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Engineering labor market – Engineering Sciences is a nascent field and is considered an interdisciplinary science

The field of engineering sciences is a nascent field and is considered an interdisciplinary science and seeks to nurture people who are both engineers and have the ability to do research in various fields. 

Engineering labor market , Graduates of this field can work as an engineer or as a scientist. This field is known in many universities of the world as the core of engineering fields and plays a key role.

The field of engineering sciences is a very broad field that is closely related to the scientific principles and rules of mathematics and physics and many other sciences. It can be said that this field is the basis of all engineering fields. Using the results and achievements of human behaviors, biology, meteorology, etc., students in this field analyze the existing problems in the field of engineering and provide a solution to the existing challenge by evaluating the results.

Engineering labor market
Engineering labor market

The purpose of forming the field of engineering sciences is to provide conditions for the development of theoretical foundations for the analysis of scientific phenomena and their engineering applications.

Futurism in technology and the transfer of technologies to industry. Engineering is a new field that was formed in 1987 in Iranian universities. The duration of study in this field is two years, after which students can choose the major.

Students in this field will be able to conduct interdisciplinary research and industrial research.

What is the purpose of engineering?

The main goal of the field of engineering sciences is for the graduates of this field to have both the practical characteristics of an engineer and a scientist. In other words, graduates of this field, like a scientist or researcher with critical and deep thinking, should observe and discover the problem and with an engineering vision and engineering abilities and problem-solving skills, solve the challenge and provide solutions to existing problems.

Who is suitable for engineering sciences?

If you have a strong foundation in high school math and physics and have enough patience to see and discover the problem, this field of engineering is the most suitable field for you. A strong foundation in math and physics courses, along with related courses at the university, strengthens your engineering dimension. Your exploratory spirit will develop during this course and then strengthen your scientist and researcher.

What is the situation of students and graduates of engineering sciences?

Although the field of engineering is a fledgling field and is not well known, people who study in this field, in addition to being optimistic about the job market in the field of engineering and less worried about their future careers than other fields, have peace of mind and academic security. And they have a relatively high workload. In one sentence, it can be said that the labor market of engineering sciences is in a good position among the engineering labor market.

Engineering graduates can enter the engineering job market in a relatively short period of time and earn a decent income depending on the type of activity they perform.

Graduates of this field can also continue their studies in master’s and doctoral degrees and, if they wish, due to the newness of the field, continue their studies in other countries while obtaining scholarships.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of engineering?

The advantages of the field of engineering sciences include the following:

  •  The interdisciplinary nature of the engineering discipline makes this discipline flexible.
  • The job market for engineering sciences is diverse and wide.

The most important disadvantage of this field is that due to the diversity and breadth of this field, it is very difficult to choose a trend. The high importance of choosing a trend is due to the fact that it determines the context of your future activities. So you have to choose the most suitable one from this wide range.

Is the job market for engineering sciences good?

Graduates of any field of engineering can work in their field of specialization and work in technical and engineering fields. In other words, it can be said that the field of engineering sciences is an interdisciplinary field and with many different orientations, it includes many other fields.

For example, a person who has  studied mechanics can quite work instead of a mechanical engineer in various industries. Therefore, it can be considered that graduates of engineering sciences in various industries and factories and related ministries and companies can work or work in the fields of research, R&D of companies and factories, and laboratories.


It is because of this diversity and breadth that graduates of this field can be attracted to the labor market in a short period of time and have a decent income. The field of engineering has the best job market in engineering.

What are the trends in engineering?

There are 4 undergraduate majors in this field, and students may choose their major at the beginning of the course or after passing a certain number of units, depending on the university and the way of admission.
These four trends are:

  •  Computational Engineering Sciences
  • engineering mathematics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Environmental Engineering Sciences

In the following, we will examine each of the trends.

Orientation of Computational Engineering Sciences

This trend is from the field of engineering sciences; Computational engineering is a science that deals with the necessary skills for computing in scientific engineering issues and teaches the skills required for computing in various engineering issues. These skills are taught to undergraduate students to model, simulate, and solve complex problems.

Computational Engineering Science Courses

  •  data structure
  • Approximate methods in engineering
  • Finite element method
  • Advanced Programming
  • Operations Research 1
  • Fundamentals of Electric Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering Basics Lab
  • Logic circuits
  • Logic Circuits Lab

The tendency Engineering Mathematics

The mathematical orientation of engineering is an interdisciplinary orientation. This major in engineering offers the possibility of studying pure and applied mathematics as the main feature of modern engineering for engineering students. In this orientation, engineering mathematics prepares students to work in theoretical and applied aspects by combining courses such as pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and probability, physics and engineering, and uses the concepts of applied and pure mathematics to solve engineering problems. کردن. This is exactly the point at which science and engineering come together to help each other.

Engineering Mathematics Courses

  • Algebra 1
  • Graph Theory
  • Operations Research 1
  • Logic circuits
  • Logic Circuits Lab
  • Account changes (Words)
  • Dynamic Systems
  • Minor disorders

Engineering Physics major

Engineering Physics is a combination of classical and modern physics, chemistry, and mathematics. This engineering major seeks to train individuals who can use the concepts and laws of physics to solve existing challenges.

Engineering physics courses

  •  Light Physics
  • Light Physics Laboratory
  •  Modern physics
  •  Electromagnetism
  •  Electronic physics
  •  Fundamentals of Electric Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering  Basics Lab
  •  quantum mechanics
  •  static
  •  dynamic

Sub-branches of mathematical engineering, engineering physics and engineering sciences

The three tendencies mentioned have sub-branches that are common and include the following:

  • Optimization
  •  Materials Science
  •  nuclear engineering
  •  Mechanics (applied design)
  •  Heat and Fluid Mechanics)
  •  Electricity (Telecommunication)
  •  Electrical ( electronic )

Trend in Environmental Engineering Sciences

In the field of environmental engineering sciences, students are taught the principles of physics, chemistry, and biology along with engineering analysis to use this knowledge to protect and rehabilitate the environment. This trend is hot in the market today because one of the main problems of the industry is environmental problems that need to be solved by a specialist.

Sub-branches of environmental engineering sciences

  •  Process engineering
  • Resource Engineering
  •  Environmental policy
  •  Earth Engineering (Surveying)
  •  Earth Engineering (Geomechanics)

Environmental Engineering Science Courses

  • General biology
  •  General Biology Laboratory
  •  Organic Chemistry (Chemical Engineering)
  •  Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Chemical Engineering)
  •  static
  •  dynamic
  •  Fluid mechanics 1
  •  Thermodynamics 1
  •  environmental engineering
  • Advanced Programming