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Everything from the world of digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most challenging areas in our world today. Today, not only many businesses are active in this field, but even supermarkets are approaching the field of digital marketing.

Digital marketing in simple language means digital marketing. If you still want the simpler language, it should be said. It means modern marketing and any marketing done with technology and internet tools. Today, digital marketing is expanding day by day. Examples of digital marketing include website content creation, SEO, click ads, website design, and social media marketing.

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is important because it connects businesses to their customers online! Digital marketing is effective in all industries. Today, people earn billions of Tomans with the help of SEO, Google Ads, online advertising, marketing on social networks, etc. Traditional and face-to-face marketing does not have the power of digital marketing!

Learning digital marketing

For every manager and person who likes the digital world and technology, interest in digital marketing is not strange! If you are looking for a suitable job in 2022, being a digital marketer, SEO, website designer, or other areas of digital marketing such as application design will be one of the best jobs for you!

So you should learn digital marketing or one of its parts because today is their day! And no matter how you analyze it, digital learning marketing is smart.

Benefits of digital marketing for businesses

If we want to tell you all the benefits of digital marketing for businesses, we should write several books! And the most general of them is that with the help of digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, you can have customers from all over Iran or abroad!! You are no longer limited to a city, village, or province!

Let us mention only a few major advantages of digital marketing for business:

low cost

Marketing and advertising costs are one of the biggest sources of cost for businesses. While large businesses may have no problem paying millions of dollars for marketing and advertising, it’s probably impossible or a nightmare for small businesses!

Marketing through digital marketing platforms is a more cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. For example, if you want to print a banner and install it on a billboard in the city center, you have to pay between 2 and 4 million tomans, while publishing a banner on social networks is free!! And even the banner published on the Internet may have many more views!!

Better return on investment

Nothing is more important to a business financially than its return on investment. Digital marketing has a significant return on investment. Email marketing or advertising campaigns on social networks has a low cost and better efficiency than traditional marketing techniques.

Ease of checking the result

The success or failure of a digital campaign can be easily guessed! Compared to traditional methods where you have to wait weeks or months to evaluate the validity of a campaign, with a digital campaign, you can know almost immediately how an ad is performing.

Email marketing software allows users to track the performance of their emails easily. They can know how many were delivered and read and know everything about their conversion rates. Google Analytics is a very effective tool for measuring the specific goals you need to achieve on your website or blog. Google AdWords tools allow users to monitor the performance of their ads on Google search. They can know how many people have viewed their ads and their conversion rates.

Ease of deployment

Knowing how an ad performs gives the business enough information on how to proceed. For a well-performing ad campaign, more funding can be done safely and with just one click. But for an ad that doesn’t appear as expected, it can be easily changed or stopped easily.

In traditional marketing, such tasks are more difficult because a mountain of paperwork has to be moved and signed, and in most cases, these contracts are long-term or medium-term. So even if a campaign doesn’t perform as expected, subscribers still have to wait until the end of the agreed period.

Brand development in digital marketing

Businesses can use their digital platforms to develop their brand and company reputation. A well-developed website, a blog with good and useful articles, and a highly interactive social media account are some ways a business can build a stronger brand. Today, branding is extremely important in building a business.

Ease of sharing

Most digital marketing methods have a sharing feature that allows campaigns and articles to be shared with multiple followers. This practice helps develop a multiplier effect and can greatly improve sales results.


They say that the world has become a global village. This success is thanks to technology and digitalization. Digital marketing allows advertising campaigns to be visible anywhere in the world. It is a rare opportunity for small startups to go global through massive exposure. The internet is full of stories of startups that have become very successful in a short time due to the opportunities created thanks to digital marketing and digital platforms.

Final word

Don’t forget that digital marketing is growing so much that it can be considered a separate industry! The marketing world has always been attractive, now think about combining it with the knowledge of technology and the Internet!

The result is the emergence of digital marketing and its hundreds of advantages for traditional businesses. Sooner or later, you will have to use digital marketing in your business, so get familiar with this great science as soon as possible.