Domain park training in Direct Admin

After purchasing your host, you will have the possibility to have. Domains with other extensions in addition to the main Domain For this, you can use the domain park function in your user panel. In fact, you should introduce other domains using the features available in your user panel. In this article, from the knowledge base of Host Fa, we are going to teach you how to park a domain in Direct Admin. Because the domain park, especially the direct admin domain park training, is considered very necessary and important while being simple.

The topics covered in this article are as follows:

  • What is Domain Park in Direct Admin?
  • What are the reasons for the need to park the Direct Admin domain?
  • How to park a domain in Direct Admin

Domain park training in Direct AdminWhat is Domain Park in Direct Admin or Second Pointer?

A domain park is actually a domain name that is used indirectly. In fact, such domains are not actively used and are parked in the waiting queue for the next use. Usually, a domain is connected to a web hosting service after registration.

In fact, the Domain is the address that is used to direct users to your main website. When a domain is parked, it is not directly connected to the hosting service. Because Domain Park only displays the content placed in the main Domain when users search.

For example, suppose you have a domain with the extension com. You have it as your main Domain and you work on it regularly. Besides that, you can find domains with the extension org. or ir. and… also have it as domain park. In this way, whenever one of these addresses is searched by users, the browser automatically displays your main domain information, which is the same Domain as com. displays

What is Domain Pointer: Through this training, you will be able to park different domains on your main Domain through Host Direct Admin. The meaning of the second pointer is exactly the same. For example, through this tutorial, you can park the domain on the domain so that anyone who enters the www. address in the browser will be immediately transferred to the domain. This action is called Domain pointer in Host Direct Admin .

Park Domain Direct AdminWhat are the reasons for the need to park the Direct Admin domain?

According to the definition of the domain park, it can be understood that you want to have other domains with different extensions besides your main Domain, but all of them must display the same content. In such a situation, using a domain park is the best available option. This work is exactly like if you park several cars in different places so that you can use them when needed. Some of the most important reasons for needing a domain park are:

  1. You don’t have enough time to launch a new website. In order to be able to use a domain name, you must get an Iranian or foreign host for it and spend time on them like the main Domain. If you don’t have enough time to work on your side domains, the best thing to do is to use a domain park.
  2. You have purchased domains with different extensions to use later. It is common to buy domains similar to the main Domain that differ only in terms of extensions. It is better when you have purchased all the domains you want, and use them on your web hosting service as a domain park. In this way, more traffic is directed to the main Domain.
  3. You no longer need your website and are waiting for its hosting to expire. In such cases, park their domains when their expiration date arrives. (If the content of the sites is similar.)

An important point before parking the Domain: before parking the Domain, you must set your half-host servers on the Domain you intend to park and wait for these DNS to be set and published. Otherwise, the domain park operation will not be performed. You can get these half servers from your hosting provider.

How to park a domain in Direct Admin

To create a domain park in Direct Admin, proceed as follows:

  1. with the help of the Direct Admin login tutorial your control panel
  2. To create a domain park in the Linux Direct Admin host, first click on the Domain Pointers option from the Advanced Features section.
    Domain settings in Direct Admin
  3. After clicking on the above option, you should see a page according to the image below.
  4. On the top page of the Add New Domain Pointer section, you must park your new Domain on the host according to the following description.
  5. From the opposite field of Source Domain, select the desired domain name without www. Enter and check the Create as Alias ​​option, then click on the Add button marked in red.

Domain Park in Direct Admin

In the lower part, under the title of Source Domain, you can see previously parked domains and delete them.

Parking domains on the main Domain is one of the main things that webmasters can do through the user panel after purchasing a host . By doing this, they will be able to have domains with other extensions as well. In this article, from the Fa host knowledge base, an effort has been made to provide domain park training in Direct Admin to your loved ones. If there is a problem, contact us through comments