Enchanting Images Of Abandoned And Forgotten Spaces

Photographer Jenin Pendleton Has Explored A Large Number Of Abandoned Places Around The World And Shared His Photographs, Experiences, And Adventure Tips From Places Not Usually Seen By The Public.

Pendleton Jenny is an avid traveler who enjoys over box photography. Under his brand name (Obsidian Urbex Photography), he documents abandoned, lost, degenerate, and often forgotten places.

Based in the UK, Pendleton has traveled around the country and abroad, photographing well-known places such as Chernobyl and many lesser-known places. Although he works as a scientist and enjoys his work, Pendleton’s daily work does not create a good atmosphere for his creativity. This photojournalist says about his job:

My work is very precise and there is little room for freedom of action or deviation from the parameters that explain how I work.


On the other hand, photography of urban explorations or over boxes gives him a completely different experience and allows him to express his insight and creativity. Pendleton says:

I can use my photos to tell my story. Photos showing abandoned places; But how they are recorded and edited is a reflection of a piece of me.

Even the simple change of his physical presence outdoors, a place away from the computer and desk, creates a new spirit and mood in Pendleton’s life.

Many of the places Pendleton has visited have backgrounds that he thinks are worth mentioning. These stories can be about an abandoned car, an abandoned house abandoned years ago, or even a darker and more mysterious space.

Pendleton experiences different feelings when he visits abandoned places, often intentionally or naturally destroyed or burned. He says:

When I look at newer photos of places I have photographed before and see that these places have been destroyed, I wonder which amazing place is the next to be destroyed.

However, there are dilapidated sites that have been rebuilt and are now in use. Pendleton is thrilled to see the forgotten areas that are now evolving and beginning anew; Because he had the opportunity to record their previous appearance.

Pendleton’s extensive travel program came to a halt with the Corona outbreak, and he spent a difficult time on his creativity. However, he searched most of his local areas and identified local treasures that he had previously overlooked for more exciting trips abroad.

I am sure of one thing; The epidemic of coronations and quarantines made me realize how much these little adventures have become a part of my life. I felt lost without the excitement of waiting for the next trip.

Pendleton is now back on a nationwide tour; although international travel’s fate is still unclear, the photographer will travel to Estonia, Russia, and Georgia. He is also eager to travel to Japan again in the next two years.

Photography posts, past travel experiences, and tips for Orbex photography are found on the Pendleton Embryo website.

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