professional video editing software

Getting to know 11 professional video editing software

Professional video editing software is the most important tool that a video editor should have. If this software is installed on the right laptop, you can work better and more professionally as an editor. For this reason, knowing the different types of video editing programs and the best laptop for video editing is very important. Together, these 2 provide you with everything you need for video editing.

Introduction of professional film editing programs

Finding the best professional video editing software among various professional video editing programs is not easy. However, if you want to make high-quality videos, you must have a professional editing software.

In this way, if you know 11 examples of these programs, you can choose one of them more easily. By knowing the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each of them, you will easily be able to choose the most suitable one. 11 examples of professional video editing software are the following:

  1. Movavi Video Editor
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Magix Video Pro X
  5. Autodesk Smoke
  6. Avid Media Composer
  7. Final Cut Pro
  8. Hitfilm Pro
  9. Lightworks
  10. Blender software
  11. Cyberlink PowerDirector

Movavi Video Editor is professional video editing software

Some of the features of this professional video editing software are:

  1. Suitable for Mac or Windows
  2. Accessible by free download
  3. The ability to drag video and audio tracks in the timeline
  4. It has all the features needed by YouTubers for content creation, broadcasters, gamers, and filmmakers
  5. Very user friendly
  6. Various attractive effects and filters

Adobe Premiere Pro

This professional video editing software is one of the best and strongest in this field. It is considered a difficult program for newbies who can use it if familiar with its user interface. This hard-to-learn program is difficult to work with because of its confusing menus and options. The features of this program include the following:

  1. Having a wide range of features, including animations, filters, color correction, splitting and merging different clips
  2. Support for multiple video formats
  3. Preloaded effects and fonts
  4. Various graphic formats
  5. Edit concurrent projects at once
  6. Project sharing for easy collaboration
  7. 360-degree editing for virtual reality video projects

Magix Video Pro X

This program for Windows 7, 8, and 10 is known as the best professional video editing software. According to users, this program’s user interface is not clear and concrete at first. They believe that after working with this program more, you will consider it a powerful tool. The following are the features of this program:

  1. Incompatibility of this software with macOS
  2. Not working for Windows XP
  3. It has a very small archive of preloaded animation templates
  4. Advanced audio and video editing, visual effects, and professional project templates
  5. Has keyboard shortcuts for faster editing
  6. Easy audio and video synchronization
  7. Multi-camera editing capabilities
  8. It has updated subtitles, fonts, and title formats

Edius Pro professional video editing software

This professional video editing software is one of the useful programs for news media, independent films, and corporate video productions. Among the features of this program, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Fast rendering and performance
  2. Support for multiple codecs
  3. Picture-in-picture capabilities
  4. Not having Chroma key effect key
  5. Draft preview mode: With this feature, you can see the video you have edited before rendering the video.

Autodesk Smoke

The features of this professional video editing software, which is more expensive than other video editing programs, are:

  1. Providing a free version available for students
  2. Having multiple 3D effects to help enhance video projects
  3. Having the right composition features to help set up scenes
  4. Incompatibility with Windows and Linux
  5. Compatible with Mac (macOS)
  6. High RAM usage during rendering

Avid Media Composer

The following are the features of this professional video editing software:

  1. Fast rendering speed and efficient editing workflow
  2. Having online access to the video editing suite
  3. Having high-resolution input and output options
  4. It has an old user interface and is unattractive to users
  5. Having cloud storage space for large projects
  6. Having a free version limited to 4 videos

Professional video editing software Final Cut Pro

The following are the features of this professional video editing software:

  1. Suitable for Mac users
  2. Having a complete set of editing tools and effects
  3. Catering to all high-definition editing needs for users working with 4K and 8K projects
  4. Having the possibility to compress files
  5. Being able to get output in various formats
  6. Failure to integrate with most complementary software
  7. Fast processing speed
  8. User-friendly interface
  9. Incompatibility with Windows and Linux
  10. Multi-camera editing capability

The hit movie of Pero

This professional video editing program is compatible with the following systems:

  1. Windows 10 and Windows 8 (64-bit)
  2. macOS 11 Big Sur
  3. macOS 10.15 Catalina
  4. macOS 10.14 Mojave

Features of the hit movie Pero

The features of this professional video editing software are:

  1. It has an archive of more than 600 visual effects
  2. Having many tools for film editors
  3. Inability to test before purchasing the program
  4. There is a possibility that the edits are not saved correctly
  5. Lack of different options for the output format
  6. Being able to convert two-dimensional images into three-dimensional scenes
  7. Great picture-in-picture capabilities for broadcasters

Light Works

Among the features of this professional video editing software, as one of the first in this field, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Compatible with PCs and Macs
  2. It has a very different user interface compared to most other video editing software
  3. Very tangible user interface
  4. Easy learning for beginners
  5. Appropriate support and training in online forums
  6. Great for short ads and video clips
  7. Having trouble adapting to professional video editors
  8. No video stabilization feature
  9. It has advanced project-sharing capabilities
  10. Compatible with multiple video editing plugins
  11. It has advanced color correction and enhancement tools

Professional video editing software Blender

This professional video editing software has the following features:

  1. Being free and not putting a watermark on the videos
  2. 3D modeling capability
  3. Having a lot of support and training
  4. It has live preview capabilities
  5. Perform mixing, synchronization, and excellent sound editing
  6. Having up to 32 video, image, and audio effects at the same time
  7. Having bugs for large video projects

Cyberlink Power Director

The features of this professional video editing software include the following:

  1. Fast and easy video editing
  2. Multiple transition options
  3. Support for many types of files
  4. Having a complete set of video editing tools and features
  5. Multi-camera editing to easily connect videos from different angles and cameras
  6. 2K and 4K HD input and output capability
  7. Intrusive ads to promote the app

Choose the right professional video editing software

Now that you know about the different types of professional video editing software used by today’s professionals, how do you choose? Remember that one video editing software may be best for one project and worst for another.

In this way, to be a suitable option for hiring a video editor, you must choose the most suitable program for you. Accordingly, before deciding to choose the best video editing program, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

What kind of operating system are you using?

Narrow your list to the best software for your operating system. For example, Final Cut Pro’s professional video editing software is unsuitable for Windows users. Also, Mac users will get frustrated using Magix Video Pro X.

What is your budget?

Some professional video editing programs are offered free to download and use. If you have some of them, you must get them with a monthly subscription or a one-time payment. It is better to try the free options first to see if you like them. You can also consider a monthly subscription if you have little budget. By choosing this item, if you don’t use it, you can cancel the program.

Can you try the app before you buy?

It’s smart to choose a video editing program offering a free trial before you buy. For example, it is important to know how to zoom in on video editing or use the tools in this program before buying.

Sometimes you may be unable to communicate with a program and abandon it altogether. With all the information you have received, we hope you can choose the most suitable program. However, why not try Movavi Video Editor? You can download this program for free, and it is possible to try it before buying it.

Frequently asked questions about professional video editing software

You may have questions about choosing professional video editing software. You can make a better choice according to the following questions and their answers:

What program do professional filmmakers use?

Adobe Premiere Pro is probably the main video editing program for professional editors because it integrates with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop. However, professional editors use a wide variety of professional video editing programs.

For example, professionals with Apple devices generally use Final Cut Pro’s professional video editing software. However, any powerful video editing program with all the features an editor needs to create a video or clip can be used.

What program do most YouTube users use to edit their videos?

Most YouTube users use the following two types of professional video editing software:

What program does Hollywood use for video editing?

Professional Hollywood studios use several types of professional video editing software to edit movies. These programs are:

  • Avid Media Composer: Hollywood studios and independent filmmakers use this professional video editing program.
  • Adobe programs: Adobe Creative Suite and Premiere Pro are suitable options for studios that use Photoshop and other Adobe products.
  • Final Cut Pro: Studios with Apple products use this program.

Adobe After Effects, professional film editing software Nuke, and Blackmagic Fusion: Studios use these more specialized programs that produce many 3D movies and movies with animated features.