Funny pictures from the wildlife comedy photography contest 2021

Funny pictures from the wildlife comedy photography contest 2021

The Wildly Popular Wildlife Comedy Photography Contest Has Shared Some Of Its Most Interesting Entries Before It Closes This Year.

The photos taken at the right time are mostly chance, But this does not make us deny the skill and determination of their photographers; That’s why there’s an event called the Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest ( CWPA ).

In these competitions, extraordinary photographers display the best and funniest pictures they have captured of wildlife. These photos show an animal doing something strange, unusual, and funny.

Tom Solam, the founder of the CWPA, explained the difference between this year’s competition and conditions compared to previous years:

this excellent topic makes us happy. ecause the corona pandemic affected travel this year, we thought we might receive fewer participants and entries than in previous years; But we were surprisingly well received; Especially in the “in the air” category, where we received hundreds of brilliant images of birds. Perhaps this is because during the Corona era, we have all spent more time at home, and the lack of travel has made more people notice the wildlife close to their homes, Especially the birds flying outside the windows of our houses.

The deadline for sending photos continues until June 30, But the CWPA has released some of the funniest pictures submitted by photographers. These pictures show that this year’s race will be exciting.

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Bald Eagle and Prairie Dog / Arthur Trevino / Wildlife Comedy Photography Contest

  • Photo Title: The white-headed eagle is surprised!
  • Photographer name: Arthur Trevino

When this white-headed eagle failed to hunt and catch this prairie dog, the dog jumped towards the eagle, shocked and terrified so much that the eagle had to run away from the prairie dog to a safe place.

Sar Ablaq / Andrew Mayes / wildlife comedy photography contest

  • Photo title: Saturday morning mood
  • Photographer’s name: Andrew Mayes

The photographer of this picture says:

I captured this image while photographing a group of starlings perched on a tree in the Rituli Game Reserve in South Africa. This bird’s face is exactly how I feel most mornings on the first day of the week.

  • Raccoons / Kevin Biscaburn / Wildlife Comedy Photography Contest Photo Title: Life in quarantine
  • Photographer’s name: Kevin Biscaburn

If you stayed indoors with your family during the quarantine and wished to go outside as soon as possible, you should know that these oriental raccoons understand your mood well.

According to the photographer, just when he thought there was no more space in this hollow tree, the mother raccoon appeared and showed him that her family was living in a tight area without observing social distance.

This photo was taken in southwestern Ontario, Canada. After exploring a particular area with many trees, the photographer identified this area as a suitable spot for a family of raccoons. Since raccoons constantly move from one nest to another and often do not stay in a particular nest for more than one night, locating them is not easy. When Biskaborn found this cute family, he immediately planted the camera in a suitable hole at a right angle. When the camera and tripod were ready, the baby raccoons were so curious that they poked their heads out of the tree hole to get a closer look at the subject. take off

Laughing lion / Giovanni Querzani / wildlife comedy photography contest

  • Photo Title: Gholtkhand
  • Photographer name: Giovanni Querzani

A young lion in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is laughing at Giovanni’s photography skills.

Ghazal Jahande / Lucy Burridge / Wildlife Comedy Photography Contest

  • Photo Title: Hooray, today is Friday!
  • Photographer’s name: Lucy Burridge

As the sun shines in the Kalagadi Frontier Park, this leaping gazelle hops around with its ears and stretched legs. There is not much information to explain why these gazelles jump, But according to theories, they do it to display fitness and strength and to attract mates. Some sources say that the reason for jumping off these gazelles is excitement and happiness.

Yoga Butimar / KT Wong / Wildlife Comedy Photography Contest

  • Photo Title: Butimar Yoga
  • Photographer’s name: KT Wong

The photographer of this picture says:

A yellow butimar was struggling to get into the proper hunting position. I took this photo when Butimar was caught between two lotus stems in this funny situation.

Happy Surfer Penguin /Tom Svensson/ wildlife comedy photography contest

  • Photo Title: Happy
  • Photographer’s name: Tom Svenson

These penguins were surfing and looked very happy and excited whenever a wave brought them to land.

Fish Box / Philip Starr / wildlife comedy photography contest

  • Photo Title: Sweet lips to kiss
  • Photographer’s name: Philip Starr

This picture was taken in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. Boxfish are usually tricky to photograph; Because they have no problem with divers approaching, But if they realize that you want to take their picture, they will always turn their back to you. That’s why I tried to swim half a meter above the fish and not show any interest in him. At the same time, I put the camera in front of my chest and held it down. When the right moment arrived, I turned the camera 90 degrees towards the fish and took the picture. I never expected the beautiful lips of this fish to be so close to the camera.

Kingfisher / Texma Garcia Lasca / Wildlife Comedy Photography Contest

  • Photo Caption: Houston We’re in trouble here
  • Photographer’s name: Texma García Lasca

This fish was astonished when he realized that he had fallen into the trap of the fishing bird.

Kangaroo Fight / Leah Escadan / Wildlife Comedy Photography Contest

  • Photo Title: The missed shot
  • Photographer’s name: Lia Escada

Two western gray kangaroos were fighting with each other when one of them failed to kick the other in the stomach in time. Now think, what the next scene is?

Rhinoceros / Rohin Bakshi / wildlife comedy photography contest

  • Title of the photo: the hippopotamus in Badanq
  • Name of the photographer: Rohin Bakshi

The baby hippo wanted his mother to pay attention to him, But if the mother was too lazy to answer the child.

Tom Solam, the founder of the CWPA, says about the conditions of this year’s competition:

We usually receive around 7,000-8,000 images per tournament, and hope to reach the same number of entries this year. Probably, this year compared to last year, the number of pictures of elephants and hyenas will not be too many.

The remarkable thing about this race is that wildlife is everywhere; That is why we are very passionate about preserving it, and want to maintain it.


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