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Full Introduction Of Solidworks Software + Time Required To Learn It

I first became acquainted with the Solidworks program environment about 4 years ago. Read this post if you want to know what SolidWorks software is, what its uses are, what its features are or how long it takes to learn this software. 

Generalities and initial introduction of SolidWorks

According to what we read on the Persian Wikipedia website , “SolidWorks” is a computer-aided design software software that runs on Windows and is developed and still developed by the French company Dassault Systems. 

SolidWorks software is currently used by 1.3 million engineers in more than 130,000 companies worldwide.

The software has three environments called assembly and drawing. The first environment is for drawing parts, in the second environment the parts of a mechanism are stacked on top of each other, and in the last environment, an engineering plan is prepared from them (usually for the printed version).

Image of SolidWorks software environment

Image of SolidWorks software environment

Competitors of the company Dassault Systems, Inc. Autodesk AutoDesk America with a software AutoCAD AutoCAD , Mechanical Desktop Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor AutoDesk Inventor and Siemens PLC’ve Siemens PLM with a software Solid HTML SolidEdge and NX Siemens third share in the global market Has its own 3D design software.

 In fact, SolidWorks is a program for modeling or three-dimensionalization of industrial parts and solids, and for this purpose, volumes are put together in a parametric way or prefabricated units.

SolidWorks applications

With the help of SolidWorks, two-dimensional maps of objects can be easily drawn and modeled. In fact, you can create your shape without having to deal with the calculations required for industrial drawing, and extract your shape in three directions using the facade and map design environment. 

Solidworks software has many features and tools for tasks such as modeling and operation of sheet metal, welding, casting, molding, plastic injection, welding of parts, as well as stress analysis and modeling of behavior and strength of the part under various loads. .


The three main features of this software are:

  • Ease of use and training compared to other CAD software
  • Higher speed than other software
  • Ability to communicate with all machining software (edge ​​cam, master cam, power mill…) and analysis software (Ansys, Adams, Abaqus, Cosmos…)
  • Better and faster activity.
  • Possibility of equation between different parameters and sizes in the model
  • Ability to use Design Tables to communicate between dimensions and equations in an excel environment
  • Easy to use SolidWorks on complex maps and designs with thousands of agents.
  • Ability to create exploded views and prepare videos and animations of the explosive model during the assembly or disassembly of the model
Parts modeling

Parts modeling

SolidWorks software is very useful and practical for the following courses and it is absolutely necessary to learn it:

  • Mechanical Engineering majoring in solids
  • Mechanical engineering, manufacturing orientation
  • Companies that are active in the field of auto parts production
  • Those who are interested in mechanical 3D design.
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Medical Engineering majoring in Biomechanics
  • Industrial Drawing

The use of SolidWorks software is common in auto parts and machinery factories, as well as in many cases by people who do industrial drawing work as well as designing multidimensional models.

 In short, it can be said that in the manufacturing market, the use of SolidWorks software has a special place among engineers.

Learning SolidWorks software is highly sensitive. If not taught properly, it will take time and cause many design mistakes. You do not need to go to class for this software. Learn SolidWorks in three months with this training package .