publication of the report

Getting to know the publication of the reportage

Reportage or advertorial is a text for indirect advertising. It is a type of text prepared with a reporting approach. We try to write the neutral text so that the user does not notice that it is advertising. Even though today, the imperceptibility of publishing a report has faded, and the audience knows that they have introduced a brand in exchange for paying for this text on the site, this is still done because of its impact on the site’s SEO. In the following, we discuss the reasons for using this indirect advertising method and its impact on SEO. We will examine the concept of reportage, the publication of reportage, and the reasons for using it together.

Why do we publish reports?

Please pay attention to how most people react when they encounter direct advertising. Yes. True, they try to ignore it. For example, when the TV starts broadcasting advertisements, most people turn off the sound, or advertising tracts are left unread by some people on the street.

Today, even businesses are trying to attract customers with the help of celebrities. With these explanations, we conclude that direct advertising is no longer attractive to the audience. Over time, the advertising approach moved to the indirect side. It is interesting to know that this type of advertisement is more effective until the audience does not realize that it is an advertisement.

Ideological advertising in images and videos is one of the most important examples of indirect advertising with extremely high effectiveness. On the internet, advertising sites and banners are common examples of direct advertising, and publishing reports do indirect advertising. In the rest of the article, we will examine the concept of reportage together. Stay with us.

What is the concept of reporting?

Reportage is a type of text in the form of a report with its rules and regulations. The topic is included as a report text on a reliable site. The target audience should not realize that this is an advertising text. In the report, you should not mention the name of the competitors of the site you are promoting. According to the publication law, the audience must know that the text is advertising.

Therefore, reporting and indirect advertising are prohibited in some countries. In the new era, people know that bringing the name of a brand or product in an article is done for a fee. As a result, the invisible feature of publishing the report has been weakened. But reportage is still used for the following reasons.

  • Raising the level of community awareness of the brand
  • Backlinking for SEO

What is the impact of publishing reports on SEO?

Backlink means that the sites that have a higher reputation and rank in Google in your field of work will put your site link on their site, and the user will be directed to your site by clicking on the link.

Between 3 and 5 links are placed in the report. It will make you get backlinks, and the SEO of the site will increase. Because:

  • The backlinks you get from the report’s publication are of the following type and have a high score in SEO.
  • The backlinks of the report’s publication are permanent and remain in the archive of the main site.
  • These sites rank well on Google, and getting backlinks from them will increase your ranking.
  • These sites are reliable, have a high audience, and generate a lot of traffic for your site.

But the text of the report must be written by a professional. The type of headlines, reporting style, principles, and rules of copywriting must be observed in the text of the report.

Golden tips for publishing a report

  • To start work, use small and normal-level sites to publish reports. Because according to Google, all these things are checked, and you may be fined. Because a site that has just started working and does not have a specific backlink normally cannot receive backlinks from a prominent and large site in the form of a follow.
  • The type of text of the report should be consistent with the site to which you request a report. Suppose a website design company requests a report to the online economy site. The text of the report should preferably be about the design price of various types of sites.
  • Pay attention to the keywords in the text of the report. Varied keywords. Give backlinks to all pages of the site, not a specific page. With this method, the entire site will be strengthened, and the page you want will automatically load.
  • This process of publishing a report and seeing its effects takes time. Do not expect it to come from the fourth search page to the first page of Google search immediately after publication. Regarding SEO topics, you must apply other methods to the site at the same time to make progress. It has a good effect on strengthening the position of the site.

Google and backlink reportage

As you know, Google fines sites that buy fake backlinks. What does Google think when we get backlinks from other sites in the report? Google has a specific and general goal. Giving importance to the audience is the main goal of Google. Google wants the audience to know that the report is an advertising text and not to be confused. Or, as a result of a report, don’t go to an unreliable business and don’t lose.

Therefore, if Google notices the report, it will penalize the site unless:

  • It should be emphasized in the report that it is an advertising text.
  • Backlinks should be no-follow type.

It is interesting to know that no one does these two things in publishing a report, and they use tricks to make Google see the report as a normal report. We will examine these methods below.

  • Publish a report every few months. Getting multiple backlinks from reputable sites at the same time makes Google suspicious.
  • Finally, there should be five links in the text of the report.
  • Using Exact match keywords
  • Exact match keywords are not recommended. Use longer and similar keywords.

The cost of publishing the report

This work is effective in the SEO of the site, provided that the balance is observed and its rules are implemented. A fee is charged for publishing the report. Prices vary depending on the site you are applying for and its rank and traffic. Considering these topics, try to publish a report for your site.

The conclusion

Reportage as an indirect advertising method effectively increases the site’s SEO by attracting backlinks, raising people’s familiarity with the brand, and completing the branding process. Since indirect advertising has no place today, businesses try to attract customers with indirect advertising.

Compliance with special rules in reporting prevents the site from being fined. The text of the report must be written in a completely reportable and unbiased manner so that Google does not notice that it is an advertisement. Getting backlinks from reputable sites improves the site’s SEO, but maintaining balance in reporting is the most important principle.

Google monitors all site activities and is particularly sensitive to backlinks. In addition to reporting, try not to neglect other methods of increasing SEO to realize the result sooner. I hope the article about publishing reportage has effectively increased your information about reportage.