Essentials Tips before Making A Perfect SEO Reports

As an individual and a group that has been working in the field of SEO, site design, and similar topics for many years, in this article, we want to remind you, dear compatriot, of some very important points before posting a report and buying a link.

The main reason for publishing this article is that many beginners or those who want to start a startup, company, SEO or site are going in the wrong direction, which causes them to spend a lot of money and time and ultimately fail. Be. The subject of buying a report or buying any backlinks to increase the strength of the site or visit or increase sales and…

What is the problem?

The problem is that you spend months launching your store, magazine, and website, or you want to introduce your app. But it would help if you saw it on Google or want to bring visitors to your site through the destination site. But after a few months of trying, you will not succeed!

What should be considered when choosing a site for reporting or buying backlinks?

If you ask various SEOs if buying a link is good or bad, they will probably tell you that this will fine Google when it does not. The fact is that buying a bad link will result in a fine, not just a link. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. They say this.

You have two goals for buying a report or backlink for your site:

Or you want to attract visitors to your site/page with the help of the target site and have an audience (albeit temporary)
Or you want to get a backlink with the help of the target site credit and go up in Google and get a permanent audience

If your goal is the first option, finding sites is very easy. All you have to do is submit a report to a site that has a high Alexa rank (listed here) and, at the same time, display your report on their home page. (Be sure to consider these two factors)

But if your goal is SEO (the second option), you should consider a few criteria that do not tell you anywhere:

1- In choosing sites, do not pay any attention to DA!

Yes, that’s right! DA or Authority Domain (in short, authority) Sites are just a number provided by sites like Maze, Acherf, and و and will have no value to Google. Do a simple search on reportage shopping sites like Tribune, and you will see that many people, taking advantage of your mistake, set up new sites within four months and with simple tricks (which is completely illegal from Google) authority They bring them to over 30 and put them up for sale at a low price.

The problem is that after a while, you will see that no matter how many backlinks or reports you buy from such sites, it does not affect your SEO! So ignore this factor in general to choose a suitable site for reporting. We offer this in a friendly way!

2- When choosing a site, pay attention to the backlink profile

Many sites do this for you (like this or this one). Just enter the name of the site from which you want to buy reports or backlinks in the search field to show you the best sites to which they have linked.

For this purpose, select only sites that have received links from reputable domestic sites, not foreign ones. Why? The reason is that after updating the version of Google Penguin, if your site is English, you will be higher when you have received links from more English sites and not from foreign sites. In addition, excessive purchase of external links can lead to site fines.

3- Only reports from sites with the following four topics

The best report/backlink is when the destination site has a similar topic to your site. For example, if your site is about cosmetics, buying a link from an elevator repair site is not only not helpful but also lowers your ranking.

There are sites from which almost all sites with a variety of topics can buy credible reports/backlinks. 4 Subject:

  • News sites
  • Magazine-entertainment sites
  • Educational sites (most effective)
  • Art sites

Some sites have proven that experience has the best impact on your SEO. So each site you choose should be in the top 4 topics.

4- The content of your report is not very important

Probably if you ask different SEOs, reporting platforms, and what the report’s content is, they will most likely say it should be unique and not a copy from somewhere else, while this is not the case. They say this to get money from you to produce content for you. Because it is their main source of income.

I can give the example of hundreds of different sites and platforms that only publish the texts of their site along with an exact copy as a report and are one hundred percent at the top of Google. So it makes no difference whether the content is duplicate or new. Also, three links from the same domain in the report are the best amount of links for the report. (Finally, convert three words from the report text into a link). The number of photos or report words does not matter! (But at least 800 words)

Be careful not to post the same report on all different sites, and your text should be different on different sites.

We warn you never to buy sidebar links (links that appear next to a site with text ads or any other title on all site pages). There are hundreds of reasons why this is boring.

5- After inserting the report, be sure to link to that article in blogs

The topic is pyramid linking, which is a very powerful link-building strategy. Be sure to post your report on a site,

6- You have to wait about three months

Buying links and SEO requires a lot of time and patience. You have to wait at least three months to see the effect of the purchased links and reports. For example, consider the following example in the Google console:

4 Frequently Asked Questions by Users

Is there a difference between inserting a report in a domain with a different extension?

No, not at all. As explained above, Google only cares about the quality and credibility of site backlinks, not its extensions.

Is the language of the site important for the reporting?

it is true. If your site audience is English, the best site to include your report will be English language sites

Is it important to insert a report tag or place it on the home page of the target site?

Not at all. Experience and various sources have shown that it does not matter at all whether the site where you are reporting uses the report tag or not (Source 1 Source 2 Source 3)

Where should I link the reports?

The best way to insert a report is to link about 80% of the links to the content you want and at least 20% of the number of links to the main page of your site (a topic called brand mention that you must have heard!)