English Language Teaching Podcast

English Language Teaching Podcast

Do You Know That English Podcasts Can Help Improve Your English Language Skills? If You Are Thinking Of Improving Your English Learning Experience, This Article Will Help You.

There are many podcasts for learning English that can help your learning experience. A podcast is a digital audio file that can be downloaded from the Internet or listened to through podcast applications.

Podcasts can be compared to a kind of radio channel, with the difference that podcasts provide us with what we want to hear at the time and place we want to listen to.

As you read in the article on the best English language learning apps, to improve your English listening comprehension, you need to go beyond classrooms and textbooks and start listening to the language.

We help you find podcasts that will improve your English.

Podcasts are available through software and applications; Therefore, there is a wide range of tools for listening to your favorite podcasts. Some of these apps are:

  • Google Podcast
  • Apple Podcasts _
  • Castbox _ _
  • Podbean
  • Player FM
  • Overcast
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • DoggCatcher
  • Podcast Addict

For Android users, Google Podcasts is a great way to discover and listen to podcasts worldwide. You can create an account on any app for free and download any episode of your podcast for offline listening. All your phones are automatically synced across devices; Therefore, you can stop playing any episode on one device and continue listening to the podcast on another device with the help of Google Assistant.

The choice of application is entirely up to you. Regardless of which app you use or which podcast player your podcast is uploaded to, let’s continue to learn about the best podcasts for different levels of English impairment.

Introducing 10 English podcasts for learning the language

There are so many podcasts for learning a language that it can be challenging to choose. Next, we have presented ten examples of the best podcasts (in order of educational level) for learning English. After finding the podcast you want, you can listen to it using your favorite podcast program.

1. Podcast Podcasts in English

English language enhancement podcast Podcasts in English

Podcasts in English is a collection of English language teaching podcasts for language learners who want to improve their speaking and listening skills. Short lessons include conversations between two English speakers. Lessons cover a wide range of topics. For example, topics you might hear on this podcast are the Winter Olympics, horse riding experiences, and Facebook.

In addition to listening to the podcast, podcast transcripts and worksheets provide comprehensive help with all four language skills to help you learn. The team behind this podcast has 20 years of experience teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language) with the British Council in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

2. Culips ESL podcast

Culips ESL Podcast English Language Enhancement Podcast

It doesn’t matter if you barely know how to say hello in English or if you can speak fluently for a few minutes; Because Clips offers podcasts for all levels in several different types:

  • The Catch Word podcast focuses on common phrases, idioms, and slang to make you sound more like a native speaker.
  • The Chatterbox podcast features honest conversations between people.
  • Simplified Speech is a podcast dedicated to natural English conversations at a slow, easy-to-follow pace.

These podcasts are all intelligent, practical, and well-made. With access to free and fun high-quality lessons taught by expert hosts, listening to Clips is like sitting in on a fun chat between close friends.

3. Radiolab Podcast: Pickle

Radiolab English Enhancement Podcast: Pickle

Pickle is a podcast where adults answer easy and not-so-easy questions for kids. The podcast was created specifically for children; Hence, the language is simple, and the speakers speak slowly and clearly.

This podcast teaches intermediate English learners about friendship, Romans, and even moral dilemmas! Pickle covers a topic in each episode and tries to answer various related questions. This podcast is great if you want to improve your listening skills while learning exciting material.

4. The Past & The Curious podcast

The-past-the-curious English language enhancement podcast

This English podcast focuses on teaching history to children, But I don’t think this is just another boring history podcast. The Past & The Curious is specially made for children and families; Therefore, it is both entertaining (including music) and educational.

Presented by Mick Sullivan, this podcast is for English learners who want to improve their listening skills and go beyond the intermediate level. Sullivan has an obvious statement; Therefore, it is not difficult to follow what he says. He teaches historical facts funnily and interestingly makes you feel inside the story.

5. The English We Speak podcast

The english we speak podcast

This English learning podcast series from the BBC focuses on everyday expressions and slang, the same English native people use. In these podcasts, each syllable is pronounced, and English is spoken slightly slower to make it easier to follow. These podcasts are released weekly and each one lasts about 3-4 minutes.

A podcast usually consists of two hosts talking to each other. Since sound effects are also used, you can feel that the speakers are in different places. Examples of common English expressions explored in this series include: “use your loaf,” “skeletons in the closet,” and “take the mickey.” If this makes you curious, Then you should visit this podcast.

6. Better @ English podcast

English language enhancement podcast better @ engish

  • Level: Intermediate and above
  • website

Listening to real, natural-sounding conversations is a great supplement to classroom and textbook learning. Better @ English offers a variety of English-language podcasts featuring honest conversations with native speakers, spoken at an average pace. Each episode has a unique theme that is sometimes serious and sometimes even silly. This will familiarize the learner with the speed of the language and some of its common terms and expressions.

This podcast is suitable for intermediate and above, or for beginners who want to really challenge themselves. The said English podcast collection is also accompanied by transcripts and vocabulary notes.

7. The What If World Podcast

What if world English language enhancement podcast

Although the What If World podcast is made for kids, once you start listening, you won’t be able to stop. If you’re curious about the world and like to answer crazy questions (like what would happen if clouds were made of cotton candy?), this podcast is for you.

Each episode lasts about 20 minutes and revolves around a crazy question that is used to teach concepts and lessons to children. The podcast often features goofy voices and covers unusual topics; Therefore, it may be challenging for beginners.

8. BBC Learning English Drama podcast

BBC Learning English Drama English Language Enhancement Podcast

Currently, BBC Learning English is one of the hottest and most discussed podcasts for improving listening skills among Iranian and non-Iranian users. This podcast is an experience of the best English dramas told in an engaging way in short episodes of 5-10 minutes. Although these podcasts are for intermediate and advanced English learners, anyone can try them out; Because its short parts are easily understandable despite the text.

The scripts are available below the text; So, you can read and listen to the story at the same time. If you prefer to print the text, you can also download it in PDF format. Additionally, you can find a list of more difficult words with their definitions or explanations in plain English.

9. Luke’s English Podcast

luke's english podcast

The host of this fascinating and entertaining podcast series is a qualified English teacher and a stand-up comedian named Luke. His intention is to make you laugh while learning in podcasts with different topics. A quick look at the titles of some of the podcasts shows this. Luke has a warm and attractive voice that attracts the listener. In these podcasts, English is spoken at normal speed and transcripts are available.

10. Freakonomics Radio podcast

Freakonomics English language enhancement podcast

Freakonomics Radio is an award-winning podcast that explores the hidden side of everything. The aforementioned podcast is inspired by the Freakonomics book series and is written by Steven D. Hosted by Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. This podcast is a fun and engaging examination of many aspects of our lives, including news and pop culture and political issues both globally and locally.

Freakonomics Radio examines topics from different angles and in depth. The breadth of subjects it covers means you can learn English for many different aspects of life. There is light banter between the hosts that helps ensure understanding of concepts and issues and perspectives.

In addition to the introduced podcasts, there are other useful podcasts. For example, if you are interested in news and your language level is medium to high, you can listen to News in Slow English and Global News Podcast from BBC and Voice of America Learning English podcasts.

Whatever language level you are, the Business English Pod podcast can be useful for you to get to know the language of the business world. LearnEnglish , Splendid Speaking , Speak English With ESLPod and Stuff You Should Know podcasts are also some other interesting podcasts for learning and improving English.

How to use English podcasts to improve listening skills

Listen to podcasts while you’re doing something else

Listening to English podcasts while doing other things helps your brain get used to the language; Because it allows you to get comfortable with the sounds without worrying about understanding the words.

Listen carefully a second time

Now listen to the podcast a second or even third time and note all the words and phrases you recognize. If you feel the speed is too high, try reducing the volume to 75%.

Read the transcript

Reading the text while listening to a podcast is very helpful; Because you receive the same information from two different channels: eyes and ears. This helps the brain to remember and understand more of the language.

Repeat the words and sentences out loud

Stop the podcast whenever you want and go back to words and phrases that are new to you or that you find difficult to pronounce. Repeat them over and over until you get the hang of it. Good pronunciation and a wide vocabulary are essential for different situations such as using English at school or business English at work.

Pick up new vocabulary and grammar

If you look for new words and unfamiliar grammar in every podcast you listen to and review them, you’ll likely remember them much easier in the future. As an English language learner, learning new vocabulary and grammar is essential for growth.

Continue reading the new information you have learned

Maybe you were able to write down new words and grammatical concepts with several repetitions; But you don’t want this new information to just be in your notebook; But you really want to use it in your English interactions. To do this, you need to keep studying everything you’ve learned until it’s stored in your long-term memory.

Frequently asked questions

How do podcasts improve language learning skills?

Researchers found that students learned more words from podcasts than from traditional vocabulary training exercises. One of the ways podcasts improve listeners’ speaking ability is by giving listeners the opportunity to learn new words. Learning vocabulary from a list is boring, ineffective and outdated.

Can podcasts improve listening skills?

Podcasts are a good option for language learners; Especially if you don’t like reading books or are an auditory learner. Many foreign language learners prefer listening to podcasts and find them informative and entertaining. Listening to podcasts is a great way to improve listening skills, especially for non-native speakers.


We hope this article has helped you find the podcast you’ve been waiting for. Have you already listened to any of the podcasts featured in this article? Which podcasts do you use to learn English?