful emerald that is located by the sea.

The greatest pleasure of traveling to Gisum is its road that leads to the Caspian Sea and coast, and this feature has made many travelers fascinated by driving in this heavenly corridor. If you are a nature lover and would like to see more beautiful faces of Gisum, before reaching the sea, stop the car and spend time among the apple, plum and درخت trees. You should see the most beautiful frames of spring nature in northern Iran in this forest. In Gisum Forest Park, you will also have the opportunity to experience the sweet pleasure of equestrianism. There are many locals in this forest who double the pleasure of this green trip by renting their horses.

Enjoy driving on fabulous roads

Gisum beach route - Photo by Reza Arabi

Witchcraft begins when you have to walk along a tree-lined path to the sea; Trees that have taken refuge on the road and their stature will take away your intelligence. The temptation to spend time in this heavenly corridor will be much sweeter than being at the destination. Driving on this route reminds you of the beautiful lands of fairy tales; Do you wish you could reach your destination later and this road will be endless.

When you are surrounded by forest beauties and enjoy the fresh air, the sea welcomes you without delay. At the end of this dream trail, the beach merges with the forest, and this is the sweetest end that nature has in store for you to drive.

Watch the companionship of the sea and the forest

You have reached one of the most pleasant shores of the Caspian Sea; A place at the end of green Gilan that shows its beauty to travelers. Here you can enjoy the calm waves of the sea and walk on the soft sands of the beach. If you are interested in experiencing water games, Gisum Promenade offers this opportunity. A variety of games such as parasailing, jet skiing, shuttle, boating, paragliding and گ wandering moments will fascinate you.

Photo by Amir Abbasi Nejad
Photo by Amir Abbasi Nejad

You can also experience horseback riding on this beach and enjoy watching the presence of horses and the sea in one frame. For the children moments on this trip enjoyable experience, and Trambvlyn wind parks in the region and provides a good opportunity for the entertainment of children has created.

Do not miss the market on this beach. In this attractive market, local handicrafts and colorful delicacies such as plums, lavashka and و are waiting for you. This bazaar is a good opportunity to experience a hearty and delicious shopping after an unforgettable tour of the beach and the forest and return to your place of residence with colorful souvenirs.

Towards the lovely wig

Forest near Gisom beach - Photo by Reza Arabi
Photo by Reza Arabi

The Gisum forest has enchanting beauty in all seasons, but its best climate is spring and autumn. When you reach Rasht, move towards Astara. After passing about 88 km, you will reach Gisum.

Gisom Beach Pier Photo by Farzad Hasheminejad
Photo by Farzad Hasheminejad

If you want to stay near this forested area, in addition to the surrounding towns, you can stay in the houses of the villages near Gisum, such as Getgsar, or spend the night in the rooms and suites that exist in this tourist area. But setting up a tent and traveling experience in the style of camping in Gisum will be very attractive. This tourist area with its tourist facilities and conditions, has created a good opportunity for camping to ensure the well-being and comfort of travelers.

Spring and the unforgettable beauties of Gisum

Gisom Beach Green Road - Photo by Raha Nasiri
Photo by Raha Nasiri

Spring is a good opportunity to go to Gisum and make sweet moments in the color of the sea and the green of the forest for yourself and your fellow travelers. Gisum promenade is one of the most popular tourist areas in northern Iran, which has a great share in making memories and memorable trips of the people and welcomes many nature-loving tourists every year. If you are in the tourist area of ​​Gisum, write to us about the experiences of this trip and how to do it, and with your useful information, guide those who are interested in traveling to this area. We look forward to your valuable feedback.