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English Literature

The field of English literature is one of the fields in which I chose this field with great interest. One of the reasons I chose this field is that I’m very interested in it and art. So I chose this field. On the other hand, with the start of classes at the university, I became more interested.

Literature means new lives and experiences. In universities, the language field is divided into three categories: English literature, English translation, and English education. English literature and language is a well-known and widely used field offered in many parts of the world, including universities throughout Iran.

The importance of English language courses

The tremendous importance of learning and mastering the English language makes many university applicants choose the field of English language and literature to continue their studies.

When choosing the English language and literature as your major, you should know that you will read the whole thing and write a lot of long texts.

You should speak in the classes you attend, give lectures and attend seminars. At the beginning of each semester, the instructor introduces you to the resources you need to read, and you should be active in the classroom, analyzing the texts, and identifying the literary arrays and concepts within them.
Courses offered in English literature can also be thematic, meaning that sometimes the entire content used in a semester is about a specific topic.

Mid-term and end-of-semester assessments and exams are mostly written, and you should be able to demonstrate your ability to write text.

Your writing should be based on the ideas presented to you during the semester. Therefore, it is necessary to take notes of the material presented in the classroom and, if necessary, record the voices of the teachers.

Undergraduate course in this field

In the undergraduate course, a total of 140 units including general, main, specialized and optional courses are provided for students. SO In this course, there are three main orientations that students do not need to choose, and they only take and pass optional courses in accordance with their desired orientation.

English Language and Literature This trend is mostly in the field of linguistic rules and the study of English literature texts.

Those in this field of study are successful who can know the necessary energy and vast insight and the power of analysis and also review literary texts. This field is suitable for those interested in getting acquainted with the history of English literature, literary works, literary styles, writers, and poets who have worked in English and, in general, published literature in English in addition to English.Field of English literature

In English literature, in addition to learning English, the student is introduced to various literary works written in English, literary production styles, writers and poets who have worked in English, and other topics in the field of English literature.

In fact, the field of English literature and Persian literature are similar in the general focus they pursue. But in the field of English, one must both learn and strengthen the English language skills and become acquainted with the world of English literary works and the different styles and works of different periods.

There are many different courses in this field of study. So It can be said that literary techniques and industries, AND short stories history of English literature (1 and 2)—approaches to literary criticism And English poetry.

Career opportunities in this field are:

1. University professor or English teacher

2. journalism 3. Journal writing

4. Editorial Assistant

5. Dictionary writing

6.Translation of any books, plays, screenplays and any literary works

7. Digital copywriter

8. Web Content Manager
9. the writer.

undergraduate course in Literature

During your undergraduate course, you will become familiar with literary skills. SO I started taking notes in the classrooms. Each class was a different experience for me. The teachers were also surprise by my performance. In this field of study, insight, understanding content, and perseverance will help you a lot.

So that you can have a strong analysis of understanding the concepts and reviewing the texts, then, according to this subject, you can critique a story, a novel, and even a poem in English.


So that you can do the critique in the right way, you need to know English history with high skill and techniques and techniques and literary crafts as well as in some cases. therfore that you can critique a literary work, in this field, in its historical part, each period includes different periods of history.

Literature includes progress and sometimes post-progress, and each historical period and time should be examined, which is a detailed discussion. Therefore the field of study is suitable for those who love literature and even want to become a writer.