simple motion graphics

Examining some examples of simple motion graphics

Simple motion graphics consists of at least one image or text displayed as consecutive frames as an animated video. This short animation is the most effective way to convey information to the audience and entertain them.


Most people use simple motion graphics in designing their websites to present their desired concepts to the audience in the least amount of time. Motion graphics are also widely used in branding and customer attraction, and in this way, marketers can achieve amazing results. The list of titles of this article is: What are the features of simple motion graphics? Simple motion graphics design by adding special effects, logo motion, making simple motion graphics with After Effects, review of motion graphics on a snowy day, review of simple motion graphics with the subject Marking, checking the creation of simple motion graphics with the Kine Master application.

Necessary skills that every motion designer

Screenwriting and storytelling

Usually, motion designers can portray their creative ideas by writing scripts. Writing scripts for motion graphics production is different from writing regular scripts. In these types of scripts, elements related to animation should be added. For example, writers should fully describe the specific characteristics of the story’s main characters and the motion graphics scenes. In fact, writing a motion graphic script is an opportunity to accurately express the story’s process and its main characters’ characteristics. The concepts and goals of the video give direction to the characters in the story.

The best motion graphics designers can do is to determine the framework and structure of the animation. After that, by describing the characters and personalities, engage the audience’s mind in the main concept and purpose of the video. The genre and style of the script are also very important. Usually, fantasy, science fiction, and children’s genres are the best options for making motion graphics. In any case, scriptwriters should pay attention to different elements of the story to connect the audience with the content of the animation.

Ability to work in a team and communicate with others

Professional motion designers must collaborate with other designers. Communication skills allow people to explain their ideas and get feedback from others. However, motion graphic designers can work independently and freely. However, in work teams, a wide range of tasks, such as creating typography, designing 2D and 3D images, editing animation, etc., that a motion graphic designer can work on.

If motion designers want to work exclusively in animation production companies, they must have strong social skills to work effectively in large teams. Communicating with others is not only necessary for talking with customers and colleagues, but it can also affect the interaction with the audience. LinkedIn website is a useful and good social network for people who want to know and communicate with other motion graphics designers and creators in different countries of the world.

The creativity of motion designer

As motion designers, people must come up with great and creative ideas and portray them best. Creativity allows motion graphics designers to create unique videos. Getting to know people’s psychology and the audience’s characteristics are two important issues for producing creative motion graphics. Also, understanding design principles such as color theory allows a motion designer to display more attractive content. For example, in educational motion graphics, simply presenting charts and tables does not attract the viewer’s attention. For this reason, it is better to use typography and infographics with appropriate coloring to have a greater effect on the audience. One of the best ways to get inspiration from other people’s ideas and increase creativity is to receive feedback from the audience and even customers, which can influence the vision of designers and the presentation of creative videos.

The drawing skills of a motion designer

In general, motion graphics design includes adding sound and visual effects. For this purpose, motion designers must use their knowledge in designing graphic images and working with computer software. Sometimes pictures communicate faster than sentences and are one of the best ways to convey complex concepts. People interested in designing images and preparing motion graphics must have the necessary artistic skills to provide graphic designs. Participating in online classes, face-to-face training, reading books related to motion graphics, and even publishing portfolios are ways by which people can increase their graphic skills. Walking the road to success is a long way and acquiring skills in this field requires a lot of practice and repetition.

Motion designer skills in time management

Considering the workload of motion graphics projects, designers must be able to plan and execute tasks within a certain time frame. By dividing tasks into smaller parts, different processes of a project will be done faster. (Trello) is a very wonderful tool that can be installed on all platforms, such as Windows and Android. This program has almost all the facilities needed for time management, planning, and division of tasks. In addition, people who want to use online programs can choose the website (Toggl). Its user interface is very simple and user-friendly. Also, the website features are very interesting for time management and planning.

Ability to work with graphics software

Motion designers must at least master graphic software. Familiarity with other software also helps designers to display more professional videos. The software in the world of motion graphics is changing rapidly, so designers must be aware of the latest technologies released in this field. Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere are suitable and widely used software for creating motion graphics. All designers use these graphic tools to create animations. Software such as Cinema 4D and 3D Max has provided the necessary facilities for creating 3D animations.

Also, Adobe After Effects is computer software that motion designers use to add visual effects to their videos. The skill of working with this software allows designers to provide high-quality videos. Using Adobe Illustrator software, they can create animated logos and other motion graphics needed in website design in the shortest possible time. With this software, the process of designing simple animations will be done faster.

Most of the time, a motion designer presents his final video with sound. The sound, like the image and text, can make the viewer better understand the subject of the video. Sounding and adding music is done at the last stage of video motion graphics production. Of course, at the time of storyboard design, motion designers pay some attention to the sounds of motion graphics and their combination with images.

What are the characteristics of a simple motion graphic?

The purpose of simple motion graphic design is to display ideas and concepts that are usually time-consuming and complicated to explain. Despite the many boring contents on the Internet, making attractive and quality motion graphics can attract the audience to watch the video. Motion graphics videos contain at least one image, and designers can add short sounds. In preparing this video content, adding sound and music makes the audience understand the animation points better.

Simple motion graphics’ main feature is that they emphasize at least one point or concept. Most motion graphics videos are short, and the audience can learn a variety of topics in a short time. Logo motion is one of the simplest types of motion graphics that can attract a large audience and remain in viewers’ minds with interesting sounds. Logo motion can impress the audience enough to remember the brand name whenever and wherever they see it.

Simple motion graphics design with added special effects

There are various special effects in Cinema 4D, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, etc., and software to create simple motion graphics. These special effects change the images into animation in a wonderful way, and people can make very professional motion graphics videos in this way. There are also many pre-designed motion patterns for Logo Motion, which can be used to display interesting and entertaining animated logos. A script with a specific framework, character design and animating method, suitable colors, and layer management are among the important points that are considered in making motion graphics and using special effects.

Motion logo

We know simple geometric shapes such as logos and hats can be displayed as short motion graphics. For example, almost everyone of any age is familiar with the famous logo of the animation company called Disney. This logo is present at the beginning of this company’s films, animations, and advertisements. Whenever the audience sees this logo, they remember Disney (Disney Company) and realize that this company plays the animation. All kinds of logos can be animated in different ways. In the simplest case, designers can increase the attractiveness of the logo by changing its color.

Making simple motion graphics with After Effect

To create simple motion graphics in After Effects software, click the New Composition option. You can change the background color from the Composition Setting section in the opened window. After that, design a graphic image or add your desired image by clicking on the Import file option. By placing the image in the final part of the page (Comp1), you can specify the time and how the image moves. In other words, select the Transform option in the (Comp1) section and click on the position to change the position of the image in consecutive seconds. For example, select 2 seconds in the Timeline and move the image from left to right. At this time, the animation of the image has been done, and you can add your desired text to the motion graphics video by selecting the T option at the top of the page.

Snow day motion graphics review

With the help of special effects (Effects) in After Effects software, you can add snowfall to the image. It is also possible to change the light and color of the images to create day and night modes. To start working, enter the desired image into the After Effects software. To add special effects related to snowfall, find the Snowfall option from the Effect section and place it on the image. The settings related to the Snowfall special effect are displayed on the left side of the software. In this way, you can easily change the characteristics of snowfall, such as the size of snowflakes, precipitation speed, wind speed, etc.

To change the color and light of the image from day mode to night mode, you must select the Curves special effect in the Effect section. By changing the Curves settings, you can display day and night modes in the image. To do this, create day mode by changing the image’s light to dim and bright and then changing the Timeline’s time to a few seconds. Again, in the Curves settings, fill and darken the light and color of the image. You can now watch and save your snow day motion graphics video.

Review of simple motion graphics with the topic of marking

Motion graphics with the theme of marking or ticking can be used in website design or making other short animations. For this purpose, design a circle and tick image in one of the motion graphics software or use ready-made images of these shapes. To animate the images, select 4 seconds in the frame and time (Timeline) section, enlarge the circle, and tick the images. Again, set the video time to 8 seconds and change the circle’s color and tick shapes. After that, leave the frame at 12 seconds and restore the images to their original size. Now the final motion graphics video is ready and can be viewed. You can design this simple motion graphics video in all available graphics software.

Review of creating simple motion graphics with the Kine Master application

To design a simple motion graphic, open the Kine Master application on your mobile phone and select the + option. The image size of the motion graphics video should be specified among the options (1:1), (16:9), and (9:16). For Instagram pages, the size (1:1) is suitable, and for YouTube or TV shows (9:16) is often chosen. In the lower part of the screen, set the time of the final video and change the background color. With the Text option, you can type your desired text, and in the Media section, there are also facilities for adding photos and videos. The display order of texts and images is determined by placing each motion graphic layer in the Timeline section. After adding the sound through the Audio section, the creation of your simple motion graphics is finished, and the final video will be saved by selecting the Export option.