Download Soundcloud Files

Download Soundcloud Files

In This Article, We Will Introduce You to The Methods To Download The Music Presented On The Soundcloud Platform.

In SoundCloud, many regular users and musicians share audio files such as music, podcasts, etc. If you’re looking for a reference with every song you can think of, SoundCloud is the best choice.

As popular and prominent as YouTube is in the field of videos, SoundCloud also has such a place among audio files; its Android version has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

SoundCloud has also adopted a policy similar to YouTube; This means that you cannot download audio files and only listen to them.

In the following, we will introduce the free methods of downloading music from the Soundcloud platform.

Download from SoundCloud on Telegram

Today, there are various bots with exciting functions in Telegram, many of which do not require paying fees and are completely free.

One of the valuable bots of this messenger is called sailboat, which is designed to download Soundcloud music directly. Working with this robot is very easy and does not need to go through different steps.

Direct download bot from SoundCloud in Telegram

To download your desired music from Soundcloud, you must first become a member of a sailboat. For this purpose, first, enter the name of this bot in the Telegram search section or join it directly by clicking on this link. Then click the Start button to activate the robot.

Now you need to copy the link of the music you want from the Soundcloud platform and send it as a message to the sailboat robot without any changes. After a few seconds, the download link and the link to play the desired music will be available.

Of course, the sailboat has other features; for example, by typing the command link + Links/ and replacing the desired link in SoundCloud with the word Links, you can get a direct link to download the selected music. You can also get it on Telegram by using the command dl + Links/ and replacing the desired SoundCloud Music link.

Another advantage of the sailboat bot in Telegram is that you can also use it to download from YouTube and Bandcamp. The operation method of this robot to download YouTube and Bandcamp content is similar to the process of downloading from Soundcloud. For this purpose, you only need to send the desired video link to the robot.

Download from SoundCloud with SoundCloudMP3

Free download site from Soundcloud

If you don’t want to use Telegram to download SoundCloud music, the best and most available method is to use websites designed for this purpose. One of the best options in this field is SoundCloudMP3.

By visiting the SoundCloudMP3 website, you can copy the link of your desired music from Soundcloud and put it in the box on the main page of SoundCloudMP3 without registration and free of charge. The prGeneratingirect download link of the music you want will only take a few seconds; after that, you can download its Mp3 file by clicking the Download button.

One of the advantages of SoundCloudMP3 is that it allows you to download SoundCloud content with a maximum duration of 2 hours. In addition, the files are provided with the highest possible quality, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the downloaded files. Most importantly, this service does not require downloading additional programs or tools. As mentioned, you can enjoy its benefits completely free of charge and without the need to register.

Since SoundCloudMP3 is a website, you can access it through Windows, Mac, and Linux computers or Android and iOS smartphones.

Download from SoundCloud with SCloudDownloader

ScloudDownloader site to download from SoundCloud

ScloudDownloader is another website that offers a function similar to the above service, and you can use it to download music published on the Soundcloud platform.

To use ScloudDownloader, you must first copy the link of the music you want from SoundCloud and enter it in the box on the main page. Then by clicking on the Download button, the process of converting the link will begin, and finally, the desired file will be available for direct download.

Using ScloudDownloader is entirely free, and one of the advantages of this service is the ability to download Soundcloud playlists all at once. To use this feature, click on Playlist at the top of the site and then enter the address of the Playlist you want in the corresponding box so that the download link of all the songs in it will be available to you at once.

Since ScloudDownloader is also a website, you can access it through Windows, Mac, and Linux computers or Android and iOS smartphones.